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    Femininity (weak)
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    Writing, Servitor of Cats (and other strays)
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    An Abrahamic-focused spiritualism
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    Abrahamic-focused, crossed with notions from Kaballah, in an attempt to understand the abstract and how it interfaces with us 'down' here. Mythic masks and metaphors may vary.

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    Angel, Seraph
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    March 2009
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    Summary version: In 2009 Spirit/Elohim/the Archs decided to clue me in after my foolishly promising not to run from the explanation behind all the weird 'coincidences', dreams, and patterns in my life. Instead of spirit knocking gently, they kicked the door in. And held me to my promise (much pepto was involved).
    TLDR: Elohim shouted at me, and I'd rather be crazy in acceptance than going 'ouch' all the time from any further yelling from on High.
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  1. The Let it All Out Thread

    I used to play Wow... until I took an arrow through the wrist. Actually serious. Carpal tunnel kicked in from raiding several nights a week and grinding 5mans / materials the other nights for a couple years. Now I can only really play games for an hour at a time, then need a day or two off - even when using a gamepad thing (with all the programmable buttons). Typing seems alright as long as I don't marathon type - have to bring the hand up and stretch it out every couple sentences and wear a wrap. (And yep, my livelihood depends on being able to type!) Waking up and not being able to feel your hand at all due to it being numb for over forty minutes is a scary thing. Gamers, be kind to your wrists! Get the support pads and stuffs, and don't be stupid like me with your hand in one position for hours on end punching function keys and all the ctrl/alt combos thereof!! Even if you do have a perfect grinding spot where you can AOE farm leather...
  2. Stalker. I see you looking at my profile! :winkwolf:

    1. Amare


      Haaaai! :D

  3. The Eldest

    I'm older than Shezep... by like a month. lol Awakening fully clocked in a little over 8 years now ago, if I did the math right.
  4. I cannot answer your poll as I'd need to select both 'I believe in a God' and 'I believe in multiple gods'. I believe in a universal consciousness, a 'Most High', Mind of All, Source, the labels don't matter and fail in any case. It ('she' and 'he' wouldn't have much meaning) encompasses everything - we're all part of it - and exists at a scale and level beyond anything my limited human mind can even begin to grasp properly. I believe that at higher levels abstract concepts exist, and in their dance and 'intercourse of ideas', new concepts spin out while others may not survive within the perspective of some kind of a causal arrow which may meander in and out of our own locally understood notion of 'time'. I believe that the higher angels are connected to these abstracts and are part of them, their Purposes and Words shining with the impetus granted by those abstracts. Yet these angels also exist at medium to lower levels, coalescing into patterns from which to engage in actively directing events. They themselves may have many aspects, and when reaching closer to our level here in the physical, can gain masks or forms with which to interact with not just each other but also other energy beings at the various levels. I believe that at a level straddling the upper abstract and lower manifestations a being whom I've come to call 'Father' exists, and many archangels worked with Him to create their Home at that level, in their attempts to fulfill the Purposes they each had within. They may even have pooled their energies together to create the 'Throne' at that level which in turn may have created the being they call 'Father'. This 'Father' being, also known to mankind as El, Elyon, Elohim, then later as JHVH etc. was able to create the lesser angels. The term 'HaShem' ('The Name') as used by Jewish Mystics seems to be applied to the 'All', with 'Elohim' being on the 'Lesser Throne'. Which has fit with my own stumbling-in-the-dark attempts at understanding wtf Spirit tries to show/tell me. I believe that there are indeed other spiritual beings at the various levels reaching back to that Source - some of which have also donned masks with which to communicate with humanity, and in so doing those masks gained their own consciousness - as beings that straddle the layers are complicated patterns which can spin off parts of themselves as they need to, yet always are connected just the same. These other beings could be called 'gods' by humanity - just as the Lesser Throne was. Those masks are just as much individuals as I am one while sitting here typing this. I believe that everything I said above may also be incorrect, and may just be my own primitive attempt to understand things which are far beyond the capability of my own brain matter. I believe that religious dogma is usually bunk and has been used as a means of societal control over the ages - sometimes for good and sometimes for ill. I believe that good stories have power, reflecting the abstract truths from above, and that asking if a story is a literal truth or not may indeed be a false question - the truths revealed in the story are true, and that's what matters. So the exploration of the stories regarding what is God, what are gods, what are angels, what is spirit, and what is man, find their value not in the specific details of recalled, intuited, or dreamed events - but in the deeper truths of the relationships that the events reveal. As an angelic, I believe Spirit has kicked my ass into paying attention, and that I'm connected to all the typically-depicted-as-having-various-amounts-of-wings group hanging out with that Lesser Throne - and trying to guide it towards a better future. In so believing, I believe in the Purpose/Word that forms the core of my 'self' - even when my human ego has its fingers in its ears going 'lalalala this is crazy!'. I also would echo Shezep's comments regarding Atheism. I tried to hold onto Atheism years ago - and ran right into existential crisis because it seemed to lead towards a nihilistic viewpoint on everything. In the end we choose what we think is important, what we value, and yes, what we believe in. I choose to believe some ideas are important and worth striving and fighting for - but the ideas by themselves are also irrelevant unless actively embodied and lived. It is useless to believe in Love if you don't work to bring Love actively into not just your life but the lives of those around you. Same with the ideas of Truth, Mercy, Justice, Peace, Growth, Wisdom, and Enlightenment. To lose those is to Fall - whether one is an angel, a god, or a human being.
  5. I hate my voice?

    It's scientifically shown that how we hear our own voice is different from what other people hear. From Scientific American: Why does my voice sound so different when it is recorded and played back? So if you're going to try and work on your own voice, be sure to record it and play back the recordings to see how it sounds for others! :)
  6. room decore?

    *looks around room* uhmm... right. I have, umm shall we just say I've been to Joann's a few times for garlands, flowers, and plants? And also gotten quite a few figurines - bronze, marble-style, painted ones of angels (11 of em all total), the fae shelf has four fae ladies for Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. Color theme is heavily purple, with blue and green as sub-theme. Also have five swords: two of which frame the twilight-forest/river-leading-into-nebula-starfield tapestry that sits over the bed, one floor standing, another on the wall, and two on katana / wakazashi stand. Two Susan Seddon Boulet prints are on the walls, bookshelves with books, water fountain (for kitties to drink out of!). Oh and some dragons are lurking in various spots too. So picture purple, green, and blue flowery and vine-covering framing books, figures, and martial weapons. :D I'd use real plants except... kitty would eat them, and flowers would cause allergies first, and then die and need replacing... (Here's the tapestry: Fantasy Path Purple Wall Tapestry by 2sweet4words Designs )
  7. ABCs of Kintypes

    Leprechaun (pssst Unknown... supposed to follow the alphabet for the first letter from the post above...)
  8. You could always just start a PM conversation with someone on here and send the moves to each other using chess notation... e2-e4 etc. :) Would just need to use a program or set up an actual (*Gasp!*) physical board to track the game between messages. Unless you can play blindfold and remember, anyway... ;)
  9. Opening your Eyes

    Randomly curious, but which angels have you communicated with? Any give you their names? And while 'physical descriptions' are usually a matter of individuals perceptional filters, I still find hearing how others see some of the main ones to be fascinating! :D
  10. Questions Only?

    Does it have to be in English?
  11. Finishing Each Others...

    ... you use me to test your catapult! You know, all kidding aside, the last time we tried to pull this off the cops...
  12. Finishing Each Others...

    if it wasn't for that raccoon we never would have passed that exam! It was only a week after the aliens had confiscated all the world's...
  13. Guess what the user below you has!

    While I like mint, usually only with chocolate (mint chocolate ice cream ftw!!), peppermint by itself is something I'd pass on, unless I think my breath needs assistance in that moment. The person below me really wants to go to Disneyland!
  14. As someone who has had to code too many time converters for dealing with astronomical time (UTC, GMT, MJD, unix-time, etc..) EEP! Not another date format, noooooo! :) Sorry, reflexive response...
  15. ABCs of Kintypes

    Ophanim! (The wheel in the sky keeps on turning... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!)