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    Anomalies, spirituality, centaurs, djinn.
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    Writing, baking, gardening.
  • Favorite Music
    Bill Nelson, Brian Eno, Niyaz, Amethystium, Deuter, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Polkaholix
  • Favorite Books & Authors
    "Journeys Out of Body" by Robert Monroe, A.E. van Vogt, Denise Linn.
  • Favorite Movies & TV Shows
    Forbidden Planet, Fantasia, Young Frankenstein, The Brass Bottle, I Dream of Jeannie, Top Gear.
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    Mad Daedalus by LittleWing
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    around age-49
  • Shifting Experience
    Mental Shifting
  • Shifting Triggers
    I experience voluntary shifts.
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    Start with a classic Greek centaur, and make adjustments. My head-hair isn't nearly as wavy as a Greek's, yet has some curve to it. It's dark brown, close to black (dark chocolate), and no more than shoulder-length, loose, not tied.

    My upper body is trim, healthy, not necessarily muscular, skin-tone is well-tanned, as if outside most of the time.

    Eye-color I'm not sure, but am thinking green. (I have hazel eyes for this life.)

    The junction feathers gradually, as does my mane partially up my upper back.

    My coat is a type of dun: best color description is that it's a kind of warm-gray metallic-dun, similar to grullo/grulla.

    My mane and tail start out the same as my coat, slowly blending to the same dark chocolate as my head-hair.

    Chocolate-brown socks on all legs, and my hooves are the same dark-chocolate color.

    Body-size/shape is that of a full-size horse, not a pony. The Sorraia pony is the kind of shape, though.

    Upper-wear is simple, such as tunic, button-up shirt, t-shirt, or whatever. No jewelry adornments.
  • Personal Awakening
    It was gradual and more of an acceptance of being Otherkin after researching the topic.
  • Personal Otherkin Experiences
    It has affected my spirituality, my definitions for "Other Lives" as I now call all lives that include those in the past. Several new-age authors have molded that definition as well, including Mira Kelley and Anita Moorjani. And it has affected my writing, for at least one centaur-character.
  • Religion
    New Age Spirituality
  • Personal Spirituality
    Basically, cherry-picking what seems right for me at this moment. It therefore evolves over the decades.

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  1. I don't think you're the only one who doesn't have shifts or other pertinent experiences. It's just that for those who do, it's rather exciting, and thus, hard to hold back in sharing. Since you got something at all out of your writing-meditation, and you want to pursue it, then it may very well open you up to the kinds of experiences everyone else (who has them) also tend to take for granted. Before long, you may be doing the same ;) Here are some photos of fauns I forgot I had, taken from one of the rooms of a famous house in Galveston, Bishop's Palace. (full-size images in links) You can add them to your collection :-) http://imageshack.com/a/img924/487/VlIPuf.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img924/6282/R5bbOd.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img922/8293/hGdueb.jpg
  2. I'd recommend your post, but I've used them up for the day! Ten just isn't enough... I know it's said that fictionkin weren't a thing at one time in the 'early' days, but it seems to me that because many of the elves were at least inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien, then perhaps fictionkin could be construed as the first members of the Otherkin community, and therefore just as legitimate as new ones of today. Sure, details of personal Otherkin experiences are expected, beyond simply being other-hearted with such characters. But, I'm lax to question their authenticity simply because they are perceived as a "newer" form of Otherkin. What the concept of fictionkin does bring up is a contradiction to the very definition of Otherkin, that one must be non-human to be Otherkin. And yet, fictionkin are often human or close enough to human as to be indistinguishable. If I were, say, fictionkin as Johnny Quest, well he's human in a world depicted as human, the only difference being that it's a cartoon-reality. The characters don't know it's animated; it's just their normal and natural reality. Fictionkin is still a big topic of debate. I'm in full support of it being legitimate, but suspect it may be a long while before that comes to pass for the majority. If someone identifies as fictionkin, then continue to do so, whether the majority accept it now or not. Eventually, there will at least be a large/influential subgroup who does :-)
  3. Non-wolf ones would be nice. I'd imagine most of the 'prey' species here are hesitant to use wolf-emoties. If the rest aren't coming back, then I'll continue to rely on the standard and original versions ;-) :-) :-| :-( as well as some in my gif-image library
  4. music

    Another problem with being an older member of a mostly younger site is the difference in music tastes. I'd estimate that maybe a handful of the bands and cuts I like have only been recognized by a bare few here. The inverse is the same for me, in that I recognize hardly anything posted. I have to wonder sometimes why I even bother to post what I'm listening to or what I like on those music threads. But I do it to "fit in" and maybe someone is paying attention and willing to take a listen. Of course, I've also experienced some members dissing my taste in music as soon as they have heard it, only to get in return what they like as yet another rap "song" to be the best thing evah! If I want to listen to rap, I'll pull up some of the cuts by Natacha Atlas, or Public Enemy. There's isn't much in modern rap I want to hear. It is unfortunate that so few have broad music tastes. Oh, y'all will tell me of the metal and electronic you like, and I'm fine with some of it. But when I say broad, I mean pretty much most genres. I will state that I can't stand most Christian music, unless it's traditional chanting, choral, or Christmas music. The majority that I've heard is of the kind with a moralizing message that isn't to my tastes. Plus, it's usually produced in such a way as to be unoffensive and popular with most top genres, and not for those of us who have eclectic tastes. Sure, I could list every genre I like, and y'all might find something in the same that's likable, too, if you're adventurous. My tastes were formed by my parents and by public radio. My parents gave me a like of classical, some jazz, and some lounge. Public radio expanded on those, adding all sorts of music types, including art-rock, punk, new wave, avant garde, and electronic (not "electronica" as that's a music-industry made-up marketing term.) Some online radio comes close to public radio today, but it's still not the same. All the craziness is gone, sanitized out. Streaming is today's world. And yet, there are streaming sites better than anything RIAA approved. I've considered posting a thread about "free music" steaming sites, but may post it to another site where I know it will be better appreciated. I suspect that once people settle into whatever the music industry wants them to like, that they don't go looking elsewhere. They have to get exasperated with the quality, choice, fees, etc. first. If y'all want to see that thread (it's not too long) I'll post it. I just wonder how fast it'll sink. Today's background music for writing: Bill Nelson - The Alchemical Adventures of Sailor Bill
  5. Much as I would love to imagine such a thing from even just one cut in my collection, that hasn't been the case for any musician or band I like. Now, there's plenty of music that moves me, just not in a kin way. The movie Fantasia (1940) has conditioned me to feel something kin-like from Beethoven's 6th symphony. But, it is conditioning, due to the mythological setting in that part of the movie. Debussy's "Afternoon of A Faun" is simple beauty, but I don't feel like he was being kin-like as part of his composition (yes, I know, it's way outside of the 'known' timeline for Otherkin, but who are we to say people weren't kin, or felt that within them, at any prior point in human history?) There are songs, or bits of songs that make me feel kin, yet even before I knew I was Otherkin, I loved those songs for purely human reasons. So, the question then comes up: Am I feeling something for kin, or just renewed feelings I had back when I first heard the cut?
  6. I'd say the upper pair. And here's some art to show that it's been on some people's mind for a while now ;) . . . . . . . Doesn't show suckling, but does show a mother being a mother, no matter what the species :-)
  7. Beethoven now, for introspection...
  8. Some calming and beautiful music from Natacha Atlas:
  9. I guess it all depends on the use. Red text on a green background is the worst to try to read. I've found a few sources online that are excellent for figuring out color combinations. Color.Terrasus Adobe Color CC But what I use the most is a book on web colors: Digital Color Index It's a Dover publication, and it's great because it takes colors and matches them to other colors, in the categories of Monochromatic, Complementary, Adjacent, Muted, Black & Gray. It also comes with a CD of swatches for use in your art programs :-)
  10. Deleting all of your old posts makes sense if you're having a temper tantrum. So, think of it that way. And it's a common to put a time-limit on editing on message boards all over the Internet, if only to prevent mass-deletions. Sometimes the reasoning is that the individual doesn't want anyone else to have access to their posted content, and they want to take it all back (perhaps because they're posting it elsewhere under a copyright.) But it's usually done in moments of anger and such.
  11. Anathema and Other Lost Stories by Solace
  12. Hello, fellow centaur! :-)

    Maybe when you do an intro, you can detail that part of you a little more. I'd love to read it. There's so few of us anywhere.

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    2. Gryneos


      Nothing wrong with ranting, as I feel similarly. I know what it feels like to have one's validity questioned, as in the skeptic thought I was Tumblrkin simply by how I believed what I do (as in how I gained my knowledge, which happened over many years, long before even the Internet as we know it today existed.) Some people are simply never satisfied and you have to learn to forget about their commentary. The only time this is a problem is when they are an admin. We used to have a few like that here, but they left a few months ago (one was even an admin.) The community had had enough of the constant disbelieving nature towards other members. Makes one wonder how they ever admitted to themselves that they were Otherkin at all...

    3. kia


      Mmm. Thanks. I almost can't believe such skepticism exists. It's near-sickening. 

    4. Gryneos


      There used to be a site years ago called Otherkin Alliance. I had looked into it when I was first questioning my own validity. However, from both reading posts there and reviews of that particular community, they were not welcoming of anyone but therians (so no mythologicals) and were possibly the least welcoming to even other therians. It was all about attacking anyone they deemed unworthy of the Otherkin label, and I steered clear. They closed down about a year after I had been looking. OKC (Otherkin Community) was the next big draw for all kinds, yet one of the former admins here was an admin there, too. I'd say OKC was a slightly tougher place to start out than here, though I managed. Many of the older members here migrated from OKC, and it closed down last year.

      The only thing that comes to mind that can be red flag to some, and I do agree to some extent, is the claim of identifying at a very young age, such as four years. Unless one is a savant, a child's mind generally isn't able to conceive something like an Otherkin identity. They may have past life memories of their kintype, but probably won't know what it means to identify as that being. That's more in the realm of critical thinking, which happens with maturity. I'm not saying I don't believe it's possible, only that it goes against known biology of the human mind and development. There could certainly be a literal handful that do understand it, though my guess is that if they could, they probably are not thinking along the lines of kintypes anyway (if that makes sense.)

  13. Don't watch Top Gear; it'll just confuse you ;-) As for studying tips or remembering it all, I don't know what to suggest. Whatever has worked for you in the past with school should be enough. That and try to stay calm when taking the driving portion. If they use a police officer to be in the car with you, that alone can be intimidating and make one even more nervous.
  14. Hopefully, I won't be the only one here and on your poll choosing to not eat any meat, cultured or otherwise ;-) It's been so long since I ate meat of any kind that it would likely make me physically ill at this point. Often the aroma alone is enough to provoke the gag reflex; I just have to ignore/suppress that urge. I don't have a problem with others eating it, and yes, it would be great for however it would eliminate environmental damage with current methods. It may still have impacts of its own, as we don't know what the mass-production process will be like, including its waste-stream and overall energy-use. I would hope that would be managed better than the waste-stream from present-day animal production industries (for example, effluent from hog farms.) I do hope it catches on and people end up eating synthetic meat primarily. There will still be those few holding on to things like Kobe beef and such, but those will be the same kind of luxuries they are today. And I'll continue to consume faux meat from plant and fungus sources :-)
  15. It's hard to decide as I like most teas, other than many of the black teas (they're harder on my stomach.) Any kind of chai is a favorite, as well as some blends by Yogi Tea (such as Egyptian Licorice.) One interesting tool I've used for making chai is Chai Dice. It's more fun when you have a few people around to roll the dice, or even at a tea party (the real kind, not the political kind.) Just be sure to have all of the ingredients on hand, or maybe just roll the dice again when an ingredient turns up that you don't have :-)