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  1. Scientific Jokes/Memes.

    An electron walked into a bar, the barman turned and asked. "Why so negative?"
  2. Oh yeah, can agree there totally, it is the rare politician who wont use a thousand words to effectively say nothing in response to a question or find some reason to back peddle on a promise, whether they ever meant to even try for it or not, unfortunately there is a severe lack of accountability for such things and the systems are very much set up by politicians for politicians to ensure that. I am an Australian and we probably would of gone republic the last time that referendum came up except the proposed constitution was so skewed to favor politicians that even some of the most rabid republic voters could see through it. As for the cleanup, well, all I can say is he seems to be handling it well so far in ordering the emergency services to prepare ahead of time, certainly not as big a SNAFU as Katrina was. There will come a certain point when its out of his hands however, he is rather forced to delegate how everything actually happens on the ground.
  3. I think you are over reacting quite a bit here and seem to be believing allot of what CNN and the likes are saying about him. So far as presidents go, Trump is pretty mild apart from the general storm in a teacup surrounding him, the banned travel list is actually for example a fairly soft form of diplomacy used by many countries, non-citizens have no right to enter after all and that list was the same one created by Obama targeting countries supporting terrorism, none of the 10 most populous Muslim nations are even on it. So far as I have seen Trump has never made any anti-gay, anti-trans or so on statements, so no need to get hysterical over that either. Perhaps the only ones who have anything in particular to worry about are the neo-marxists infesting higher education these days and that is less so from Trump and more from their own bad behavior over his election and everything following with the likes of Antifa and BAMN. Obamacare as it stands probably should be dropped, it is absolutely terrible in several respects and while I agree the USA does need a system of universal healthcare, you can do allot better than that, to make things easier on the doctors and hospitals (the amount of paperwork Obamacare requires to submit a claim literally boggles the mind and is almost as bad as no healthcare) and through that the patients.
  4. Whatcha eatin?

    Baked beans with thin sliced sausage and a bit of rice mixed through.
  5. Should the Voting Age be Lowered?

    I feel the voting age is fine as it is, of course as an Australian I have perhaps a slightly different take on it given that voting is mandatory here, a provision implemented actually to make it more difficult for extremists to gain power as every major party has to position themselves as moderate. 18 they have completed or are about to complete their secondary schooling, are preparing for further studies or to enter the work force, it seems a reasonable time to give them a vote as its the first time most will have a direct stake in the more adult issues facing the country.
  6. The Political Compass Test.

    OK, just done the eight values political test. No big surprises about where I end up there, I am pretty much a centrist in my views.
  7. Play as a dragon !

    Look on Nexus mods, there are a few that let you play as a dragon that fix allot of the bugs, one that I use even lets you decide if the towns will be hostile to you as a derg or not. Also the mod to tell the blades to shut up and let me lead you without killing Paarthunax is a must, aka 'The Paarthurnax Dilemma ' mod.
  8. Stuff you watched as a kid

    How could I forget those. The Spiderman theme song still gets stuck in my head to this day. "Spider bite, spider bite, radioactive spider bite."
  9. Stuff you watched as a kid

    [media] [/media] Need I say anymore? Ok, well I guess I do, that and the old Battletech cartoon, Captain Planet, allot of old super robot anime, a bit of Thundercats.
  10. Thoughts on Windows 10?

    Windows 10, I updated from 8.1 and I have to say compared to 8.1 it is a dramatic improvement, you get the task bar back and i have found it just as stable and all the rest, perhaps even more so. Now about the update thing there is one way around it, you can tell it that you have a metered connection and there after it will ask if you want to download the updates or not, the lack of transperency in the updates is a problem familiar to any windows user unfortunately. Also if concerned about privacy turn cortana off. If your not a huge gamer, go for linux instead. I have had some success with Ubuntu and its designed to be as easy to use as a windows OS, something that cannot be said of some distros, its built off of debian but adds allot of its own features such as its own software repositories ontop of that, updates regularly and has a active tech support community for when you need it.
  11. I am back, be it to a lesser extent than I was now that everything seems to of settled down.
  12. I have effectively left Kinmunity, do not expect to see me around to much.
  13. Feeling creative. Might play space engineers or make a picture.
  14. The Political Compass Test.

    I believe in large part public pressure is doing a good job itself, you will always have fringe elements who'll be insulting assholes to their group of choice and you are quite correct, if we wish to continue this discussion it should go to its own thread. I simply think legislating about it is the wrong way in possibly curtailing legitimate criticism, take islamic extremeists as another example there there are groups in the UK, US and elsewhere with a self proclaimed agenda to spread Islam and overthrow the countries they reside in and abuse the laws protecting religious bodies to do so, this isn't islamophobia, this is the mission statement of these groups which they make publicly available. I would not like to see these bad apples recieve further protection from legitimate critique. Also another note, the book I was trying to remember before but failed to do so, Fahrenheit 451 I don't think its quite as good as 1984 but still quite thought provoking in its own way.