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    Listening to Music, Drawing, Singing, playing games
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    Steam Powered Giraffe, Folk, Rock (any kind), pop,
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    Maximum Ride Series, The Tale of 1001 Nights
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    Nightmare/Atmosfear, Skylanders, Spyro the dragon, Professor Layton, Dance Dance Revolution
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    Multiple System
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    Clockwork, Clocky, Clock, Midnight, Dragoon, Red, Red Mage, Lupin, Kaito.... So... many... others... @_@

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    (Core/CD) Dragonkin, Fictionkin - Time Sweeper
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    (Core/CD - ???) A decent sized dragon (possibly within the 7'- 8' range) with two sets of horns. One that sprouts from the top/back of the head that point straight, and the other sprouting along the temples, curving in a similar matter to a big-horn sheep's. Silver eyes. Heavy and fairly large bat-like wings along the back, just below the scapulas also are present. Dark Purple main scales and Black underbelly. Scaly, but has black tufts of fur along "elbows" and "Heels" as well as a silver mane-like beard. Has something along the spine like a "Dorsal fin" or something similar to that of a Spinosaurus, but on a more minor scale. Originally lived along some coastal mountains that had forest spread throughout territory.

    (Core/CD - Kilrou) A Time Sweeper (anthro-cat who controls time) of green tabby/tiger-like fur color. Carries around a predecessor custom prototype of the TS-X9 Lv.3 as seen in Blinx 2, but is actually an "X"-shaped version of it more akin to the TS-5000X Lv.2. Clothing is black and white, but don't remember the pattern of it at this time and also wears a green armband on the jacket, despite being a solo-worker and not assigned to a team.
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  1. Moving madness PLUS two six week old kitties makes for a rough few days of a month... X.x

    - "Kilrou"/CD

  2. Still stuck in my attempts to pull a 7-chain in Puyo Puyo 39.... X.x Cursed achievement!

    And, on the side... All some of us in System Celestial Realization can here at the moment is Lemres' semi-quiet "hora". Blame me for trying to look up his chain-spells late last night.

  3. Digital WIPs We'd like to Show

    Just a place to store some Work-in-progress images we'd like to show people. ^^ WIP images will be deleted from here within a month after the piece's completion.
  4. Neftxä WIP

    From the album Digital WIPs We'd like to Show

    A WIP version of what the main villain for the (non-canon/AU) Avatar/PuyoPuyo story of "Sute sanhìyä" will look like. All that's missing for now is his color scheme... ... And, yes... He's somewhat of an anthro-Toruk by design... XD Basically, he's Pandora's equivalent to the Dark Prince. In this case, Neftxä is the king of demons and the darker depths of the Puyo Puyo Underworld of Pandora. ... Not a guy you'd like to cross or meet in a dark alley by any means.
  5. Okay... Gonna attempt to do a full-body image of Na'vi!Dark Prince (He needs a better name than that... LOL). Let's hope the weather doesn't get too rowdy tonight and that I can keep focused on it... And hope my arms don't hurt mid-drawing. X_x

    1. Celestial Discover

      Celestial Discover

      Correction: Not THE Dark Prince as a Na'vi, but his (in my crossover fic I'm still developing lore for before I write the first chapter of) Pandoran Counterpart (whom I decided to name Nefkxä).

      ... Of which still reminds me... DO they have any sweets and confections that they make on Pandora? 'Cause I have an idea for a confections-loving Spellcaster/Warlock Na'vi for that same fic... Blame Lemres!

    2. Celestial Discover

      Celestial Discover

      Since I can't edit... Found out they most likely don't... However, I can replace candies and such with sweet-tasting fruits. XD

  6. Hmm.... To draw tons of OCs individually... Or draw Na'vified Dark Prince... Or Schezo... Or Lemres...




    Ah, the struggles of being an artist in multiple fandoms... >__> Especially not knowing WHAT to draw.

  7. Reaction Images for Kin/System Daily Life

    [Sportacus start] When you can feel the Core becoming extremely shy and anxious to the point where they all but recede to the back of the headspace.... [Sportacus End] When you're the one who's mostly receding back because of extreme anxiety (both social and otherwise unable to note): [Arc Start] When You or another headmate have to Swoop in via fronting while listening to music to save the core's rearend from extreme embarrassment... [Arc End]
  8. The Let it All Out Thread

    @alderkin Hoping to get a few various ones... Provided I can find them in local area. X.x Anywho... That moment when you want to save up for a computer for doing creative endeavors on with minimal distractions, but... "Financial keeper" refuses to allow me to get one. >_>
  9. The Let it All Out Thread

    Grrr! Wanting to actually FIND fidget spinners in local area. NOT HEAR ABOUT ALLISTICS COMPLAINING ABOUT THEM! >:( Jeez, can't we get at least ONE cultural thing of us Autistic folk properly introduced to the mainstream without it and us being collectively taken a dump on!?
  10. Baking With... (Forum Game)

    I was bored. That seems to be how all my threads start. XD Anyway, the rules of this game are simple, just state a name of a character from another media (or not, if you'd rather be the one in the scenario), and the person below has to give a mini-scenario of what baking with that person/character is like. Ex: (person 1) Baking with... the Vocaloid DEX! (Person 2) Two words: Fuzzy Cake.... TT_TT Since I'm starting this... Baking with... Miku Hatsune!
  11. (Semi-rant/semi-comical thing with fronts and co-fronts today 5/19/2017 number 1)

    *Has one cup of coffee*

    (Arc) Alright, let's do this! ARC DRACO-PAI!

    *Has another cup a half-hour or so later*

    *energy begins flatlining*

    (Krankcase) Ah, Sportacus, there you are. Been silent for a while...

  12. Who knew that switching the lyrics of a Sad song to another language can ACTUALLY make the song even sadder? TT_TT

    Discovery made by trying to translate EmpathP's "Two Weeks" into Na'vi. RIP

  13. Also: "Improvised Alien Comedy Routine". XD Sounds like us trying to do something on a daily basis.

    (Sorry for if there's a HUGE influx of statuses today.... Mainly because watching the English cutscenes of Puyo Puyo Tetris right now.)

  14. Reaction Images for Kin/System Daily Life

    When you're deep in thought/system conversation, and either something brushes up against your physical body lightly or someone suddenly appears in your collective peripheral vision:
  15. Thing that some of us in System Celestial Realization find incredibly hilarious yet extremely relateable at the same time in a fashion that it's WAY more than it should be:

    Ringo Ando's moments of Flipping Out. In ANY Puyo Puyo game she's featured in!