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    Space, Physics, Mathematics, High Fantasy, Music
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    M. Bulteau, Enya, Zelda, Pokemon
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    Dragonlance, The Last Guardian, LotR, Harry Potter
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    Pathfinder, Majora's Mask, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Metroid Prime, World of Warcraft


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    Eastern Dragon
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    Mental Shifting
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    I experience unprovoked involuntary shifts.
    I experience involuntary shifts provoked by external stimuli.
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    Not a vampire
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    Large, blue-scaled dragon, with four legs and one pair of wings but a snake-like body. Has scaled but rabbit-like ears underneath a large pair of antlers.
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    My awakening was more of a gradual process than a single event. I first felt non-human at a very young age, but it was a very vague feeling. This developed into feelings of being a "half-dragon" by 2011, but I didn't really accept the idea at first (largely because of the way I was introduced to the concept of otherkin). I'm fuzzy on the details - my memory with timelines is not the best - but the first time I remember clearly accepting myself as draconic was in 2013.
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    No affilliation
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    I believe in souls and spirits as describing two similar but different things; a soul is not physical but inhabits corporeal, living creatures while a spirit is not tied to anything physical but is still "alive" in a sense. I also believe that a single soul can be simultaneously within two otherwise separate things, as it itself is not a physical entity, but in these cases the nature of the soul is more heavily influenced by some creatures than others and may also have its own, inherent traits (this is directly tied to my otherkin beleifs).

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  1. So there's a some weirdness regarding certain grammatical issues that I wanted to clear up and have a place to refer back to on. In regards to tense issues when talking about my draconic life: I believe that life and this one are concurrent, but saying things like "I have scales" or "I live in a river" sound weird, so I have a tendency to use the past-tense regardless. "Concurrent" is also an oversimplification, which doesn't help with the issue. In regards to pronouns: I do not know what my gender is as a dragon, if I have one at all. I'm also not really sure what pronouns to use for my human self a lot of the time. So if I refer to myself/my kinself in the third person, pronouns may differ, though I'll do my best to avoid doing that too much. Any other weirdness is probably going to stem from one of these two things.
  2. So after learning more about my kintype, I decided to do some research, and the Ying-lung is eerily familiar in a way I didn't expect... really anything to be. I didn't do a ton of research -- partially because I don't want to confuse myself by forcing everything to line up, but also because I was having trouble finding good resources (though I'm guessing they'd be easier to find in Chinese, since it is a creature from Chinese mythology). I guess I mostly just want to make some lists to avoid too much outer influence, and to help keep straight when I learned what, since I'm very bad at that on my own. What I already knew which lines up: I have wings. I have a serpentine form. I have long(ish?) relatively moveable ears. I have a strong connection to storms/rain/thunder in some way. [Ying-lung controls rain and storms] What I already felt might have been true, which might be explained if I am a Ying-lung: I was a guardian of something. ["Humanity," though I don't necessarily believe I am/was near the exact same species of humanoids to which human typically refers] I have antlers. I lived (have been living?) a very long time. [A Lung must live thousands of years to grow wings.] I lived near some kind of mystical humanoids, which I've nicknamed Elves until I figure out what they are. [While "humans" doesn't necessarily fit this description, a few entries I read referred to humans as the descendants of dragons, which might explain why I felt they were more "special" (for lack of a better term) than I tend to view humans in this life.] What isn't contradicted by what I've found so far, but isn't necessarily related: I think I had black and blue scales. However this is very questionable since I don't have any memory of my reflection (I should pay more attention, there's water all over the place) or being told what I looked like (all of my other physical features are based on what I can feel, not what I can see). I just get this feeling of "that's what I look like!" when I see those colors together. Based on vastly differing size in memories, I think I (like many reptiles) continued growing forever, meaning my adult size was exponentially larger than my size at birth. Based mostly on mental shifts (and possibly a memory, though I haven't yet determined whether this is a memory or imagination), I may have shed my skin. [Possibly related to the above] I live(d) in a river or creek (depending on my size, which I'm very bad at estimating). What contradicts the typical depiction: My wings feel more bat-like, and I've never felt I have fur, whereas Eastern dragons are typically shown having feathers or fur, especially those with wings. I never feel whiskers or any similar facial feature. Probably the most relevant and important issue: Eastern dragons are usually very intelligent creatures with relatively human-like thought processes. While this may be true in some instances, it's not... the whole picture? I have mental shifts where I become more primal, animalistic than that. There is definitely a feral side to my kintype's nature. I've also been considering that I may have cameo shifts (particularly with other kinds of dragons, which just makes it more confusing), which might mean my kintype doesn't have this more "human-like" side to it at all... In which case, this fits even less. I feel like I've just come up with more questions... But I guess that's a good thing. It's like... science. But with spirits and stuff.
  3. @elinoxI did mean both, sorry. I just can't remember any examples outside of RP characters. @alderkinLinji sounds cool. He definitely breaks a lot of the Kitsune tropes/stereotypes. I also mostly play non-human characters... Actually, I've only rolled characters who were human twice, both in campaigns that required it. One of them was a demigod, so I don't know if she counts. @Syan Yup, worgen and druids are also great examples. I don't actually see a lot of worgen shapeshift though. (It's probably because my RP main is a death knight, and dead worgen don't shapeshift...) That character was actually the first I ever made, and while I came up with her story/personality a good while ago, I only recently started roleplaying her, so it hasn't come up. I imagine Night Elves would be accepting of therians? So if it did come up, she would probably just tell people about her identity. The Paladin is from D&D's Dragonlance campaign setting.
  4. @GreyFire I really hope there's an Animal Crossing on the Switch. I kinda accidentally disappeared from my town for a few months... (Fingers crossed for tomorrow's E3 announcements!) Also, that character you drew is adorable.
  5. @Gryff It's easy to beat yourself up about that kind of stuff, but when things are uncertain and you have bills to pay, sometimes you don't have much of a choice. You didn't know whether you were going to either of the other jobs. I don't know exactly what situation you're in, but if things don't improve, you could potentially still take one of the other ones.
  6. If you have an android phone, Pathfinder Masterwork Tools is free and has literally every official resource. I'd highly recommend it; even when I'm DM'ing I typically use it when I'm building characters. Paizo also has everything posted on their website but it's a little hard to navigate.
  7. I don't know if this really counts, but I have my own mini-theory about Majora's Mask and some possible symbolism around Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Most of the problems which lead to the dungeons/masks/side quests start on or immediately before the first day, meaning there are three days between the two calamities (the second of which, if you don't stop it, is an object falling on the town and destroying it), just as there were three days between the two bombs being dropped. I realize three is a relatively common number, but I always wondered why they didn't choose something more obvious, like four, and just re-scale the passage of time to match. The Japanese government was unable to respond quickly after the first attack, and the Clock Town mayor is stuck in a meeting for three days which ultimately means the town can't be saved. There was also Pokemon theory floating around at some point that Pokemon R/G/B/Y was a post-war world, which was probably an inspiration. I had some other reasons but I can't find where I originally wrote all of this down. Honestly the main reason I came up with this theory was because I coincidentally decided to re-play MM while I was taking a class on WWI/WWII, though it's still interesting to notice some of the similarities.
  8. I can't imagine I would still have a car if I were to race in it... lol. That's probably why I like racing games so much. All of the fun, but none of the damage. I like Overwatch but unfortunately get way too competitive and can't play for very long without getting frustrated. I get like that with a lot of competitive games; HotS is about the same, though a little better :/ I haven't played Sims in a long while, I would imagine 4 is mostly the same as 3? I would make characters and stick entire fandoms in the same house, or make them their own neighborhood. Though I'm guessing that's not too uncommon. Undertale and Ori look cool but I never played either of them. Undertale I meant to pick up but just never did, Ori was something I just kind of forgot about after a while. Once you get used to it, a tablet is pretty much just like paper with layers and symmetry options. There are some other differences of course but overall I feel like it's easier to use. I will try to post something soon... No guarantees, though! Is that mod "Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim?" It looks kinda neat, I might play around with it. Also, do you use roll20 for D&D? What edition do you play?
  9. I have a weird variety of music I like. A handful of electronic pieces (nightcore and dubstep are guilty pleasures), a good bit of choral music, and a fair amount of classical. There are also a few bands in particular who I generally like (BNL would probably be my favorite, just for how clever their lyrics are). Yes. I recently got Mario Kart 8 on the Switch and, now that moving is mostly done and classes are over, want to go back to finishing Moon and BotW. I'm currently working on unlocking flying in Legion (WoW). What about you? I wouldn't say I can, but I like digitally drawing/painting on my tablet. Hopefully one of these days I'll be happy enough with something to post it. Maybe I'll just post a sketch or something; things tend to fall apart when I try to add color :/ I love your art! It's adorable. ^_^
  10. Does anyone else have or know of characters who are otherkin/therians? I've realized that I've used it many times in fantasy settings, and have seen other players in my role playing groups do it to an extent as well. It's something I've done since before I heard about the concept of otherkin, and I don't know whether it's a concept familiar to these other players. I have so many I could talk about, but I'll stick to three who are less "cheaty" because they aren't born with some innate physical link to their kintype. Wildclaw, Kagonesti Dragon Shaman, Dragonkin. Dragons may as well be myth to this feisty little wood elf. She has no draconic blood, although it's entirely possible in her world, and while she thinks she worships a dragon-goddess, she is correct in assuming that isn't the reason for her abilities. Wildclaw has the soul of a silver dragon. These manifests as behaviors and longings early on, and as she understands more about her soul, she develops mystical abilities and (because magic worlds are awesome) even physical traits based on her soul. Moonlight, Kaldorei Hunter, Nightsaber Therian. Moonlight grew up with a very strong kinship for all of the beasts of the wild, but especially the nightsabers. She always knew she belonged among them. Hunting as a nightsaber felt incredibly natural to her, and when she was given the opportunity to live as one of them, she though she would never turn back. She now finds herself in a strange mental and spiritual inbetween, content to spend months at a time alone in the wilderness before returning to her other, more conventional home. Malcolm, "Human" (Skeleton) Paladin, Shard of Paladine. I can't speak much for this character because he isn't mine, but he's the only deity shard example I could think of and I think he's pretty cool. This character's ability to be a paladin in the first place is probably a result of being a shard, since typically undead can't wield any of a paladin's powers. He actually had his awakening very recently which was pretty cool since I'm pretty sure his player doesn't know much, if anything, about the otherkin community. (Though I could be wrong. It's not something I've ever really asked him about.) So yeah. Anyone else have some cool otherkin/therian-themed characters they want to talk about?
  11. I had a dream about that once. The sun expanded very slowly at first, but the expansion was accelerating. Once it filled about 1/3 of the sky it exploded and engulfed everything. That's probably not what would actually happen, but it was a cool dream.
  12. @alderkin That is way too familiar a feeling. The first time I realized that I was actually a good student wasn't until after I graduated high school, because anyone who was doing worse than a "slacker" like me obviously was destined to drop out anyway. Hang in there.
  13. At first I thought a milkshake diet sounded awesome, but realistically, not having solid food would make me really grumpy. Best of luck! Chicken and rice for me. Doesn't sound the most exciting but it's pretty good!