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  1. I'm an artist, but I'm not comfortable posting my work here because it's somewhat identifiable and this part of the forum is public. But it's fantastic to see all your work!
  2. I have no idea if this is an unpopular opinion, but I want to say there's a difference between what she's got going on and what we've got going on. I'm also inclined to believe a. most (probably all) people here are nothing like that and b. anyone who IS like that probably wouldn't listen to a simple post online saying "don't like like that".
  3. As Addy said, it varies system to system. But you're asking about plural systems in general, not specifically multiple systems, so I'll answer as someone who's median (I have facets, but we all identify as the same person - I wrote more about it here). 1. I believe so. I have a very odd relationship with my memory as a whole these days, between PTSD getting in the way of long-term recall and ADHD getting in the way of short-term, but barring issues from those (which I don't THINK vary that much from one facet to another... though that may be something to pay more attention to), yes, if you tell one of us something we should all be aware of it. 2. This is a somewhat odd one. For the most part, yes, but I'm autistic and we have different levels of social interaction ability. One or two of us are particularly good at it. There's also a little bit of variation in writing ability, though usually there's a specific one of us who fronts for that. But if you put a sudoku in front of me, I don't think it'd matter which of us was fronting. 3. Yeah, we can all use the body in the same ways. Occasionally a strong m-shift will get in the way of coordination, but that's pretty rare, and overall we know how to do the same things. Like typing, for instance. I don't become a slower typist depending on who's fronting.
  4. I'm surprised by my reflection fairly often. And my height, and my general body structure. What's odd is that I have yet to actually figure out exactly what my brain thinks I do look like as a humanoid, because it's definitely not my angelic self, but it definitely is someone taller and more wiry than me...
  5. Sometimes, not always. There's times I have ph-shifts (especially my wings) without feeling much different otherwise, and there's times I'll even have m-shifts without it. But there's definitely times I do feel it, and I love it. Honestly? Before finding this community, I occasionally worried it was actually mania, but it didn't quite line up with what I'd heard about mania. Which I'm glad for, because it means I don't have to worry it's a sign of some issue someone could tell me to medicate away I love being this way, I love having ph-shifts and m-shifts and feeling that energy, it's one of my favorite parts of being alive. It's most often a thing which happens when alone for me, too, though. I don't shift often at all around others, but when I do, it's generally not as strong of a shift, and it definitely doesn't have that energy. Sometimes when it's my angel type, there'll be a different, more focused kind of energy, and that does sometimes come out around humans... but not much. The most notable exception was a time I was working at a summer camp. I found out the youngest kid in my cabin had been punched by a much older kid, and - even though I didn't realize what it was at the time - I shifted. I had to excuse myself to go pace, because I didn't know how else to let it out, at least not without getting myself fired. (I wasn't actually in danger of doing anything drastic. I do have control. But that energy did need to go somewhere.)
  6. Milk is my favorite. Used to be white, but not anymore. Dark CAN be good in some cases, like at just the right % or with mint.
  7. I did. A fellow artist tabling near me at a market gave me one of her soaps, and I put it in the care package I was putting together for a friend getting surgery. Never have I ever had a pet
  8. I'm asexual and aromantic or greyromantic, and none of my types actually exist here. ... I suppose there is a higher chance I'd wind up romantically attracted to another kin if we shared a type...? I don't know any other kin IRL, let alone anyone with my types, so I don't know.
  9. Hello, and welcome! I'm an angel too, among other things, though it sounds like we're a lil different haha. Hope you enjoy your time here!
  10. My brain saw the word "blood" and immediately decided to misread "congratulated" as "coagulated". Sigh. I'm close to writing a plot twist I've been building towards for yeeears. It's not getting revealed in the way I'd once planned, but I like this version better in some ways. It'll give the characters a better chance to make it all work out somehow.
  11. I'm trying to finish writing a chapter for a friend, but I made the mistake of reading a fic about me by one of my favorite authors and now I'm too far shifted to get into the heads of the characters I need to be in. I'm even trying to watch the show I'm writing fanfic of to prompt a flicker, but instead I'm just watching it as me, and while I'm enjoying it this really wasn't the plan.