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    Masculinity (weak)
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    she, they
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    video games, music, drawing,writing,biology, philosophy
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    classic metal
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    On my spirituality in general: I don't really believe in a 'god' but I believe the universe itself might be sentient. My reasoning for thinking that is because of the intelligent design found in galaxies, planets and star systems, and of course, on earth. It's like the universe made a conscious effort to make it work that way. It's way too coincidental that everything is just right for earth to have life like this. I just see way too many coincidences that go on in my life. So my beliefs are very similar to buddhism in a way, and it works for me.

    On my therianthropy/otherkinity: If you put to consideration the mass of conservation which states that matter can't be created or destroyed, your life energy can't just disappear when you die. And since it is energy, it has no real form however it might take the form of the body that you inhabit and that can leave an imprint or memory on the soul. So, I'm left with 2...but there are probably more that I can't find.

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    European Wolf, Mountain Lion
  • Kintype(s) Description
    Iberian Wolf- Dark brown markings on the face with some black fur on the top of the head, body and limbs. The chin, jaw and underside of the neck is white.
    Mountain lion-A somewhat pale coat with pale green(?) eyes. (Not 100% certain on the eye color)

    I figure these out by looking at a couple of pictures of my types and see which one give me the feeling that I'm looking at myself
  • Time of Awakening
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    I sort of have a prey/hunting drive whether or not I am mental shifted. I also have strong urges to climb trees and rocks, have the habit of growling, hissing, snarling and scratching when I get startled or when my inhibitions are lowered. These are always unintentional urges I get without thinking. The noises I make sometimes sound like one of my two types.

    I get feelings of species dysphoria. My human body doesn't match the way I perceive my body to actually be. They overlap with my two kin types during phantom or aura shifts.
  • Personal Awakening
    I always had a small idea

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    Not a vampire

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  1. Characters Who are Kin

    Nightelves, tauren, worgen and trolls would probably be accepting of therians in a spiritual sense. They are all animalistic in their own ways and have strong connections with animals. Trolls have loas and if did any of the old raids or dungeons, they can take the form of a loa and gain its powers.
  2. Characters Who are Kin

    *Rolls in* Don't forget about worgen and tauren. Perhaps worgen are similar to wolf therians and werewolf kin because of their shifting and duality between the two forms, even though p-shifting is not real. I know how to write my worgen's mental shifts during an rp if the situation ever arrives for it, even though she is pretty proper and has good self control 95% of the time. Personally, I think a nightelf nightsaber therian sounds pretty cool. Do you explain that to other players? And is the undead paladin from warcraft or another verse? Also, animal-shifting druids. But that's pretty obvious.
  3. The Let it All Out Thread

    Well, I'm almost 22 and I'm not going to be dating anytime soon.
  4. Ok it's pride month and I've been wanting to add a bunch of philosophical tidbits and a rant on love and why romantic love isn't the best type of love or the only one. And honestly, I'm so fed up with human society and how weird their views are from mine. It can be because I'm a therian and I'm different to begin with. Not to mention that being aromantic and asexual is the rarest orientation out there. I'm fully aware of the fact that I'm abnormal compared to most people. My thoughts and views on love were significantly different even from a young age like 10 years old. I remember where it all started. I had a discussion with my dad as a 10 year old where he told me that I'd fall in love one day and be so in love (which I know now is called infatuation) that I'll forget about my parents and the rest of my family and want to be with them for the rest of my life. I somehow had prior knowledge and told him that sounds crazy. In the present, I'm thinking about my two kintypes and thinking to myself if they would go through a similar dilemma that humans go through. Wolves, especially European wolves separate from their parental pack and form new packs most of the time. But I wonder if it's ever possible that they just decide to stay there and chill. Or if they even decide to join another pack (which is probably extremely rare and unlikely.) Mountain lions speak for themselves. They're totally solitary. So, I have no idea where these prior perspectives come from. I have difficulty watching many movies after all these years because I am so sick and tired of people stressing over and constantly focused on romantic relationships. It looks like society doesn't really care about platonic love or family love as much as they care about romantic love. They also use words like "more than a friend" "true love" to express romance. And if you can't find someone to marry "you'll die old and alone." As someone who's aromantic, it severely bothers me. Thankfully, there is a word for this. It's apparently called amatonormativity. I've only heard of it 2 years ago but I'm glad it exists and I'm not the only one focused on it. I always, always questioned: why can't you love your parents, siblings and friends as much as you love your spouse? Well with all the movies, media and society views on it, they literally shove romance and sex in your face and convince you that it's better. But I advise people that I talk to, to think for themselves on it. Just because two people of the opposite gender talk to each other and spend time with each other, it doesn't mean they have a crush necessarily. (Good god, I'm so sick of hearing people ask, "oh, do you have a crush on him?" for so many years.) Most of the time people do get crushes. But what about those that don't? Do they not exist? Apparently not. Yet people understand what the term "bromance" means or "brotps" so it looks like that's the only way I can reach about it to people. And there are definitely more ways to love someone than just by having sex with them. Using my own philosophy, which is very similar to Plato's, I think love can be totally psychological,mental or spiritual and can be attained through more ways than just through the physical world or physical contact. If you truly love someone, in anyway, you wouldn't care about their physical body but you care about their mind in the realm of thoughts (Plato calls the realm of thoughts as forms). Passionate love can only last so long. What about when you're in your 80's or 90's? Your body is probably really withered at this point, and all that remains is your mind. The physical realm, sensations and lust is fleeting, but only thoughts and ideas can last forever. Personally, I view platonic and family love to be a very pure form of love because the love is centered non-physical traits, unlike romance, which can be a mixture of personality and physical appearance. " Because the true goal of erôs (love) is real beauty and real beauty is the Form of Beauty, what Plato calls Beauty Itself, erôs finds its fulfillment only in Platonic philosophy. Unless it channels its power of love into "higher pursuits," which culminate in the knowledge of the Form of Beauty, erôs is doomed to frustration. For this reason, Plato thinks that most people sadly squander the real power of love by limiting themselves to the mere pleasures of physical beauty." http://www.iep.utm.edu/plato/ Honestly, I'm just thankful that there's someone out there that has already said this before. I advise people to look into other forms of love such as platonic love. This is my current philosophy and perspective as a 22 year old who's lived for this long in this current life, and this is the thoughts and ideas I experience in regards to my asexuality and my aromance. I have been extremely fed up with everything and I just want to prowl and skulk around by myself like a mountain lion at this point.
  5. Went to a concert. First few minutes of it, I had a full blown phantom mountain lion shift. sadly, it didnt last for the whole thing

    1. Syan


      and yeah I was finally able to howl without bringing up attention to myself since no could have heard me

  6. Novel writing. Need some help.

    You're welcome!
  7. Novel writing. Need some help.

    On the first question. Try adding breaks, hesitations and little words such as: uh, hm, etc to make it seem realistic. Of course don't do that with every sentence. Try to think of dialogue writing less like a school essay paper and more loose and relaxed. That is unless the character is trying to behave professional towards someone. Pretend you're talking to someone in an every day to day casual style otherwise. Also here's a really good reference: http://www.novel-writing-help.com/writing-dialogue.html As for getting over writer's block, just try to start the story without overthinking it. The way I do it is that I just start the story with no big idea in mind. I add a simple story idea and slowly build on it.
  8. Ban The User Above You

    banned for typing emojis
  9. Ban The User Above You

    Banned for being a coyote
  10. I feel like a happy puppy now that I'm getting back to rp again

    1. Sickly Substance

      Sickly Substance

      Roleplaying can be fun, or even a good way to relax if you've been wound up by remembering you're stuck in a human body, for example.

  11. Fav overwatch characters

    Zenyatta: I'm a huge fan of robots. Now combine robots with buddhist monks from Nepal, and I love it. I always had a soft spot for omnics even though my friends don't like omnics for whatever stupid reason.
  12. The Pixiu

    It's possible, but right now I just don't know. I might never know. If I was, it would have to be psychological not spiritual. Because it's impossible for me to be one of the sons( Maybe it's just something that looks like one of them. I know for sure I'm not a deitykin, and it goes against my beliefs. But if I looked like one of the 9 sons, it would be Bi'an, a tiger dragon who guards jails.
  13. The Pixiu

    Maybe it's possible that you became aware of your wings after the fact that you lost them and felt they were missing after you took off the costume. Was this before you noticed your alters? As for me, the whole liking dogs and wolves came much later when I actually started paying attention to them (when I was 14-15 years old compared to when I wanted to be a feline as a young kid) Now that I think of it, I think I also had small canine shifts back then but I confused it with the feline shifts. After figuring out this was a thing (which was this January) I figured out what they are. So what I'm saying is that the costume might have made you aware of what you always had, but I can't say for sure. For your question, my phantom wings are making me question a third type. I don't think pixius have void wings though, they're portrayed with having feathery wings I think. I was looking up pixius as a possible type and came across similar animal creatures that in chinese mythology are called the 9 sons of the dragon king. It's hard to find proper pictures or descriptions on how exactly they look. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nine_sons_of_the_dragon I don't get a lion mane during my shifts, but some statues of a pixiu look slim and leopard like. Or I could be getting similar shifts to one of the sons. (Not saying that I am actually one of the sons but something that looks like them) I can't really decide for you if you are or aren't a pixiu but if you're getting just the phantom wings , the mane and nothing else it might not be a pixiu shift. I can't say with certainty. The other shifts might be there but you haven't noticed it. And nope, I'm not a grey muzzle. I officially knew about the community just a couple months ago. I already had a small idea of the concepts and just officially discovered it. I'm almost 22 years old but I feel much older than that. I blame that on my past lives that I can't remember. From what my aunt said, I complained of feeling too old even when I was 5. :p I might act all mature when I'm in serious mode, but I joke around way too much. :p
  14. The Let it All Out Thread

    No but my sister lent me her spinner since I was bothering my hair as i was studying. I might actually get one. I don't have adhd though.
  15. Ceres

    It's plausible that it does have some form of life like bacteria or other micro organisms. But we can't know for sure with the tech humans have now.