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  1. Lunar Lullaby β€” Jacob Narverud I actually listen to it when I’m feeling dysphoric. I’m an angelkin and the song tells me I belong in heaven.
  2. As an angelkin, I feel more a brotherhood with angels more than anything else. idk if that helps butβ€”
  3. thank you guys. I apologize if I do something noobish, again, I’m new but basically it started with an obsession with angelsβ€” just a deep passion for angels. I then would just wish I was one myself. I felt I had more power than I do on earth. I felt so right with wings and a halo. I remember truly feeling celestial. at first? I thought it was a gender thing. but that didn’t feel quite right, y’know? until someone posted how they’re mermaid kin and explaining what it felt like. it finally just snapped for meβ€” I’m angelkin.
  4. Hi!! I’m Logan/Gabriel a new angel boy. I just joined today. I’m here to communicate in my community and make friends. Bye!!
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