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    Transgender (F→M)
  • Gender Expression
    Masculinity (moderate)
  • Preferred Pronouns
    he, him, his
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  • Antisexuality
  • Interests
    Music, gore, horror movies, Batman
  • Favorite Music
    Misfits, Kiss, Black Veil Brides, Motley Crue, Melanie Martinez, Joan Jett, etc
  • Favorite Books & Authors
    Too many to list
  • Favorite Movies & TV Shows
    Sherlock, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Haven, lots more
  • Favorite Games & Video Games
    Legend of Zelda games are cool
  • Favorite Sports & Teams
    North Carolina Panthers
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  • Personal Spirituality
    I like the idea of religion, but I do not belong to a particular spiritual religion.

Other-than-human Identity

  • I am...
    a therianthrope
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    Seagulls, Adiemus, Misfit, Rainy, etc

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    Ronnie or Rawr
  • Kintype(s)
  • Kintype(s) Description
    Eurasian Timber Wolf. Male. Quite large.
  • Time of Awakening
  • Personal Awakening
    Too lazy to type it up right now.
  • Body Dysphoria

Otherkin Shifting Frequency

  • Mental Shifting
    My kintype integrated to my base personality
  • Dream Shifting
  • Phantom Shifting
    It's constant
  • Aura Shifting
    I already experienced it in the past, but I don't nowadays
  • Sensory Shifting
    It's constant
  • Astral Shifting
  • Bi-Location Shifting
  • Cameo Shifting
    I experience it few times a year

Otherkin Shifting Duration

  • Mental Shifting
  • Dream Shifting
  • Phantom Shifting
  • Aura Shifting
  • Sensory Shifting
  • Astral Shifting
  • Bi-Location Shifting
  • Cameo Shifting

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  • Kith

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    Singlet (not a system)
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    Not a vampire

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  1. Discord channel suggestions

    I've had these ideas in my head for a little bit, and decided to push them forward. Selfies/Real life Photo Channel Not for photography, just random photos Mostly for selfies, though pictures of pets could also be allowed Should be SFW, no nude photos or the like Members are not required to post in here, and should not be pressured into participating if they don't wish to. Music Channel A place to post links or screenshots of what music you are listening to or want to share with others, or to talk about specific music genres and artists Swearing should be tolerated, but overtly sexual songs (e.g Candyland by Blood On The Dance Floor) should be kept to NSFW spaces only I realise this is partially what bot-talk is for, but this will help bring focus to music, just like some sections of the site Offer any feedback you'd like. I'd like to know what you think.
  2. Shows you are currently watching?

    Currently just watching Supernatural, American Horror Story and Sherlock xD
  3. Test your vocabulary!

    http://testyourvocab.com/result?user=8789792 Wow, I think I did pretty ok.
  4. I'm not...

    I laughed for like 20 minutes straight at this xD Anyways, I'm wolfkin but not a teen werewolf.
  5. Favorite game console

    I love XBOX 360 or Wii controllers. Always found them easier to use. They also had the games I've been most interested in lately.
  6. What's your spirit animal?

    I have a Dragon called Rex who is kind of a spirit companion. Not really a spirit animal. She's black and purple and likes to playfully bite me. Stays with me when I'm anxious or sad.
  7. Favorite music genre/songs

    I prefer rock, metal, post-hardcore, etc and any of the related genres.I hate mainstream pop. Can't stand it. But I'll happily listen to some alternative pop such as Melanie Martinez. I might listen to some pop-punk and acoustic guitar songs sometimes too. Strangely enough I also have a love for folk, Celtic, and instrumental/composed songs that aren't exactly Classical.
  8. xXUpRawrXx

  9. What're You Listening To?

    Just listening to the best band in existence
  10. Favorite animals

    Felines, canines, lizards, and dinosaurs are my favorites!!
  11. The genie game

    Wish granted, but instead you have to listen to a montage of goat screams all night on repeat. I wish I could have my dream career.
  12. Where is everyone from?

    I'm from North Carolina, USA although I'm now living in Essex, England.
  13. The genie game

    Wish granted, but your opinions are never taken seriously. I wish I could spend lots of time in a beautiful area in the woods.
  14. The genie game

    Wish granted, but your life expectancy will drop each time you do so. I wish i could set people on fire with my mind.