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    Transgender (F→M)
  • Gender Expression
    Masculinity (moderate)
  • Preferred Pronouns
    He/His/Himself. Just not 'it'
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  • Antisexuality
  • Interests
    Furry fandom, Geology, Dragons
  • Hobbies
    Creative writing, Drawing, Bass playing, Video games (PS3/4)
  • Favorite Music
    Amon Amarth, DragonForce, Trivium, Death Angel, Suicide Silence, Iced Earth, DAGames
  • Favorite Books & Authors
    The Inheritence Cycle, Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, Harry Potter series
  • Favorite Movies & TV Shows
    Matrix Trilogy, Battleship, Defiance series, The Strain series, Helix series, Jurassic Park trilogy
  • Favorite Games & Video Games
    Ratchet and Clank series, TESIV: Oblivion, TESV: Skyrim, Dragons Dogma, Sly Cooper series, Legendary
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    NHL (NY Rangers)


  • Primary Identity
  • Kintype(s)
    Charles Deckard (Legendary)
  • Time of Awakening
    Around August 2016
  • Shifting Experience
    Mental Shifting
    Dream Shifting
    Phantom Shifting
    Aura Shifting
    Cameo Shifting
  • Shifting Triggers
    I experience voluntary shifts.
    I experience unprovoked involuntary shifts.
    I experience involuntary shifts provoked by external stimuli.
  • Vampirism
    Not a vampire
  • Plural System
  • Kintype Description
    Because I'm not typing it all out again - https://www.kinmunity.com/blogs/entry/1572-fictotype-appearance/
  • Personal Awakening
    I believe that when I first awakened, from the reaction that my parents had I buried it deep down inside myself until that whole mess had blown over. Back then I had no idea of any of the terminology, and I could say I had a much stronger awakening "wave" more recently when things seemed to fall into place.
  • Personal Otherkin Experiences
    Even though I identify as a human character, I do have some cameo shifts from time to time. I think it leans towards a more psychological cause, but I'm still figuring that out.

    Everything else is more or less in my blog posts anyway

    Instances of cameo shifts - feathery wings, pointed elf-like ears, a wolf/dragon hybrid of some kind, three-digit hands and claws, longer feet, longer/thicker canines, muzzle, reptile-like tail

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  1. Fontaine Whether it's a last name or not, I have no idea, and I have no idea why it's in my head from never having seen or heard it before in my life.
  2. Sometimes I wish I knew why I'm always dragged back to the question of always being shifted or not...

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    2. Gryneos


      You're welcome :) Post a status update on what you discover, if you like.

    3. Mirath


      Yeah, will do. Might help me to keep some public record

    4. kiror


      It can be because you have been unconsciously suppressing shifts and sometimes you remind that it is a possibility.

  3. ... And we're back to the doubting of 'Am I always shifted or do I just rarely shift?' Yay.
  4. Collective groan Heh, it's been a few years, most recently put off because I had no idea how things would work out. Apprehension over what I'd feel, but after the intro it wasn't too bad, not as bad as I initially thought it would be anyway. It may or may not have been peppered with mental shifts, heh... In short of how my own feelings went - a mix of familiarity, tears, and swearing. Loudly. And much to Gareth's delight (as rare as it is), I had the volume up loud enough that even the Black Order's gunships made a formidable roar. A lot more pleasing than the Council's modified helicopters... But it quickly reminded me how much I missed Vivian with how uncontrolled my sadness and some sense of longing felt, whether I wanted to stop it or not. It yet again 'confirmed' my instant dislike of that jackass of a Field Commander. Smug git. I'd still pick LeFey over that jackass any day, since both pretty much wanted us all dead in some way. Unfortunately for me, the game somehow doesn't pick up my PSN profile, and so won't allow me to save the game to pick up where I left off... At least I managed to get halfway through in one playthrough. Maybe I'm grateful in a way because that was the point where it got to London...
  5. Not bad for a school thing, even though there are a few typos. And not the easiest to read in my personal opinion. 'Socially identify' - is the word socially really necessary? Why not just say they identify non-physically (spiritually or psychologically) partially or wholly nonhuman? And I'd also like to say that not all fictionkin are considered/consider themselves a part of the Otherkin community, due to their fictotypes not having a nonhuman element. Myself included. I think the Otherkin Pride flag is more of a tumblr invention than the wider Otherkin community, as Otherkin aren't really oppressed or 'targeted' or anything. Sure it may be seen as weird or crazy, but with the right information... P-Shifting (Physical Shifting) is when someone believes they can physically shift into their kintype, as in changing their eye color drastically, or hands changing into paws, and so on. 'Otherkin with animals' doesn't really sound right, maybe just stick to saying Otherkin (or therian if you want to be specific about them being Earthly animals) - but then feeling phantom limbs is not always an indicator of being kin, they can also either be cameo shifts or even just wishful thinking at the best of times. That's all I can think of for now.
  6. Horizon Zero Dawn is where you play as a Hunter in a world of robotic (mainly) dinosaurs, and pretty much trying to find out more about the past. As for my art, this is more of my recent work.
  7. I listen to a variety of metal, some game soundtracks. I love a well done game soundtrack. Gareth's more the electronic/drum n bass/hip hop/whateverthehell. Video games, I used to play them for hours on end, now that I work full-time, not so much. And I'm fictionkin from a game so I'm kind of biased I guess... A couple of my favourites so far are along the lines of Horizon Zero Dawn, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, Monster Hunter 4U, Legacy of Discord: Wings of Fury, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, and (of course) Legendary - except I could talk for hours on that, so you've been warned. Art-wise, I'm not the greatest, I do mostly digital artwork on my iPad, but if you ask me I prefer to just commission someone, usually one of the select few artists I stick by.
  8. Oh I forgot about Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares... I did use to watch Bridezillas (as did my parents), but their loud whining soon put my parents off it.
  9. I'm fictionkin, but I'm not here because of the multiverse theory
  10. I love watching cooking challenges even though I'm a 'can't cook, won't cook' kind of guy. So the run of MasterChef and Celebrity MasterChef (UK, USA, Australia, Ireland and so on), Great British Bake Off, Come Dine With Me (and Celebrity version), Next Great Baker, and Culinary Genius. I'm also very partial to watching Four In A Bed. Some of the places and areas are actually really nice. And the drama...
  11. And yet again here I am mainly posting on introductions, heh. And my blogs are pretty sparse. So... I'm going to try something new. But, you know me, sometimes I can't think of what to write. So, I'm turning it to anyone who reads this, what do you want me to say more about? Whether it's personal or not personal, SFW or NSFW, experience or not, a discussion or another article. Or even if Gareth's around (god help you then...) (Bevause we all know my fictotype shifts are as boring as they come, heh)
  12. Firstly, for those who don't know the term 'fictotype', which I use quite often - Kinmunity Definiton - Similar to "kintype". The term "fictotype" refers to the particular type of being a fictionkin identifies as. This term is especially used for fictionkin who identify as human characters, as the term "kintype" does not apply; otherkin must be non-human identities. -- This started off as an initial 'do you just relate to them or not' article, then just devolved into a bit of everything. As I've seen around here and other sites for a while, it is easy to mistake a connection with a character/species as an identity as that character/species. In fact I would say the most common question I've seen asked on character-specific fictionkin intros is 'How do you know you aren't just relating with the character, as opposed to identifying as them?'. Connecting with something can range from a complete love of a character to going as far as roleplay and making up 'headcanon' ideas/theories. Since characters are made to be related to, it is often how quickly people with new fictotypes seem to crop up, and also seem to come in "waves" when a piece of popular media comes out. -- Below is an explanation on one of the lesser-known terms used in the fictionkin community - Fictionflicker - that is a temporary alternative to being fictionkin and fiction-hearted, and is often seen as more than just a cameo shift. On the Fictionkin.com forum (one of the main fictionkin sites) as a definition for 'fictionflicker' - " A nebulous experience of shifting through identities as fictional characters and/or temporarily “becoming” a fictional character and the shift in identity and perception this may involve, with or without the experience of memories or past-life leanings if such beliefs apply to the person. This could be likened to a “temporary kintype” that comes and goes. " (Definiton from - http://fictionkin.com/glossary-of-common-terms/). This is closely touched on from the description of a fictionflicker LiveJournal site (http://fictionflickers.livejournal.com/profile), and varied at the last few sentences to include - " If you've ever felt yourself "imprinted on" by a fictional identity, if you've ever spent a day or a week feeling like a character, if you've ever momentarily expected to see a different, yet familiar, face in the mirror -- if you've ever felt flickers of fiction in your identity -- this may be a helpful, or at the very least interesting, community. " Fictionflicking is listed differently on InCanon (a smaller fictionkin forum which was discontinued in late 2016) as " a temporary shift, where a fictional character may appear for a brief or temporary amount of time (generally caused by circumstance). May be related/similar to soulbonds in some cases. " (Definition from - http://incanon.tumblr.com/post/148947330579/what-is-a-fictionflicker). With the InCanon definition - the definition does not go into whether this is seen as a personal identity, just a glorified/extended cameo shift, or in fact related to living character/soulbonds. With the Fictionkin.com definition - this can also be seen by some as 'experience taking' which isn't just fictionkin-related, but also doesn't explain how a fictionflicker is different to a long-lasting identity aside from being 'temporary'. So it seems that there is no 'steady' definition, but the Fictionkin.com definition is the one you are most likely to see around due to the size of the site and its members. With fictionflicking, the fact that these can apparently last a while can often throw an identity into question, similar to a cameo shift, and can often stay even after you disconnect from your source material and any associated media, which is often used as a way of 'confirming' an identity as opposed to the identity only coming into focus when the media is found/accessed. When you step away from any source material or associated media, see if your sense of identity fades away or persists through the times. If it fades away completely, chances are it was a fictionflicker, if it persists then more stock would be in the idea of this identity being genuine. -- In games where you can customize the playable character, this falls into more of a gray area, as you could always run the risk of unconsciously pouring yourself into said character. This may require extra questioning in order to get to the bottom of 'is it an identity, or is it just because they are modeled after myself?' Questioning might not be the easiest at times, especially if you're like me and want to pick your identity to pieces... I could say that it's much easier to ask questions on a fictionkin forum than an Otherkin one, but sometimes the questions remain the same throughout the communities, give or take the different identities. And of course, you get 'fluff' in both communities, but fictionkin seem to get grilled harder due to it. So, what do you question? Where do you start? That seems to be it right there. - As said before, taking time away from any source material or media connected to the identity in question can help immensely as to whether it's just a 'trend' or not. The sense of identity may fade away to nothing, or it may persist through the times you're away from the source material. Although at times it may be dampened down to such a low level that it doesn't feel like it is there, but chances are there will still be a feeling of a different identity, or other signs. - In slight contradiction, returning to said source material may also reinforce the feeling of identity in regards to the feelings of deja vu or 'instinctual' reactions to events and/or other characters. Most people run the trial of leaving their source material for a few months/years, and then returning, in order to attempt to rule out anything false. - Think of how you felt before you found your source material, even though the majority of the time everything seems to 'click together' after finding said material, some claim to experience shifts, memories, and/or a sense of identity before they find their source material. - Similar to Otherkin/Therians, the more fictotypes you claim to have, the less you're likely to be believed. The saving grace is how much detail you can give in explaining your identity for every fictotype, and not just going off something like 'oh I just feel a connection to them'. The same question may even be asked a few times, just styled differently, or maybe in a different approach than the run-of-the-mill wording. - One way in order to question would be to document everything - every shift, every memory, every instance of even childhood that might have a chance of lining up with the identity in question. Document it, and then question why it's that way, if it could be something else, see if it's a reoccurring factor. As with any Otherkin/therian, some fictionkin don't have memories, or might not shift, or might not experience home/'canon'-sickness or a sense of instant familiarity. As with the other communities, it isn't a requirement, but due to the nature of fictionkin (character-specific or not, spiritual or psychological or a mix), it is usually put under more interrogation. And yes it can put some people off if you can't answer it 'correctly'. In contrast, saying you're '100% sure and don't doubt anything at all' may get you a few odd looks. Because that could mean that you blindly accept it without questioning and discovering more of yourself. Long story short, a lot of questioning techniques used by Otherkin/Therians can often be used for fictionkin, just with a few minor tweaks.
  13. music

    Oh I had no idea it was a link, I thought you'd just formatted it that way. Thanks for the info haha
  14. music

    Looks like Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, and Panic at the disco And I'm really sorry Gryn but I struggled to read that dark blue (my fault for loving the dark theme haha)
  15. music

    I think Rammenstein would fall under German metal (from my earlier metal years), and there's also Dimmu Borgir who are Norwegian (if memory serves correct). As for my reference of Gareth, I forgot in that instance to make it clear I was referring to my... wonderful... headmate. His main interest goes along the likes of Pitbull and PSY, with the occasional drum n bass tracks of Pendulum, since he seems to have way more energy than I do haha