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    I experience voluntary shifts.
  1. *repeatedly bangs head on desk*
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    2. Biarki


      LOL! Just frustration with some things, and the desk derserves it! XD
    3. Spiritual Hunters

      Spiritual Hunters

      Now I feel we need to make an abuse group for desks! They deserve peace too! And we're guilty with abusing desk!
    4. Silas


      Quite the contrary. I'm just violently claiming ownership of it.
  2. Babymetal is, well, metal... [media] [/media]
  3. Whereas the other music threads are related to how, if at all, your favorite music ties in with your otherkin nature; I want this thread to simply be about what you're currently listening to. We have a "currently reading" thread, so why not a "currently listening" one? So here we go, what're you currently listening to? Right now, I'm listening to Olvar by Olvar. [media] [/media]
  4. Oh, I believe it. I hope you bathe in their worship.
  5. Ugh, we had a mild infestation of those buggers a few years back. I still have the scars on my feet. Do it! Make them bow to your power? Also, turkey legs are amazing. <3
  6. I don't have any real plans for this Summer, except maybe to visit the local Renaissance faire when that starts up in August. So, I'll be doing a lot of the same things as you: swimming, fishing and camping. Maybe I'll take a trip up to Pine Creek Gorge in the northern part of the state.
  7. Let loose with a fury ne'er seen in an age.
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    2. Biarki


      Aww, not even a little one? XD
    3. AceOfTricks
    4. Draconi kratosus

      Draconi kratosus

      How about only against the bullies in your neighborhood and against gangs.