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  1. O hey! I have a few but one that I get simple/basic info from is - http://www.thewhitegoddess.co.uk/index.asp That and a crap ton of chaos witch stuff, but that's just me XD
  2. Oh man! I love Overwatch, though my PC can't handle it. T_T When I do play i LOVE Lucio! Luckily he's on Heroes too, though not 100% as fun as playing him on OV. Hrrk i should add that I also like Zenyatta too! I love the Omnics so much, the videos gave me intense feels <3 My only other that I play i think is... gosh....maybe i do only play Zen n' Lucio XD;;;
  3. Oh god my artist self is screaming. Like wars fought and villages burned before my eyes, i've seen so much xD I can think of so many i hate. Like bright saturated anything put together, red/blue makes me scream. Grey and bright green/blue hurts me. The entire realm of coral. Then there's happy things. Like pastels n' black. Or things like bright colors used happily, bright colors on a field of white/black/grey. Carefully chosen greys complementing blues or even red. A whole field of neutrals and browns with a stark red/yellow/orange accent. Ahhhhh I could think of colors and drink coffee all day.
  4. I don't know if it helps, but I had one game on my phone for a little bit where you can kinda burn down villages and whatnot as a dragon! It was something I'd wanted for a very long time, silly as it is. It's called War Dragons and it's pretty fun! Pretty big game too though, takes forever to download (at least for me haha).