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    Masculinity (strong)
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    He, Him.
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    Almost any science, Medieval arms and armour, SPACE!
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    Reading, Writing, Video Games, Tabletop RPG and Wargaming
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    Nightwish, Within Temptation, Epica, Sabaton, Tarot, Iron Maiden
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    The dragonlance series (particularly original triology), Anything Issac Asimov, allot of science fiction/fantasy.
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    Dragonheart, Lord of The Rings, Star Trek, Star Wars.
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    War Thunder, Space Engineers, Star Trek Online.
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    Australian Rules Football


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    Mental Shifting
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    I experience voluntary shifts.
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    A western dragon with golden scales that hold a faintly white, pearlecent sheen down to larger slab like white scales along my chest and stomach, long neck and tail with a heavily plated and horned head, namely a pair of horns/spikes at the back of each cheek plate and my main pair that emerge from the back of my skull, curving gently back and down before up at the tips. My eyes are a bright green with golden flecks, my wing membranes a dark almost marbled green themselves and finally I have a white bone tail blade of a flatterned diamond shape with slightly serrated edges.
  • Religion
  1. Look on Nexus mods, there are a few that let you play as a dragon that fix allot of the bugs, one that I use even lets you decide if the towns will be hostile to you as a derg or not. Also the mod to tell the blades to shut up and let me lead you without killing Paarthunax is a must, aka 'The Paarthurnax Dilemma ' mod.
  2. How could I forget those. The Spiderman theme song still gets stuck in my head to this day. "Spider bite, spider bite, radioactive spider bite."
  3. [media] [/media] Need I say anymore? Ok, well I guess I do, that and the old Battletech cartoon, Captain Planet, allot of old super robot anime, a bit of Thundercats.
  4. Windows 10, I updated from 8.1 and I have to say compared to 8.1 it is a dramatic improvement, you get the task bar back and i have found it just as stable and all the rest, perhaps even more so. Now about the update thing there is one way around it, you can tell it that you have a metered connection and there after it will ask if you want to download the updates or not, the lack of transperency in the updates is a problem familiar to any windows user unfortunately. Also if concerned about privacy turn cortana off. If your not a huge gamer, go for linux instead. I have had some success with Ubuntu and its designed to be as easy to use as a windows OS, something that cannot be said of some distros, its built off of debian but adds allot of its own features such as its own software repositories ontop of that, updates regularly and has a active tech support community for when you need it.
  5. All systems nominal.
  6. I am back, be it to a lesser extent than I was now that everything seems to of settled down.
  7. I have effectively left Kinmunity, do not expect to see me around to much.
  8. Feeling creative. Might play space engineers or make a picture.
  9. I believe in large part public pressure is doing a good job itself, you will always have fringe elements who'll be insulting assholes to their group of choice and you are quite correct, if we wish to continue this discussion it should go to its own thread. I simply think legislating about it is the wrong way in possibly curtailing legitimate criticism, take islamic extremeists as another example there there are groups in the UK, US and elsewhere with a self proclaimed agenda to spread Islam and overthrow the countries they reside in and abuse the laws protecting religious bodies to do so, this isn't islamophobia, this is the mission statement of these groups which they make publicly available. I would not like to see these bad apples recieve further protection from legitimate critique. Also another note, the book I was trying to remember before but failed to do so, Fahrenheit 451 I don't think its quite as good as 1984 but still quite thought provoking in its own way.
  10. Yeah they differentiate personal from economic freedom, with the economic being the left to right, so if you believe for instance that big business needs to be heavily regulated that effects the economic scale but not the other. Also, in the friendliest manner possible I have to argue the point of freedom of speach with you, I feel that all ideas have to be open to criticism, if you don't allow that then you get some idea given special treatment and protected under law, it will attract ideologues who want to drive it to far at the expense of others. What next, the burning of books that have things people find as uncomfortable or insulting? I don't care to live the novel 1984 thanks (look it up, good book.) An example I can find would be abortion (jumping right into the line of fire I know), I respect fully the right for a woman to do with her body as she wants but at the same time the non-religious pro-life arguement, believing that it is a human being from the moment of conception I can also understand, because if that is the case then it is murder and even if the womans body is involved its still wrong to kill another person. We both know there are those on either side who would jump at any chance to censor the other, that would be a crime in and of itself as an important issue effecting society today even if its likely to remain an unpleasent arguement for decades to come that will upset many people.
  11. I'd join up for this if you made it happen, I don't know about it being made official however, with the skype group which I moderate for instance Shiro seems to prefer it remain unofficial and thus not bound by the rules of or subject to disciplinary action related to the forum.
  12. faq

    I believe in it, practice it and all am at least somewhat familiar with a few different traditions of magic out there though I personally prefer to just use energy work which is related to but not quite the same as has been discussed in some other threads. In part this is because where I am living now I lack a suitable space for any rituals and I like to keep such things private.
  13. I am a simple dragn with simple tastes in my anime. Give me some Gundam particularly 8th MS or Gundam 00 or give me the really old super robot shows or those that parody them aka Getta Robo, Grendizer, etc.
  14. Indeed, what @Nyht Myst says is true, some snakes see into the infra-red for instance, percieving reds much darker than we can and thus seeing the heat of their prey. Not sure how many animals can see into the UV since so much blocks UV light so easily, like the atmosphere itself, a simple pane of glass while transperent to our visual wave lengths completely blocks UV, presumably if they could however they'd see well past indigo and into higher violet colours. Of course the one animal that comes to mind and blows our vision out of the water, no pun intended given its aquatic is this little guy. Mantis shrimp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia