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    Femininity (weak)
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    Otherkin, Psychology, Art, Video games, Dreams
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    Drawing, video games, scuba diving if I had more time, climbing (club)
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    Fantasy and stuff, Harry Potter saga, Lord of the ring.
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    Avatar, Lots of anime
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    Skyrim, Subnautica, The last guardian, Flight rising
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    Dragon :
    From what I know : probably in the brown/copper/bronze range, maybe golden eyes.
    Long and thin, not sure if male or female.
    Bigger than a human. Not sure how much bigger.
    Face long and with a beak like end (?) 4 horns and spikes on the cheeks. Spikes on my neck too.
    Average wings, with probably 5 fingers, four in the wing + one to grab things or hang from things. Four legs, front legs with hand like paws. (opposable thumb) Not sure of it though.
  • Time of Awakening
    Early may 2017
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    I believe I'm a psychological kin.
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    Just kind of... Realized that my dreams and weird feelings were maybe caused by something else than my mind.

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    Not a vampire

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  1. made my kinself on skyrim

    Hi! You might want to search for mods, I think I saw one that made the country where Khajits come from, Eilswear or something like this I think, accessible. If you have any memory from this place, could you tell me how it looked? I'm really curious...
  2. Play as a dragon !

    Thanks ! I already know War dragon, but I lost my data, so... But I really want to start over. I'll probably do it if I get the time. As for skyrim, I know a lot of mods that let you play as a dragon, but lots are full of bugs. I had a lot of fun with it though ! Burning down village in dragon form is odly satisfying ...
  3. Holly

    https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/ornamental/shrubs/holly/growing-holly-bushes.htm This should help you. I really like holly, but we don't really need to grow them where I live. They kinda pop where there shade and trees. Same with mint, weirdly enough? They are almost considered as bad weed where I live.
  4. Sunabi

  5. Questions

    I feel really weird and confused, because as much as I would love to have a dragon kintype, and as much as it seem to clip regarding shifts, it don't feel right... Like if I got something wrong... I indeed have some sort of memories, but I wouldn't say that I'm dead, or that it was a past life. My kintype is at the same time a separate entity and fused with me. It's really strange to say it like that, but I think it could be considered as some sort of parasite. I have memories of other human lifes, always with it in background of the host mind. Honestly, I don't really know if I'm making things up or not anymore, but even when I try to convince myself that it's nothing, it's still here. But well, for now, here is what I'm searching : - Dragon like form - Jet black, only light come from the eyes. - No wings, only something that look like birds wing bones, with claws at the end. It can grab things and be used to walk. - One eye with burned claw mark. (right eyes) - Scars on the back. - Several eyes (3/3 I think) - Use toxic gazes. - Can shapeshift. Honestly I'm kinda WTF looking at this. And there is more. But it's the only one that is really "there", I think. I'm indeed dragon hearted, but I'm not sure about dragonkin. I knew about the weird kintype before coming here, and I mentioned it when I thought that it was some memory of a dragon kintype, but I'm scared that it's a little too strange to be accepted. Like, even for me it don't seem possible.
  6. More Drawing

    Raaah I can't get it right enough...
  7. Sushi!

    Raw fish is best food, and no one is going to convince me otherwise. Fight me.
  8. Play as a dragon !

    Welp, too old for my computer... More luck next time.
  9. Play as a dragon !

    Ah... That's kinda sad. Well, I'll try and see for myself if it bother me a lot or not.
  10. Play as a dragon !

    Oh... Does it impact the game a lot? I mean... Is paying worth it? :/
  11. Play as a dragon !

    After searching for DAYS, I finally found a RPG that let you play as a dragon, and more ! I'm so exited ! It's name is Istaria, here is the URL : http://www.istaria.com/ It looks a little old, judging by the 3d models, so I'm kinda scared that it will be dead... It seem very promising though, as a dragon, you can fly, fight like the other characters, and even have your own lair ! Plus, not only dragonkin will find their species : I saw playable faery like creature, faun, some sort of argonian and khaji, demons, elves and as always, the human. I'm really exited to jump into it ! I'd be more than happy if some of you decided to join me, by the way. (Sorry for possible mistakes, I'm french and try my best at writing in English.)
  12. Favourite Dragon in Flight Rising?

    Noodles are best breed. Aaaand the fact that I'm in Wind maybe impact my choice a little... Anyways, here are my two favorites : (let's see if it works)
  13. Anyone play the Isle?

    It looks really cool! I might look a little more into it if I have the time. Is there any ways to play a flying creature? (pterodactyl, quetzacoatlus...)
  14. Pokémon Companions!

    My personal favorite has always been Absol. He's just too beautiful. Plus, I'm sure he is fluffy enough to be used as a pillow. It's a win/win if you can avoid all the "I-bring-disasters" things. Otherwise... Probably Sceptile (my favorite starter), Charizard or Salazzle. I really like lizard-like pokemon. In fact, I think I prefer most lizard pokemons to dragon pokemons, I didn't see a dragon pokemon that I really like yet... (In fact, of those three I think I would pick Salazzle... She is my favorite Pokemon of the last gen, I love her look and fighting with poison types is so much fun... >w>)
  15. Dragon Webcomic

    That's a cool art style! :0