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  1. Follow your nose!

    I don't believe I've found a scent that really helps me shift, Although ones that kinda help with that would be foresty scents, Or like sea scents. Perhaps some other natural ones too, Like pumpkins or pinecones. Quite like Vintage, I really like the smell of burning wood. Pumpkin spice is also incredibly nice, Along with a kind of... Swampy? Scent. I also really like bubblegum! I've never found a perfume/candle that's bubblegum scented but if I did I would so be all over that. I rather dislike scents that are too flowery, It can get incredibly sickening. Vanilla too, Along with any cupcake- Or just food scents in general. It's nice on the food itself, But in a candle? No. And scents like new people in the house always irks me, When we've had visitors you can just smell them everywhere... Lavender I'm... I'm indifferent too, It depends on the mood I suppose. I hate... I hate the really um, Hm. I'm leaning towards describing them as 'human' scents? Like the really artificial perfumes that the majority of older women seem to use. It always makes me uncomfortable.
  2. Things that irritate you.

    Gonna have to agree with what StarrySummerNight said about people making fun of 'gross/weird' pets. It does get quite annoying with my snakes and people commenting on how weird it is that I even bother with them since they do not show affection back to you. People who pet my hair. (Like, when they ask, Sure whatever but when you don't ask and just pet my hair randomly just... wHy??) When people see me as lower than them just because my mother is a dog breeder and we own pugs. I mean, I can understand certainly why you'd disapprove but there's no need to see me as less of a human being due to something that little. People who find it amusing that a small dog like a chihuahua is being aggressive. When people bath their cats with no good reason to? People who let their dogs run off the leads and don't attempt to stop them going near my dogs, Sure your dog may be fine but some of mine aren't and in many cases it's ruined months of training! When someone sends me out in the dark to do something even when they are fully aware of my fear, Especially since I live in the countryside and there's no street lights! When someone talks to me when my headphones are on, Not even making me aware of their presence, Then getting annoyed when I don't respond?? This one is way more petty but like when someone pronounces the "g" words like "walking" or "talking". Oh yeah, and when someone makes fun of me when I panic after putting my head under water? I can't help it, and I do get needlessly emotional I will admit but it's just weirdly terrifying and so sickening.
  3. Guilty Pleasures

    *Awkward coughing* Well... Storage wars Pawn stars My strange addiction *coughcough*Eddsworld*coughcough* Markiplier My sweet 16 (dRAMA FOR DAYS)
  4. Any of you guys have pets?

    To sum it all up, Horses, Poultry, Snakes, Round about twenty dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Spiders (Well they're not pets but they are everywhere oml). (Also I know it sounds like a lot, but we have a lot of land in the countryside and they are treated like royalty. The animals would be fed before the humans are xD) The only animals that I have a bond with that I can think of the now is the dog I own (Abbey, Who is a fawn pug <3), My sneks (Royal python and a Red-tailed boa), Ponies (Welsh section D's I think?) and the cats (Siamese and orientals <3). I do have a bond with all the other animals of course, cuz like they are family! But uh, It's hard not to have favourites x,x Although I do view the critters as family, I don't really see them as a pack if that makes sense? I prefer to be antisocial, with both animals and people.
  5. Anyone else also a Furry?

    Yip! I'm aboard that train. Not really got a fursona yet, Although I love the community.
  6. Weird Facts About Yourself

    Edit : Oh yeah, and when I was little I'd hide under the table and bark or pretend to be a polar bear. Also I'd drink out of puddles.
  7. Weird Facts About Yourself

    I've got a lot of weird facts about myself, Although the one that comes to mind the now is : I collect bottle caps. but like, only metal ones. they are the best freaking things omg
  8. Where is everyone from?

    From Scotland and currently staying in... Eh, Scotland...