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    farming, snow sports, heavy metal, art
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    Samoyed dog
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    Miko is a samoyed sled dog from the arctic area, he gets very excited and loves cold weather
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    I experience voluntary shifts
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  1. I drew myself a tattoo, and I do freelance but not many buyers. sometimes I sew plushies but I don't have any examples atm
  2. I either listen to anaal nathrakh or napalm death but I just found this band called powerwolf and it is GREAT :^D
  3. this forum is so cool! I don't think I've been around this many therians. tumblr was super super super overwhelming I feel a lot more welcome here ❤️


  4. for me my home has always been cold, so I'm used to running around in boxers while it's hailing :'^) I'm actually planning to move to Antarctica at some point, aiming for Zucchelli research station or maybe just a house in the snow. I don't think I've gotten sick from cold in years. but if it gets even lukewarm I have trouble moving around eheh, it sucks cause it's summer in newzealand rn
  5. hey all! I am interested in peoples weather prefrence. I remember my old teacher asked the class to write poems about the weather and I was the only one who wrote a positive poem about rain. I love rain! and even more snow. it makes the air feel clear and fresh. warm air feels like soup :^( does anyone here enjoy unconventional weather based on their kintype?
  6. I'm a samoyed which is an arctic dog if you wanna talk about snow stuff!
  7. I napped all day and got to run around in the dark!! it was cold and I got to hang out with the nieghbours cows
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