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    Masculinity (strong)
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    he, him, his
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    Anomalies, spirituality, centaurs, djinn.
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    Writing, baking, gardening, macrame
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    Bill Nelson, Brian Eno, Niyaz, Amethystium, Deuter, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Polkaholix
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    "Journeys Out of Body" by Robert Monroe, A.E. van Vogt, Denise Linn.
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    Forbidden Planet, Fantasia, Young Frankenstein, The Brass Bottle, I Dream of Jeannie, Top Gear.
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    Mad Daedalus by LittleWing
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    New Age Spirituality
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    Basically, cherry-picking what seems right for me at this moment. It therefore evolves over the decades.

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    Centaur, djinn
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    Start with a classic Greek centaur, and make adjustments. My head-hair isn't nearly as wavy as a Greek's, yet has some curve to it. It's dark brown, close to black (dark chocolate), and no more than shoulder-length, loose, not tied.

    My upper body is trim, healthy, not necessarily muscular, skin-tone is well-tanned, as if outside most of the time.

    Eye-color I'm not sure, but am thinking green. (I have hazel eyes for this life.)

    The junction feathers gradually, as does my mane partially up my upper back.

    My coat is a type of dun: best color description is that it's a kind of warm-gray metallic-dun, similar to grullo/grulla.

    My mane and tail start out the same as my coat, slowly blending to the same dark chocolate as my head-hair.

    Chocolate-brown socks on all legs, and my hooves are the same dark-chocolate color.

    Body-size/shape is that of a full-size horse, not a pony. The Sorraia pony is the kind of shape, though.

    Upper-wear is simple, such as tunic, button-up shirt, t-shirt, or whatever. No jewelry adornments.
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    around age-49
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    It has affected my spirituality, my definitions for "Other Lives" as I now call all lives that include those in the past. Several new-age authors have molded that definition as well, including Mira Kelley and Anita Moorjani. And it has affected my writing, for at least one centaur-character.
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    It was gradual and more of an acceptance of being Otherkin after researching the topic.

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    Not a vampire

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  1. Last movie you watched?

    I have the DVD. Great movie! I have been thinking of watching it again. I should also get a copy of Gandahar. It's by the same director (René Laloux) though there are two versions (original French version, and a reworked English versions.) It's still a good movie and story. The other movie by Laloux is Les Maîtres du temps or "The Time Masters" which was designed by the artist Moebius :-)
  2. Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington dead from suicide at 41: Report, 07/20/17 According to reports, Chester Bennington was found dead this morning in an apparent self hanging GABRIEL BELL Chester Bennington, the lead singer and songwriter of the popular alt-rock, nu-metal band Linkin Park was found dead this morning in a Palos Verdes Estates, Los Angeles home. Linkin Park band member Mike Shinoda confirmed Bennington’s death with a tweet stating “Shocked and heartbroken, but it’s true.” According to TMZ’s reporting, law-enforcement authorities have said that Bennigton died due to hanging in what appears to be a case of suicide. He was 41. Bennington was famously forthright in his discussions of his own battles with depression, substance abuse and a number of physical maladies including severe extreme abdominal and gastrointestinal pain. His lyrics, as well, often dwelled on the darker side of mental-health issues, family relationships and personal alienation. (more at linked headline)
  3. What're You Listening To?

    Nash the Slash - Wolf (from the Children of the Night album) (BandCamp link to full album for streaming) The best electric mandolin in the world!
  4. Last movie you watched?

    Yesterday I re-watched my DVD of The Hudsucker Proxy, a comedy by the Coen brothers. It's got so many of my favorite actors in it, with a time-period of 1958 (specifically.) Fun music, fun plot, light-hearted, yet well-executed :-)
  5. A place for my head

    Looking good! Maybe post it to that thread of what we all look like :-)
  6. Should the Voting Age be Lowered?

    Well, I could give my opinion of how the Dems handled their own primary, and the dirty tricks involved, but I'm not going to get into that here ;-) I still think that voting should not fall under "States Rights." There are plenty of federal things that happen in all states and where it's under federal control only (such as the military.) Why should we allow the states to mess up the voting system, as they already have? I don't agree that the voting age needs to be lowered, only that we need to revamp the whole voting process. As it stands now, it's a big hot mess.
  7. Should the Voting Age be Lowered?

    Key words here: "would have" That is, not enough of them did vote in order to swing the election to the best candidate. But again, that statistic is only for those of voting age, and older. I'm all for keeping the age where it's at and making Election Day a national, federal holiday. Making it a federal holiday then makes it a mandatory holiday for employers. The other thing that could be done with Election Day would be to extend the hours. After looking, I see that in the UK polls open at 7 am like they do here. But then, they don't close until 10 pm. We close ours at 7 pm. Twelve hours isn't enough, especially when some people do work twelve hours at a time, and then have to go stand in long lines just to vote. Part of the issue with long lines as well has to do with some questionable decisions on the number of voting precincts. Wealthier areas often get more places to vote than poorer areas. Honestly, I wish we could standardize voting across all states, especially when it comes to national elections. There are just too many rules, laws, and other variables state to state that cause problems for people trying to vote. Voting age doesn't measure up as a problem in comparison. Voting is too important to leave how it's done to each state.
  8. Should the Voting Age be Lowered?

    I don't know if that's too young to be sent to war, but I do think the US's low driving-age should be raised. I just read this fine article in Road & Track about Driver's Education and training in the US compared to elsewhere: Overwhelmed and Undertrained I always knew we were woefully inadequate in that kind of education, and wish I could have the kind of training kids get in Europe. And I've been driving for forty years ;-) At the same time, if any of these age-limited things for kids had the same kind rigorous training as they are likely to get in military service, maybe we wouldn't have a problem with lowering ages for some things. Even so, some, like voting, remain emotion-based in addition to intellect-based, and simply require more maturity to make good decisions. Hitting a target doesn't take much intellect or emotion. (I know this having taken US military exams; possibly the easiest I have had outside of high school.)
  9. What're You Listening To?

    Traveler by Steve Roach (link to BandCamp streaming page and the whole album) :-)
  10. Should the Voting Age be Lowered?

    I agree about the emotions of younger people swaying them negatively as potential voters. And I hate to sound like everybody's parents, but you'll make better decisions the older you get. No, not on every decision, but on those that rely on experience, which only comes with age, and emotional maturity. Yes, there are anomalies, those people who are emotionally mature at age-12, and those who are intellectually mature at age-12, or whatever. But they are just that: anomalies. They are the extremes of the Bell Curve. They don't elect people to office; the averages do.
  11. Re-watching the original "The Outer Limits" on the Internet Archive. They are missing half of the first season, but I may eventually buy the series anyway. Tried watching the DVDs on Netflix, but they, too, were missing many of the discs and episodes. I guess people stole them. Shows how powerful the writing still is :-)
  12. The scent of soil and beast

    Actually, I don't remember, but am glad that you do! :) As for the demonic nature of fauns, I do understand they can different from the ways the Greeks, and later the Christians, portrayed them. I mean, I don't ascribe to how the Greeks portrayed centaurs, either. So, I don't know why I pointed out the above to begin with :p
  13. Golden Age Comics (in the public domain)

    Here's another one with centaurs in it, @Gryff, Captain Tootsie #2. It's a weird one, but it's also more of a kids' comic, so pretty simplistic overall. I'm going through the ones I've downloaded, and will link them as I find them again. Such as Frankenstein #10, a 'funny' comic :) I know there are a few with satyrs, but haven't yet found any fauns.
  14. Golden Age Comics (in the public domain)

    Well, I do have the one centaur-superhero bookmarked somewhere ("Speed Centaur") so I'll have to post the link for you :) Okay, I found the link, but it's a search on Speed Centaur at the site Comic Book +. Plus, if you want to download the copies, you'll have to get an account at the archive. They're free, and it's worth being able to have copies.
  15. The scent of soil and beast

    One thing that can come from getting a professional hypnotherapy session is getting taught how to best do it yourself. I don't know if all practitioners do that, but some will at least help you to help yourself. So, if you want to continue to explore a certain past life, some might teach you self-hypnosis and how to keep going back to it for further explorations. But, you'll have to talk to the ones you find and see if they do anything like that. I'm not an expert, just going by some interviews I've heard with some of them local to this area. Also, it's interesting to note that back in the day of the Greek mythos, people did not know of demons as they are depicted today. A faun wasn't demon-like. That came later with Christianity as they absorbed various mythologies to fit their needs. I liked your description of your forest and flute adventure. Sounds like something you could do more often. And before you know it, you'll have inadvertently stepped through some portal into that kind of world, and we won't hear from you for years ;-) Now, there are many classic art depictions of centaurs playing a double-flute. I don't know if that's related to a pan-flute or not, but I've also seen fauns and satyrs depicted as playing them. As I recall, it looks like a flute played from the end of the pipe instead of a side-hole (like concert flutes.) But that there are two of them being played, one with each hand. It does appear to be a single instrument, though. In looking it up, the double one is also a single one and called Auloi. It's a reeded pipe, and is sometimes played two at a time. Here's a statue of a centaur playing the one I've seen for them: