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  1. 6/10, I'm not a fan of country most of the time but that wasn't so bad.
  2. I draw some, though I haven't in a very long time. I also crochet, sew, and paint. And I write a lot, short stories, novels, poetry. I've done some sculpting before, and mosaic making. And I used to do some carpentry with my dad. If there's an art or craft out there, I have at least tried it.
  3. This particular scene in "The Man Who Invented Christmas" keeps coming to mind as I write my book where Dickens is in his study and the characters from A Christmas Carol are all around him and he is getting more and more frustrated that they refuse to cooperate with him and his plans for the book and finally screams out "I'm the author!" Yeah. I feel that...
  4. Nope, neither have I. I was raised to have more respect and courtesy than that. Never have I ever owned a car.
  5. 8/10, there's so many fantasy characters I could put this song to. Could have had a little more punch to it, though.
  6. Scrolling through my Facebook I saw a friend posted this interesting article about a shark that could be over 500 years old, making it the oldest known living vertebrate. The scientists do admit there is a margin of error for aging the shark, but that even if they are incorrect these sharks are the longest living vertebrate species we know of in the world! https://mymodernmet.com/greenland-shark-oldest-vertebrate/?fbclid=IwAR38qSYNIatj4zaFPzNxhGaXM24iJdNhkCeQv60Xg9JzGiDzjxB07mHD3jo
  7. My kintype doesn't affect my preference for weather, that's all biological for me lol I feel at my best when it's hot (the hotter the better), but with very little sun (or at least access to plenty of shade. I've got various health issues which cause me to be incompatable with the cold (anything under 18 degrees, or around 65-70 for those who use Fahrenheit, is closing in on intolerable) but also sensitive/allergic to the sun.
  8. Yes, I've snorkelled around a shipwreck in Bermuda. It was incredible, definitely give it a go whenever you get the opportunity. Never have I ever lived outside the city.
  9. I can relate. Though I'd say for me it would be more along the lines of "continues to shovel oreos into my mouth more stressfully."
  10. 5/10, a bit lack luster for pop/electronica. I prefer much harder stuff.