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    Transgender (F→M)
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    Masculinity (moderate)
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    Art, music, the sky, nature
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    Drawing. video games, writing, listening to music
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    Bands: Panic! at the disco, Twenty One Pilots, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Chainsmokers, American Authors, Melanie Martinez, Relient K, Green Day, Black Veil Brides, We The Kings, Halsey, Falling in Reverse, Owl City, and so many more. Genres: Rock, metal, pop, some rap, very little country.
  • Favorite Books & Authors
    Books: The Cabinet of Wonders, The Memory of Light, Memories of Summer, Wild Horse Spring, The Shadow Horse, Since You've Been Gone, A Dog's Way Home, I Am Princess X. Authors: Jules Verne, Robert Frost, Edgar Allen Poe.
  • Favorite Movies & TV Shows
    Movies: Big Hero 6, Tangled, Brave, Alive in Wonderland, Narnia, Jouney to the Center of the Earth, Journey 2, Life of Pi.
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    VD: Minecraft, Over Watch, Sims 4, Disney Infinity, Mariokart, (I need to play more games).
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    Um... no.
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    Idk, I believe in what I believe although my family is christian.
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    I believe there are other worlds that I am connected to through my soul. That is why I have wings and a tail full of feathers. Unfortunately, they're not in this world, they're phantom wings.

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    an otherkin
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    i dont know
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    I have wings and a tail, sometimes my wings are heavy and other times light and fluttering.
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    May 2017
  • Personal Otherkin Experiences
    It sucks being grounded all the time but maybe one day, I'll be able to fly without being in a metal capsule.
  • Personal Awakening
    I've been able to feel my wings all my life, although I found a friend online that told me about his, and I found I wasn't so alone. Later on I told him about mine and he asked if I was otherkin. I had no idea what it was so i did some reason and confirmed. I couldn't be happier to have something to call it and a community that understands. Although I'm still working on discovered what type and things like that.
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    Not a vampire

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  1. Music and Art

    Yeah I don't mind folk country, but I don't think I would go out of my way to listen to it. But I do like the vibes of it. But i get you with the game controller thing, they do get confusing especially for new, but i guess i just get used to it. And I'm taking a class for Graphic Design next year and I'm very excited. The teacher already knows i have talent, but I'm still gonna prove myself. :) But if i ever turn it into a living, it will most likely be free lance. Also I watched some of I Dream of Jeannie, I've also watched H2O before. My parents have showed me many shows and musicians that are not from my time, and I've definitely come to like a lot of them.
  2. Music and Art

    The reference would be helpful but that honestly sounds like my kinda game.
  3. Music and Art

    Ah yes I remember reading your forum on music tastes. I do like your music taste as it is different. I personally listen to rock (among other genres) for the energy, tone and poetic lyrics. But I have never liked country, there's about 3 songs I've ever liked that are country because of the lyrics. I can see your not a huge gamer, but yeah its not for everyone. Yeah sounded like graphic design at first. But I know what you mean, anatomy is hard to get good at, especially without practice. And I do love writing as well, I've been writing poetry for over 4 years now. Which is a long while for my age. I mostly write poetry and short stories. I would love to read some your works. :D
  4. Music and Art

    I do love listening to soundtracks from games and movies a lot, especially games tho cause they're always more emotional or calming it seems. I've been wanting to get into the Legend of Zelda games for awhile. I've never played Kingdom Hearts and its been so long since I've play Animal Crossing. Never played any of the fallout games but I really want to. My brother has played all of them. And silent hill is great, I'm getting more used to horror, but thanks to my active imagination, I would get way too terrified, but I'm better now. Yeah i get what you mean, I used to do a lot of bases as well. And ill probably look you up and I need to update my DA account link. My new name is xJayKatx. And I would love to draw a picture of your profile picture, its so cute. Can I draw them for you? Plus your drawing is quite adorable!
  5. Music and Art

    Oh damn that sounds cool. And i really like it, and i used to use Sketchbook as well, but now i use Medibang.
  6. Music and Art

    Very mush agreed, I just love the adrenaline rush so much, and then the thrill of winning. I get very competitive as well, luckily i have a durable desk and mouse and keyboard, okay not so much keyboard, but I've gotten better. And sims 4 is actually very different from 3, obviously it has better graphics and different clothes, furniture, but its better. Yeah I'm starting to get more used to it luckily, and I'm open for requests so that i can my art out there, so if you want any art just tell me. And okay.
  7. Music and Art

    Yeah I'm surprised I ever got into Green Day because they're an older band but as I got older and went into high school, I started having more friends who liked older bands so I figured I'd listen to them and then I got hooked. And TOP is definitely not for everyone but listening to them helps me with my depression a lot. I listen to the lyrics more in music than the actual music, but I do appreciate a good melody or beat. And the cover for cancer is amazing, and when I recognized the lyrics, I had a fan girl moment lol. I also love Imagine Dragons, although I haven't listened to them in awhile, but Holiday is one of my favorites by Green Day. Sounds fun, I've never played Skyrim, but I want to soooo badly. As well as LoL and HotS and Diablo 3, but I think I've heard of Okami, but I have no idea what its about. Yeah human proportions, are fucking hard, although I've gotten a lot better at it thanks to just devoting time to practice it. But it love drawing cats and ponies and dogs and flowers. But it is very difficult to pose, I agree. And yes, The Black Parade is awesome. , but I wonder why it doesn't start with WttBP. And my favorite on the album is probably I Don't Love You or Famous Last Words. Although I also The Kids from Yesterday on Danger Days. And as for Panic, Too Weird is my favorite, but my favorite on Death of a Bachelor is definitely LA Devotee. And Too Weird, its The End of All Things or Far Too Young to Die.
  8. Music and Art

    Yeah whateverthehell is my favorite genre I must say. And as of video games, a lot of those i haven't heard of, but I've heard of Horizon Zero Dawn and I've wondered what it was about, because it sounds interesting. And could i see some of your art?
  9. Music and Art

    Oh my god, i love nightcore too! I don't know many people who know about it though. And i don't believe i've heard of BNL. I've been playing the Mariokart games since i was little, because of it i also love racing irl. Although i don't get to do it that much. And I'm guessing when you BotW you Breath of the Wind, and I've never played any Zelda games but i would love to get into them. And I've wanted to WoW for a while now. But I play Minecraft mostly because of a server I'm dedicated to. As well as Overwatch, Sims 4, and i played the first chapter of The Last Door and I'm saving the rest for a future Youtube channel. I also have Undertale and Ori and The Blind Forest being saved for the channel as well. Same to the coloring thing, I have always been horrible at coloring. I need to practice to be honest. And i do some digital art too but over all I'm pretty bad at it. I just got a tablet a few months ago for Christmas, and i haven't used it that much but i would like to start doing commissions this summer. and Thank you!! ^-^But you should post some, i'd love to see it!
  10. Music and Art

    So I've been on this site for like a couple weeks and I haven't really met anyone. That's why I'm making this thread. I'd like to meet some new people, who I have things in common with. So I know we have this on our profiles, but what kind of music do you like? Do you play video games? Can you art? (i can slightly) I actually some of my art in the gallery, so you can look at that if you want, its in the traditional art album. And my favorite bands consists of mainly Green Day, Twenty One Pilots, My Chemical Romance, and Panic! At The Disco. (i do listen to a lot of bands tho.) Reply if you want to talk to me more. :)
  11. Music Tastes

    To be honest my taste for music includes rock and a little bit of metal mostly. Which I get from my dad, but I have always found instrumental/classic just enchanting. Especially piano. I love the variety of chords a piano can play, granted there's obviously a lot of different chords for every instrument, but the piano can help produce so many different tones with the right instruments added in. Although my love for music doesn't stop there. I also enjoy calm electronic music as well as hardcore dubstep. In addition the occasional Blues or Jazz song is well appreciated for its energy and tone, as well as history. Not to get off topic, but that is why I'd so badly love to go to New Orleans, for the music. I also don't mind country but i won't ever go listen to it because I feel like it. However, my preference aside I do believe someone's personal taste could by influenced by their parents or friends growing up, or the town they live in, things like that. Where as, when its a genre it's self that is popular, it's more of what's best at the time, like what genre has the most high quality musicians. Although that is just my belief.
  12. Drawings

    This is for my drawings, which i would say are better than my paintings because I do a lot more drawing than painting.
  13. Paintings

    These are my paintings, i don't paint that often so expect them to be good or common.
  14. Odd songs that remind you of your kintype?

    Mine would probably be To The Sky by Owl City, that song spoke to me the first time I heard it, and its all about flying and being free, which is why it reminds me of my wings.
  15. What're You Listening To?

    I am listening to The Sharpest Lives by My Chemical Romance :)