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    Masculinity (weak)
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    They / them / their / themself
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    Art, writing, comics, video games, playing music, psychology
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    Drawing, writing, playing guitar, enjoying nature, some witchcraft
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    Rock, alternative, musical numbers, and video game instrumentals
  • Favorite Books & Authors
    Under a Painted Sky, Gracefully Grayson, Symptoms of Being Human, Boy2Girl, The Last Unicorn
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    Supernatural, Mr. Robot, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Pokemon, Bob Ross // Zootopia, Chirin no Suzu, The Little Prince
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    Auriel, Elliot, Mr. Yaoguai
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    Elliot Alderson (Mr. Robot), questioning Winged/Voidkin // Angel & Huli-jing // Monster & Dog // Demon
  • Time of Awakening
    January 2017
  • Shifting Experience
    Mental Shifting
    Dream Shifting
    Phantom Shifting
    Cameo Shifting
  • Shifting Triggers
    I experience voluntary shifts.
    I experience emotionally-provoked involuntary shifts.
    I experience unprovoked involuntary shifts.
    I experience involuntary shifts provoked by external stimuli.
  • Vampirism
    Not a vampire
  • Plural System
  • Kintype Description
    (these are only things we feel 100% comfortable sharing)

    1.) Elliot Alderson kin -- see profile pic

    2.) Auriel -- angel with the head, tail, and paws of a fox; and pastel-pink or orange wings like the colors of a sunset

    3.) Elliot the monster -- fluffy doglike creature with black and copper fur and lop-ears

    4.) Mr. Yaoguai -- tuxedo cat with two white sock-markings on the forelegs, baby goat horns, and a red necktie
  • Religion
    There's Something™ out there that made everything, yeah. But we might never know for sure what it is.

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  1. --Alder
  2. I keep getting the Japanese word "Aishite" ("Love me") stuck in my head because of the song. Now I'm thinking of covering it in English! I even rewrote the English translation so that it's singable and keeps to the tune of the original. --Alder
  3. Tfw everyone else on the forum is older than you ??? The heck??? (I'm a high schooler sksksk)


  4. Royaltykin??? In that case, I'm fact-copinglink with Maximilien Robespierre. Chop chop, your majesties


  5. @Gryff How do you mean? --Auriel
  6. @Charias That's how I feel when I'm fronting!! Haha!! --Elliot
  7. Some articles I'm thinking of writing myself: About angels with mixed identities (such as voidkin angels, eldrich/monster angels, therian angels, fallen angels who also identify as demons, etc) About non-Abrahamic and non-religious angels A reflection on my definition of "angel" and what it entails A defense of fictionkin (PM me about this--especially if you're a part of those who don't believe in fictionkin!) Feel free to comment more suggestions below! Between school and other life stuff, I might not be able to write too much, but I'm sure someone with more free time can! --Alder
  8. kin feelings

    Well, I don't really think I'd be pixiu-kin anyway--that's just a feeling I have. But never say never, you know? Either way, you do have a point--the costume thing was before I became aware of my alters, so what you're saying could be right. I figured that too--I just meant that my wings were small and shaped like the pixiu statue's wings, but instead of being feathered mine are just a few thin layers of void-stuff. Do you think you could be pixiu-kin? Or kin of one of the nine sons of the dragon? --Alder
  9. Me: Wow this song hurts

    Me: *hits replay*




    Related image



  10. Me: *is drawing while listening to music*

    Music: *starts moving to the next song*

    Me: Hoe don't do it

    Music: *suddenly changes genre*

    New Idea: *pops up to fit new genre*

    Me: OH MY GOD

    1. Celestial Discover

      Celestial Discover

      I know that feeling a little too well.

      Useful when doing lore, but... Not so much when drawing or writing a very specific thing. X.x

  11. kin feelings

    I'm talking mainly about my phantom wings, since they're the only phantom shift I get. One reason why my phantom wings could just be cameo shifts is because I didn't really start noticing them until after I discovered the otherkin community. Another thing is that it could be my alter, Auriel, whose wings I'm getting confused as my own. She doesn't front much, but she's almost always co-conscious with me, so I feel her phantom shifts like her teeth and tail and wings. (My alters, being all nonhuman and very different from my body, get zillions of shifts and awkward mind self-physical self disconnects, and since we all share the same body sometimes we feel each other's shifts.) Buuuut on the other hand, I wasn't obsessed with angels and other winged things until I started watching Supernatural in 7th grade. I cosplayed as the angel Castiel for Halloween the year after, and for some reason when I put my cosplay wings on it felt as if they belonged on my back. And even before discovering Supernatural, I had a lot of vivid dreams about flying or just moving hella fast through the air. So that makes one reason I think I could be kin of something winged. Another reason is the fact that the phantom wings I feel are a lot smaller than Auriel's--her wings are longer than how tall I am (although, to be fair, I'm only 5'2). So TL;DR, I'm at a bit of a stalemate here. :/ Maybe? I've been feeling out my wings and intuiting things about them based on those hard-to-define ~kin feelings~. I always picture them inky-black with sprinkles of white and silver swirled into them. They're not made of feathers, but rather just dark void-stuff with something like dust particles on top. And all this makes me question being a winged voidkin as well. What kintype do your phantom wings make you question? For real?! You seem like an older/more experienced otherkin to me--like one of the graymuzzles, to use a therian term! --Alder
  12. @Celestial Discover @Syan @Kerguelen Do you guys have fidget spinners? Or if you don't, what color spinner would you want? 'Cause I'm thinking of getting myself a metallic green one or one of those galaxy-themed ones. And @Lepus Europaeus I'm sorry about what's been going on in your life lately. Hopefully things'll turn up soon! Are you ordering a tent to go camping? 'Cause being out in the woods and away from internet might help ease your kin longings. --Alder & Auriel
  13. kin feelings

    @Syan Sometimes I wonder if my phantom shifts are all just cameos, 'cause I have a pretty active imagination. I've tested it out before by looking at pictures of animals/nonhuman creatures and pretending that I was one of them--like I can force a bird wing shift by holding out my arms and moving them like wings. But the wings on my back seem to be more than cameo shifts, since I have a hard time forcing cameo shifts of things on my back (like dragon spikes or long manes). What do you think? --Alder
  14. kin feelings

    This is called a pixiu (pih-seeyu). Judging by the two horns, this pixiu statue is depicting a female, which is called the bixie (bih-tsee). I got a weird tingle when I saw this little guy's wings. I've seen these figurines lots of times before, but it's only til now that I notice the wings. They're a lot like the phantom wings I've been noticing for the past few weeks--too small for flight, swirly-like, and pretty dissimilar to real birds' wings. While none of my phantom shifts match up with any other pixiu features (the lion body, the horns, the tail), sometimes blowdrying my hair it floofs out like a lion's mane, and whenever that happens I get the same tingly-happy feelings as seeing the pixiu. But I don't really think I would be pixiu-kin. I do have a feeling that the wings and floofy hair may be connected to the angel kintype I'm questioning, since the pixiu is regarded as a lucky creature. (It attracts wealth by opening its mouth and repels disease by fighting sickness-demons with its claws and fangs. It's also portrayed as very loyal to their masters even as their masters pass from this world to the next.) But my pixiu wings could also be connected to my void-heart (I'm questioning being actually voidkin) too. Even though it's just intuition, I feel my phantom wings are black with tiny purple-and-white speckles. Hell, all three of these things might be all mixed together too. I could be a pixiu-winged angel of the void. There's so many possibilities,, hm. I'll probably just meditate on it and consult my tarot cards and pendulum. I might even try I-Ching and divination with dice. Or maybe I'll just sleep. I'm pretty tired today, haha.
  15. Saw this on Fictionkin.com and wanted to port it over to here! Basically, the rules are that you look at the previous poster and make up a piece of RPG-esque loot that they would drop if they were defeated in battle. Since this is the first post, I'll start by picking @AppyHeart! Iron Horseshoe An old but sturdy horseshoe. Equip it on yourself for +2 in Luck and extra protection from wily fairies! It's also magically rigged to fly towards any large nails sticking up out of the ground, so it's banned from official horseshoes tournaments. --Alder