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    he, him, they, them. Any neutral or male pronouns will suffice
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    Science Fiction, Science in general, Physics, Astronomy, Art
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    Read, learn, play video games, write
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    Infected Mushroom, Eisbrecher, And just about any classical composer
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    V'kiir Myurr
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    Grey, Gray
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    alienkin, extraterrestrial, Tall Gray, Rigelian
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    Mental Shifting
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    I experience voluntary shifts.
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    Not a vampire
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    I am a slender pale-greenish-gray humanoid with large dark-blue eyes, a large bulbous head, and longer than normal limbs. I stand about six feet tall (two meters for those on the metric system) so I'm quite like your typical little gray alien that you see in popular media, if only taller.
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    Agnostic Atheist

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  1. I am a huge fan of one Jamison "Junkrat" Fawkes. I love his quirky personality and I love his playstyle. As an added bonus, I have a good enough Junkrat impression that I became briefly famous for it back when I used to do streaming. I even had a small fanclub for a while. This was made for me by a member of that fanclub.
  2. Call me a stereotypical Florida boy, but my favorite animal has always been alligators. Well, all crocodilians, really.
  3. When I refer to "love" in this entry, I refer more specifically to the romantic variety. My kind had attempted to engineer this variety out, but with poor results. As you said, love is very close to comradery, so eliminating it altogether could have disastrous results for the species. That is why they attempted instead to divert the emotion and tie it to something they viewed as practical. Eliminating it was attempted, but ultimately failed. And, to be clear, I am not saying that I personally believe romantic love to be completely obsolete. (Trust me, I myself was guilty of one of those embarrassing clandestine relationships.) I'm just saying that's how my species viewed the matter. None taken. To each their own.
  4. One of the most popular questions I tend to get from those curious enough to ask regards how my species reproduces. Common "knowledge" of the Grays often include the notion of cloning as a means of reproduction, and this is not far off the mark at all. We were a highly advanced society and, as such societies are wont to do, we got heavily into genetic engineering as a means of improving our species. I have no idea how long ago it began, and I have no idea what we were like before that time. Perhaps that information was not deemed relevant enough for me to be made aware of it. We had inevitably reached a point of such widespread genetic engineering that natural reproduction became undesirable and far more trouble than it was worth. We'd long since relied on cloning as our primary means of reproduction, which of course presents problems of its own. Natural genetic evolution was stagnated in favor of a more structured, deliberate version. This of course opened us up for a greater chance of complication from disease, but our immune systems were constantly monitored and bolstered by other means whenever practical. By the time I was born, I think we'd more or less engineered our reproductive systems away, making us incapable of natural reproduction anymore. This wasn't just a disposal of a now-redundant biological function. It was quite purposeful. It is far easier to precisely control population growth when you limit the ability to reproduce to your own labs. Children weren't something that were seen walking around. We were "grown" until adulthood, our bodies comatose and electrically stimulated to keep our muscles from atrophying, all the while our minds were trained in a sort of simulation. By the time we are "born," we are fully grown, fully educated, and ready to attend to the duties we'd been prepared for. This preparation was both genetic as well as mental. We were essentially built for our specific duties, and changing jobs was unheard of. Not that anyone ever wanted to. Usually, you were made to be uniquely adept at your assigned duty, and more or less "programmed" to enjoy it, all before you ever drew your first breath. The concept of "family" was long extinct to us. We had no parents. The labs were your parents. We had no siblings. Those in the same profession as you were as your siblings. We had no descendants. The closest one could come to actually having children of their own would be to become so superior to all others in your profession that the labs marked your genetic make-up as highly desirable, and thus closely copy it for future iterations. We had two names; our personal name, analogous to one's first name in western human conventions, and a professional name, which took the place of a surname. One's surname was more a title than a mark of lineage. Mine, V'kiir, was shared among all other ambassadors. Myurr was what distinguished me from them. The concept of "love" was also a dead one. With courtship no longer necessary and with no children in need of protecting, what use would we have for such an emotion? Of course, changing the structure and functionality of the brain is far more difficult than simply eliminating a few less-complex internal organs from our genetic code. The feeling was more directed towards whatever our assigned duties were, and it was very rare indeed for us to feel a sense of love for another living being. But it did occasionally happen, and when it did it was considered something of a social faux pas to show as much in public. It was considered an evolutionary holdover, a reminder of a more animalistic past that we had supposedly grown too intelligent for. The rare relationship was thus relegated to the confines of purely private spaces, and it was a source of great embarrassment for everyone involved if they were ever made public.
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  6. One of the clearest memories I have of my former life is one in which I am making my way through a spaceport to meet a good friend of mine. He's the only other one of my kind that I can remember clearly enough to miss him in particular. I haven't been able to recall his name just yet, but I remember what he was like. I remember he was quite a bit younger than me. He was probably only a few years into his working years, whereas I was already in the first stages of middle-age. We'd met through work, I believe. I was an Ambassador, and he was something we called a Hunter. Hunters, as far as I've been able to uncover, were equal parts intelligence officer and government-sanctioned assassin. Officially, they didn't exist. Theirs was a very unsavory job, one our government didn't want associated with our kind, but they were what was viewed as a "necessary evil" for the good of our kind and of the galactic community as a whole. Their existence was not known to the general public (though that didn't stop the rumors) and even those in the government knew of them only if it was necessary for them to know. He was the first and only Hunter I'd ever met, and it was only because we were required to collaborate and share information on some sensitive matter. I don't recall what was discussed, but I remember the strong impression he left on me right away. He certainly looked the part; hooded, dressed in black, his arms and legs so thoroughly augmented that I doubt there was much original biological material left in them. What truly surprised me, however, was his personality. Contrary to the gloomy, stoic demeanor one would expect from someone in his profession, he ended up being a downright cheery person. He constantly had a smile on his face, his eyes were wide and engaged, and he loved to talk. He was very disarming, and he even managed to pull a chuckle or two out of me at our first meeting. We met outside of work on several occasions, which I'm pretty sure we weren't supposed to. There wasn't any official rule about Ambassadors and Hunters spending time with one another outside of the context of our duties, but it's rather hard to make an official rule pertaining to someone who doesn't officially exist. Still, we tried not to make a show of it. There was no cloak and dagger meeting in a dark alley. We met in public, out of our respective uniforms, and behaved as any casual friends would. I remember we became rather close, closer than I'd been to anyone else in that lifetime. It quickly got to the point where it was common and even expected for him to simply show up unannounced at my living quarters and walk right in. There was a bit more to our relationship, but I don't think it would be appropriate for me to discuss it here where minors and guests can read.
  7. According to what I've heard from Shiro, the bones system and shop will be back in the future. They just have to get everything set up for it, and there's a lot of other things that they're trying to work on as well. I'm pretty sure what you want will be back once the bones and shop return.
  8. I decided to paint my original sketch of my kintype, so here it is.
  9. Today, on a whim, I decided to go to a nearby park, find a secluded bench, and sit for a while. That's it. Just sit. No scrolling through my phone reading news, no listening to music. Just sitting and letting my mind wander where it may. These days we are all constantly bombarded by information every waking moment of our lives, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, and I think many people are incapable of even considering having a moment dedicated to truly doing nothing. People grow bored far too easily, it seems. They always must be doing something, and I think the concept of giving one's mind a chance to relax and decompress has been lost on most. The park up the street from where I'm currently staying has a small Japanese garden in it. There was a small pond there in the middle, shaded by the outstretched branches of the Japanese maple tree planted next to it. The small artificial waterfall provided a nice bit of white noise that couldn't quite mask the sound of the busy street nearby. I sat for a while, watching little water bugs skitter across the surface of the pond, and watching a small bird build her nest inside the snow viewing lantern across from me. As I did so, I contemplated many things. I thought of quantum mechanics, the nature of reality, issues of health, and of my own future. It was a nice change of pace from my daily life in a noisy house, away from the incessant barking of my brother's ill-trained dogs, away from my roommates' televisions turned up so loud that I can hear every word of whatever garbage they're watching from across the house through several closed doors. It was peaceful. It was what I was missing. When I lived with my grandmother for a short while, we would often sit on her back porch together as she smoked and had her morning coffee. Sometimes we talked, other times we merely sat in silence and watched whatever Florida wildlife decided to pay her back yard a visit. A pair of cranes were daily visitors, and we often put out bird seed for them when they came. They were fascinating to watch, and filled me with a similar sense of peace as I found in the park. I'll be going back to Florida in a few weeks time, so I won't be able to visit that spot much longer. Hopefully I'll be able to find a similar area when I go down there.
  10. It occurs to me that, given the nature of this blog, it would be prudent of me to explain how I see the nature of my otherkinity. I've explained it once or twice elsewhere in the forums, but I felt it would be handy to have a blog entry to point to whenever someone asks. For the most part, one being otherkin is typically explained in one of two ways: the spiritual explanation or the psychological explanation. I'll refrain from explaining these in detail, as they've already been covered very thoroughly in resources such as this site's Library. Very rarely, however, one has a theory of the origin of their non-human identity doesn't quite fall into one of these two explanations. Mine is one of those exceptions. I am of the belief that the consciousness that is my alien identity was directly and purposefully placed into this body by means of some technology that is as-of-yet undiscovered by humans. Because of this, I am aware that there is a very real possibility that my former body could still be alive. Of course, though that is a very comforting thought, I'm not convinced it's terribly likely that I'll ever get to return to that body. I know I was still alive when the transfer took place, but I couldn't accurately say whether or not it's still in a reliably livable state. It's possible I may have had my mind transferred because my body was failing me, despite not being overly old. The fact that the memories and identity I experience are a result of such a transference is a remarkable enough thought to explore, but of course it is the matter of "why" that I seek the most, and that has thus far eluded me.
  11. So, would it be possible to add some sort of report function to user profiles in general? Currently there's no way to submit an anonymous report if a user has, say, an offensive username or has put offensive content on their page.
  12. writing

    In that case, I do apologize for the confusion. The original thread was deleted before I saw any other responses to it, so I only had my own to go by. Please do keep writing. Your style shows promise and I look forward to what stories you may produce in the future.
  13. Recovered memories come very infrequently for me, so I'm always a little excited to get one, no matter the subject. After a very long while of nothing, I finally got another today quite out of the blue. I remembered waking down a grand hall, the ceiling several stories above me and accented with the high peaked arches that were common in my kind's architecture. It was quite deserted, and while that didn't feel terribly unusual for this particular area, being in such a huge place with no one around was more than a tad eerie. I remember where I was going. I was going to meet with a council of some sort, though the purpose of the meeting eludes me. Every time I try to chase the meaning of it, the word "trial" pops up, but I get little more than that. It may indeed have been a trial of some sorts, as my recollection of the council chamber was one of high formality and high tension suiting such events. I don't know why I would be going to a trial, especially one that was important enough to be held before this council, which seemed very important indeed. Was I the one on trial? Or was I perhaps a witness or there to give information related to the trial? I can't be sure. I remember how I felt as I approached the chamber. My head was fuzzy and I found it difficult to focus on thought. My throat had an uncomfortable feeling to it and my stomach was a bit queasy. However, it didn't feel like the symptoms of nerves, rather it felt as though I'd been caught unawares by a small illness akin to a cold. I remember feeling that it was rather annoying for it to have happened when I was heading to meet the council. It certainly wasn't the feeling of someone heading to their own trial. My feeling of the council themselves, though they sat robed atop high pedestals before me, was not one of judgement or malevolence, more of mutual professional respect and some small hint of familiarity beyond the norm. Furthermore, I was not escorted to this chamber by guards, but instead allowed to walk freely as I saw fit, so I don't think it was me on trial, if this was indeed a trial. I feel as though this meeting had something to do with my job, and I may very well have been there to fulfill some ambassadorial duties of some kind. I also feel as though this meeting may have occurred not long before I came to inhabit this human body of mine, but I can't be entirely certain of anything until I uncover more.
  14. Though it does look a little dated, I'm rather surprised to find that it does appear still active in some capacity. The forums show a post about maintenance posted just this past week. I don't expect a huge player base, but it appears online and playable at the very least.
  15. writing

    To be clear, My response to your initial posting of this story was not because I found it offensive. You'll find that I'm a very hard person to offend. I merely wished to caution you because I felt there was a possibility that you or the site could get in trouble because of the original context of who "Billy" was. I am not staff and I cannot tell you what you can and cannot post. All I can do is make suggestions.