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    Learning, occult, computers
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    Anime, Politics, Psychology, computers
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    Pokemon, Minecraft
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    GreenBay Packers
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    I follow my own path of buddhism.

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    Demon form is tall, slender humanoid with short black hair and small forward facing horns. Long finger claws, and canines. Long thin, whip like tail.

    Dragon form is black, very thin dragon with long narrow limbs. (European/asian cross) Reddish tint to wing skin, and scales in light. Retractable fins, running down the length of back to tail. Thin quills on the hackles, that have a goldish tint. Head is small, arrow shaped and flattish. Narrow horns, and jaw spikes. Horns slightly curved at the ends. Golden eyes. Teeth are snaggled, and stick out of mouth. Front talons are without opposable thumbs, back talons have thumbs. Small claws on front talons. Wings also gave a thumb for climbing.
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  1. Favourite Dragon in Flight Rising?

    I have been playing it since last year. My username is "Tokugawa" if anyone wants to invite me. My favorite dragon species is Mirror (I also like Imperials). I have been in the Shadow clan since the beginning, so I guess I have some loyalty to that.
  2. My birth town is in the news! I was born in Spokane. (Best city in Washington state, fyi) I have no problem with people identifying as another culture, as long as its not superficial. I mean, no one questioned her for years, and the moment they find out she might be white and they lose their crap? It should not matter what color she actually is, if she fits into the culture that well. I won't delve into the who "Racist" perspective, because I already know I will have an unpopular opinion on that.
  3. Im already feeling rejected xD.
  4. Can we appreciate some faces?

    I don't particularly like showing my picture online, but I change my look so often it doesn't matter. No one can tell. Please, no hating.
  5. Bad Habits?

    I am really bad about talking about things I know nothing about. I am bad about alcoholism as well.
  6. "Other" religion?

    I've had intense "religious" overtones, but I never felt there was an actual religion, more like secular religion- like culture. It more or less resembled a mix of Asian clanship, monarchy, and spiritual control of an area. I quite vividly remember controlling animal spirits, whom I brought over from the world of living.
  7. Spiritual Sustenance

    I tend to believe its pretty much like Shinto gods/youkai. They absorb energy from the living, offerings, atmosphere, woreship, and devouring other spirits or spirit made objects. You can say "intent" and psychic energy as well.
  8. Chromacy/Cone Test?

    I legit counted 40, and I even made an effort not to count bars instead of shades, and excluded some because of similarities.
  9. I put this in science, because it doesn't quite match religion. I thought this was interesting, as to why dragons prevade human culture. [media] [/media]
  10. What's your phone background and why?

    I have this, to remind me what is at stake in life. Pain, suffering...slothfulness
  11. I can lose my job, but not my way.
  12. I'm hungry for suffering.
  13. Trump, for policy, and I like his personality. He is secret "Art of War" follower. I can tell his mind games of media and people. Feign ignorance. Set bar so high. Easy mode negotiations. Trump has set stage, and is 3 step ahead of others.
  14. Go Trump! Go America! You can do it, free of globalist and communist!
  15. What Hogwarts house are you in?

    On Pottermore, I am: Ravenclaw (Slytherin usually) Thunderbird Wolf Patronus Cypress wood with a Dragon heartstring core 13" and Supple flexibility