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    Well, I first included myself in the community about a week ago. Since then I've met lots of nice folks who were accepting of my kintypes and identity! It's been a wild ride so far and it's a bit exhilarating but I'm getting used to it!
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    A story I wish not to share.

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  1. SE

    Space Engine pictures! (EVERY IMAGE IS CREATED BY ME)
  2. Sun and Planet 1

    From the album SE

    Just a lovely planet and star I found in SE (Every picture that is uploaded to this album is made by me and nobody else.)
  3. Reaction Images for Kin/System Daily Life

    When everybody in the Specular system is mindspeaking all at once and I'm trying to talk to somebody.
  4. Billy's Downfall

    Oh, not a reference to you at all :) I simply changed the name to avoid any problems. Thanks for your Cautioning words, Gray! It's good to know mature adults reside on the site to remind the teens of important lessons sometimes.
  5. Billy's Downfall

    Before chapter notes: I realize this is a very offensive story, but I worked hard to make it and so far none of the staff have protested to me posting it. Shiro's thick neck-mane ruffles in the wind as he gazes over his mighty kingdom. Stone buildings erected, housing all sorts of kintypes within dot the dark landscape. It was at this time of night that the kin of his kingdom shifted into their true forms. A gift, to some, a curse. But all the same, any who entered this kingdom became their kintypes from 9:00PM to 5:00AM every night, regardless of their will. They of course still withheld their consciousness, and roamed as they pleased in their shifted bodies. "Sir, we have a code P." Says a guard, panting with shimmering armor plates adorned on his furry body. Shiro looks glumly over his kingdom a final time, before silently following his guard to the throne room. A golden chandelier lights the room with a warm yellow glow. It sways softly, shifting the crystaline fractals that reflect on the walls and flooring. The floors are a deep purple tile, while the walls are stone, and the ceiling is also a purple tiling. Shiro seats himself into his single, plush throne. Before him kneels a bright orange fox, tied in bindings and between two armed guards. "Another code P, eh? I see you've not learned from your past mistakes... Billy." Shiro's deep, rumbling voice echoes throughout the large throne room, the sound waves making the variety of kin in the room turn to the mighty king. Billy chuckles, and looks up to the king with a mad glint in his eye. His voice shrieks out as his thin body trembles due to it's power. "MISTAKES?! My 'lord'! I have only spoken the truth of the PDF documents! The ones my friends have shown me!" His body continues to tremble in the precense of the great lord Shiro, but his face says otherwise. Billy's face.. full of determination, a sense of right and truth. But Shiro does does not care. This heretic would pay finally for his crimes against the Kinmunity. "ENOUGH! GUARDS! Take him to the prisons! We will have a public execution tomorrow to silence this fool once and for all!" Shiro's face twists into a mirthful grin. "Or maybe, he can be our new court jester." ~ It's the next morning. Shiro had been getting ready for the public execution, until a loud knock at his door interrupted his progress. A tad annoyed, the large now human male, walks over to the door, and opens it slowly. He had been well dressed, but he had not finished with his hair. "Yes? What is it?" A meek looking guard gulped, and took out a small scroll. "To your royal majesty; I am leaking our meeting last night. Your beloved subject, Billy." Shiro paused for a moment, before laughing like a maniac. "Hooooh! Hooh boy! Does he actually expect it to make any difference? Tis' against the law to spread such heresy, this will only add to his crimes! His death in inevitable! Go, guard. Go help your comrades with the heretic. I need to finish getting ready." "Billy, you are charged of the following crimes; Leaking DM's, Being a heretic, and spreading false information. How do you plea?" An announcer's feminine voice rings throughout the town square, and Billy's manic laughter follows. "I PLEA GUILTY! I DID IT ALL! AND I DON'T REGRET A SINGLE MOMENT OF IT!" Billy is then guided to the edge of the hanging platform, where the rope resides. "Then I, King Shiro of Kinmunity sentence you... To death." The crowd goes silent as Billy's neck is embraced tightly by the rope, and he's guided off of the edge.. Not a moment later, the snap of his neck is heard throughout the city. Around 10 seconds later, a female screams and cheers, and the rest of the crowd follows. Shiro had done it. He'd slain the heretic.
  6. McDouble War

    Shiro stands tall on the wooden platform, his long, shaggy wolf tail flicking to the left and right every few seconds. His fur was mostly hidden by his armor, which was heavy and thick. He could hold it up, however. He was strong, both in heart, mind and body. He'd not waver as he led his men into battle against the terrible McDoubles. His large clydesdale horse nickers as he slowly directs it towards his highest ranking generals. "Sir, the soldiers are ready to follow. Shall we proceed?" Says a large dragon atop his paint horse, adorned with swirled armor and cloth. The dragon himself was large in build, his muscles rippling under his leather armor and loincloth. Shiro nods sternly as he looks over the thousands of soliders, all adorned with light, medium and heavy armor dependant on their training. The moonlight shines down, making their armor glisten and their hearts speed up. "COME! WE WILL DEFEAT THE MCDOUBLES HERE AND NOW!" Shiro's horse neighs and gallops to the west, it's hooves smashing rocks and plants that come into contact with them. His soldiers follow on a variety of horses of their own, the earth itself parting ways to let them through. A mighty army indeed. Nearly an hour later, the scent of the burgers overcomes that of the nature... Fresh burgers. Shiro lifts his spear into the air, signaling for his men to stop. They follow the command, and stop, silent as night's sky. "They're here.. Somewhere." Shiro's sensitive nose picks up a metalic scent, and shouts. "MOVE!" His horse takes off ahead, a heavy dust trail following it. "SPLIT UP!" The horses split up into groups as thousands of McDoubles emerge from the surrounding forests. They engage the groups in their own platoons, slaughtering horses one after another, leaving Shiro's soldiers stuck under them. But they had a strategy of their own. They'd abandon their horses, and direct them to run, making the burgers think that they'd retreated. But instead they'd strike the burgers as they pursued the horses from behind, taking them by surprise. They soon put the plan into action... "ATTACK!" Bellowed Shiro, his low voice echoing throughout the valley. His thousands of men released a warcry in sync, then backstabbing the McDoubles one at a time, ketchup, cheese and grease splattering from their buns. They all fell limp, one after another. Grease-covered soldiers cut them to ribbons, slit open their buns, took bites out of them. They were true animals and beasts, leaving none alive. It would be at least 5 hours before every McDouble was defeated, and the sun has risen. They all, one after another shifted back into their human forms as the sun lit the valley of grease and cheese. Only a few of the Kinmunity soldiers had perished, while most had lived. A single teenage girl's wings disappear as the sun hits her, and she takes off her helmet. She shouts loudly, and the other soldiers follow her lead. Shiro raises his spear in victory, laughing. "WE DID IT, EVERYBODY! LET US GO HOME AND CELEBRATE THIS VICTORY!!!" And so they did, drinking to their youth, to their victory. Songs were written about the victory that night, some crappy, some sort of good. Some people couldn't believe they had finally won the war. But one thing was certain: Shiro's kingdom was victorious and they'd like in peace for years to come.
  7. Some people like to assume things just because somebody does something. Well, here's an example: I'm active on Tumblr, a popular social networking site. And just because I am active on there, doesn't mean I'm tumblrkin, nor does it mean I found out about otherkin on that website. In fact, I didn't even know tumblrkin existed. A couple folks thought I was tumblrkin just because I used tumblr, which is untrue. They assumed that I was that because they're bias against a website that hasn't even done any harm to the otherkin community in months according to the hashtags and recent posts. Some people just give cautions, that's fine. But others, as we well know, are extremists and go to any length to shame or dislike something, or even assume others are what they hate because they're bias and extreme. I was lucky enough to find out the true otherkin information before I even found out about the tumblrkin community (which I would not have found out about or believed anyways until they told me about it.) I'm personally angered that they told me I was tumblrkin JUST because I used a website. I even told them that I was not aware of the tumblrkin 'epidemic' as they called it, and they told me otherwise. DO NOT tell me what I do and do not know. If you're just going to tell me what I do and don't know, what I am, and force me to identify as something else? You can screw off. I'm NOT having it. But on a calmer note, I'm rather peeved that folks actually do this kinds of stuff. I'm not telling any names, or even directing sources. These people aren't even ON Kinmunity, (on another website) but that's not stopping me from ranting. Sorry if you chose to read this and have a differing opinion, and I really do wish I could turn off comments and ratings for this because this is a personal matter, even though I decided to share it. I just wanted to get my feelings out on a keyboard, and talking about it usually helps me calm down and relax. Now, time for me to breathe deeply. UwU
  8. Fiction Library

    So I'm a bit scared to submit this suggestion, but I'm going to do it. let's get to the point; A fiction version of the library, where approved stories relating to Otherkin/Therian topics are. Basically just high quality stories people have written about or including Otherkinity and Therianism.
  9. So we were watching the road, and I watched as a squirrel crossed the road. it got run over, and it was a rather gruesome sight. But this got me thinking about how humans value themselves over other animals. The thing is, they're animals too, but they believe themselves to be superior due to their intellect. Why is this?
  10. Ceres

    So there've been studies on Ceres (the dwarf planet in the asteroid belt) and evidence shows that there's hydrogen and solid water on the planet in craters. What do you think of this?
  11. Can we appreciate some faces?

    End my ugly face ;-; -Taken on 4/28/2017
  12. favorite childhood snack!

    Goldfish and Red pepper! The first food I ever ate was a watermelon. Still my favorite to this day.
  13. First thing first...

    I agree with one thing for sure: You do NOT have to agree with somebody to be their friend! If you have a difference, that's good! Nobody is the same, and we all have our own opinions. We just have to try to work instead of giving up!
  14. Colors that don't mix

    What color combinations can you think of that make an ugly, impossible or even a pretty color? Feel free to put hex codes and RGB color codes out there! <3
  15. I will be attending the eHowl this evening.