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  1. Dont know how to explain it but for now I will take a break from the community. I am not leaving forever but temporarily. I guess the main reason is my anxiety problems which the cause of is not yet identified but I am so scared to say the wrong things at the moment, a main reason I dont really post anymore. I guess a other problem of mine is that these problems combined with my low natural self esteem also created the idea in my mind that I am not really a part anymore, people dont like me and so on. My mind is just under a lot of pressure at the moment and need to relax first. I dont know how long this break will be but I fear in worst case scenerio a couple of months.

    1. Charias

      I can definitely relate to that feeling... I hope things get better for you. Just remember that what you're feeling isn't true, and those feelings will pass! It's just... brains being weird, I guess. So yeah, take all the time you need! If you ever want to talk/vent about it, my inbox is open. :Love:

    2. Amber

      I second Charias. If only I could give you a tiny bit of my positive energy! I hope you can work out the problems and feel better soon. Take all the time you need and don't forget - you're not alone.