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  1. If I woke up as an arctic fox, I would have fun hiding in different places. I would be able fit under my bed easier, squeeze behind the couches, hide behind items in a closet and so much more. I already had trouble opening the fridge as a human, would be nearly impossible with my current size. I could easily reach items in my food pantry through hopping thankfully. I do not believe I would be able to go outside with the current type of door knobs. I would have much more fun with my yoga ball than before with rolling it around and chasing it. But if I found a way outside, I would enjoy the woods I have to the back and explore there seeing things at a different height. I would create a small fort of stuffed animals, pillows and blankets by dragging them around in my jaws. I could also experience how it truly feels to hop upstairs with four paws.
  2. So that's how they totally take roses from bushes with no trouble! Just reach over with their specially adapted teeth, those thorns have no power here.
  3. I could see that shark having an Epic of some sort written about them. Being a courageous warrior of the deep, involving some stories of their past and current life. The shark running into Poseidon when they are x years old and completing some tasks then being granted x number of years.
  4. Granted, but a slice would keep re-spawning where the second slice of pizza was placed. (If you placed it on a plate, wherever the plate is that is where the slices will spawn on top one another non-stop fresh as when you first got the pizza!) I wish I could remember where I placed my keys/phone when I can’t find them!
  5. I haven't posted much or lately on my Deviant Art but find it enjoyable to post some of my items there when I get the chance! So far digital art, doodles and two stuffed animals I have finished. Edit: Took a closer look at ceramic creation and think its amazing! (I'm not very good with clay but hope to be better one day! I recall making a small dog for a friend on her birthday. I had a different image in my head but turned out "cute" for my standards so I felt good gifting my creation)
  6. Nope Never have I ever been snorkeling. (Always see how fun it looks on TV but haven't had the opportunity to try out!)
  7. Granted this mac is non-edible and is huge. An oversized plastic model lipstick that is too heavy to pickup from the brand M.A.C appears. I wish my oven would heat up the food items I place in there equally.
  8. I have not taken a chance to look at who is running but I am liking his answers to topics which are current issues. I also really like how on the site it mentions an issue then explain why it is one, goals and what will be done about it. Some of the topics covered by Yang that really interest me and why are: Equal pay (no one likes to be paid less than a fellow colleague) Mass incarceration (topic that always came up in my criminal justice classes) this issue can easily be divided into different sections such as overcrowding, not being able to support medical needs of inmates, not enough programs to help inmates and much more. Climate change (we cant turn back the damage done but hopefully we can extend this planet's life) Every cop gets a camera (this can help reduce certain officers act out/make them think about what they plan to do more or could help out an innocent cop who got caught up in a bad circumstance) Net neutrality (help make education more accessible, get in touch with communities, not have unnecessary fees, advertise small businesses and much more) Many others but those are a few.
  9. Today I was notified by LifeLock about a game I play on occasion (Town of Salem). Below is the notification I got. I was told by a member in one of the discord gaming groups that I am a part of, this only affected user ID, passwords and that a notifcation was sent to the affected individuals a week ago. I personally, am unsure exactly what has been/will be affected. The best thing we can do is take extra steps in prevention.
  10. I was wondering if maybe there is a place we could warn each other about potential online or in person dangers. F.e. Something that happened to me today is I use a monthly subscription of LifeLock and I was warned about "potential" deep web activities from the site (aka Town of Salem). Some additional information is it applied to usernames, emails, passwords, and more information (Reported in Jan. 2019).
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