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    he, him, they, them. Any neutral or male pronouns will suffice
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    V'kiir Myurr
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    I am a slender pale-greenish-gray humanoid with large dark-blue eyes, a large bulbous head, and longer than normal limbs. I stand about six feet tall (two meters for those on the metric system) so I'm quite like your typical little gray alien that you see in popular media, if only taller.
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    It's constant

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    Singlet (not a system)

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  1. Ban The User Above You

    Banned because... Wut?
  2. The Let it All Out Thread

    I remember now why I used to avoid a certain community that shall remain nameless. Being open-minded is great, but there's only so much bat-crap crazy one can endure. Honestly, and here I thought the UFO forums were collectively out of their minds...
  3. Urskeks (very relatable)

    I've not seen The Dark Crystal since I was a kid, so I'm afraid all of the deeper parts of the story went over my head at the time. I do remember I did like the Skeksis for some unknown reason. Perhaps I should hunt down that movie again and re-watch it now that I'm able to fully appreciate it.
  4. Ban The User Above You

    Banned for not being certain of my alliance with the Illuminati... That, err... That totally doesn't exist, you silly kitty, you!
  5. Ban The User Above You

    Banned for clearly being a criminal grandma impersonating a 36 year old.
  6. Favorite animals

    Crocodiles, lizards, snakes, birds, and cats
  7. Last movie you watched?

    I saw both Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes yesterday. They were on back-to-back and I watched both, so they kind of meld into one big movie for me. I liked them both quite a bit. I kinda wish I had the money to see War of the ect. so I can continue the marathon lol
  8. International Starseed Network

    Lol, yeah, it took me a bit to get to that answer myself. I thought they wanted something more specific than that and, as @Shezep indicated, I initially tried to answer with "Phoenix Lights" and other variations such as that. Answering with a simple "ufo" was more out of frustration than anything. XD
  9. International Starseed Network

    What a coincidence! I finally decided to sign up just last week! Yeah, that question is incredibly annoying. It took me a good ten times or so of trial and error to get it right. They really aren't specific enough with it. The answer, as it turns out, is simply "ufo". That's it. No caps, as far as I'm aware. Just a little heads up, though: they haven't added any new members since July 3rd. I'm not sure if just all the moderators have been exceptionally busy or something, but I've been waiting over a week to be approved. It's a little annoying, but you can still lurk while you're waiting I suppose.
  10. Daily Thought

    The stubborn old man I was arguing with several days ago has been avoiding coming into the house while I'm here. He just stays out as long as he can or otherwise hides away in his garage. I shall consider this a victory, not only because I am being the more mature of the two of us, but also because this whole altercation has shown me that I'm not the pushover I once was. I am more confident in myself and thus less prone to take an insult and fail to defend myself properly. For the record, my grandmother (who was present for the argument in question) is also of the opinion that he's "being a big baby about it." Her words, not mine.
  11. Ban The User Above You

    Banned because it's all your fault, darn it! XP
  12. Ban The User Above You

    Banned for the irony of commending correct punctuation whilst simultaneously failing to use any themselves. Edit: Banned for posting just before me and making me look like a nonsensical fool!
  13. Creating Human-Like Muscles on Robots

    Very interesting indeed! I'd been wondering when someone would make this specific concept work. Glad to see the idea hasn't been abandoned. I'm quite interested in robotics myself and I'll be very excited to see them refine this technology to something more usable.
  14. Ban The User Above You

    Banned for stealing the words out of my head.
  15. Remembering Death

    I've been contemplating the memory that I'd detailed in my last blog entry. This likely won't come as a surprise, since one's death is a rather significant thing to have remembered. Most people wouldn't want to remember such a thing, I imagine, but I had the luxury of a painless death, and thus I am better able to analyze the event. The more I think on it, the more I feel I had been murdered. This might strike you as odd, as I'd just gotten through telling you that it was a painless death. However, there were certain circumstances that will account for this. I have recently become aware of a war that had been fought in the constellation to which my home star system belongs. It was apparently a long and bloody war, but I had never seen the front lines of it. I was simply an administrator, a diplomat, and the planet I called home was firmly in my side's hands by the time I came into existence, the fighting there long since ended. However, in my duties as a diplomat, I had somehow come across some sensitive bit of information that I believe pertained to the other side. It was highly sensitive, very important, and had the weight of thousands of lives to it. I believe I was on my way to give some high authority this information when I was somehow poisoned in transit. I'm unsure how the sabotage occurred, or whether it was of a chemical nature or something else, but that's what it felt like to me. I feel like this wasn't the first time such a thing was attempted, though it was the first time it succeeded. I may have not been anywhere close to the actual fighting, but I felt as though I was a known person of interest to the other side nonetheless. They'd been gunning for me for a while, it seems. Well, they finally got me. Despite them being my "enemy," I feel as though my painless death was intentional. The other side was quite fond of preaching love and oneness, and intentionally causing needless pain would have "lowered them to our level" or some such nonsense. I'm sure some among their number wanted to bend the rules for me, such was their apparent animosity. In the end, they decided to stick to their principles. I believe that it was as a direct result of this event that I came to occupy this body in such an odd way to other otherkin. (If you're unaware of what I mean, I have a blog post explaining it here) Because of the sensitivity and importance of the information I'd carried, an urgent and rather rushed effort was undertaken to preserve that information. As they had no idea of the nature of what I'd learned, they chose to transfer my entire consciousness into this form. I'm of the belief that, if I do indeed have a "mission" here, it is to remember this information and ensure it gets to the right place. It is probably because of all this that I've recently made an attempt to connect to the Starseed community. There are still some things that don't quite sit right with me about Starseeds in general, but given the recent memories I've uncovered, I feel they are close enough to offer a thing or two that will help me. I only really have one worry about this venture... While the particular community I'm looking at has strict policies against hateful speech against any specific group, I've already seen that a few members consider some specific groups of specific aliens to be inherently evil, and I'm afraid I fall squarely into that category. I've also seen many people speak of the war I remember, and all of them were from the opposite side as I had been. I have no problem with interacting with them - in fact I quite look forward to it - I just hope they will be equally as open minded.