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  1. Dumbest thought of the day!

    (in the middle of debating politics) But you know, not to get political or anything. ... Waaaait...
  2. The Dresden Files

    I don't, yet. I have a friend that's read them ALL, apparently, and she keeps bothering me to read them. I haven't had the time, yet, but I was planning to take a peek when I found it. So, uh, hella positives from my best friend of... 7? 8? years. I trust her in fantasy, so I relay her hell yeahs to you.
  3. Random Fun Facts!

    I have always been interested in learning a bunch of random facts that may or may not be useless, and I get really excited when I can share one with people. So, figuring that maybe I'm not the only one, I decided to start a Random Fun Facts thread! Share your info (sciences, languages, cultures, all of that!) here, so we can all learn something cool! I'll start with some. There's something called an Emordinlap, which (while not an official word) could become one- It's a word-pair spelled the same way forwards and backwards, like taco cat, race car, on no, and the like. Technically, a palindrome must be 3 or more words, so emordinlap a palindrome is a palindrome, while emordinlap palindrome is just an emordinlap. Merriam-Webster and the like have yet to officialize this word (sure, selfie, but not emordinlap?!?!) but it's becoming a sort of neologism, so with enough generalized use it should become a real word. Asriel, Toriel, and Asgore ("Boss Monsters" from Undertale) are likely to be puca as opposed to standard goat monsters. This is based on how, well, they don't have hooves, and have a mixture of goat's, rabbit's, and dog's features, three animals often associated with the puca (who is often said to have shapeshifting abilities), along with magics and the temperament of a fae. There is a dragon or draconic monster found in all cultures around the world. From the Rainbow Serpent to Quetzalcoatl, the Asiatic lung to Western wyverns, there is always some big ol' scaly buddy. There's a few theories as to why that is, though my favorite is that, back when we were all pre-humans, there were three main sources of danger to our tree-dwelling selves: Snakes, Eagles, and quadrupedal predators- Wolves/Cats. Those three things eventually melded into the Ultimate Monster, a dragon. Some cultures took more danger from one side or another, and in places there are singularities of one, the dragon is often lacking in that animal's attributes: Western (though technically Russian, mostly) dragons meld the three, while in, say, China, there are serpent/cat dragons, and the Phoenix, which is the replacement for the eagle. Wyverns, the original Western dragon, exist because wolves were plenty fierce on their own, so only the bird and snake needed be combined. This means there's some sort of instinctual or genetic memory of these three things being dangerous and admirable- and honestly? I find that super cool. Could be there's a bit of dragon in all of us! (Har har har.) So wander on in and share your own! I'm interested to hear all of the cool things you guys have to say! (And mods- if you feel this goes somewhere else, do move it, but seeing as it's not specifically science OR language, I felt this was best.)
  4. Test your vocabulary!

    http://testyourvocab.com/result?user=8813076 34,000. But this is also coming from the dork who read dictionaries as a kid.
  5. Hey, I saw your post in the "most stereotypical thing you do" thread and had to wonder if you've ever heard of Great Big Sea? There's a whole ton of ocean-y/folksy themes to their songs, and I happen to like them a lot, so just sharing a band recommendation there. c:

  6. Ban The User Above You

    Banned for responding to a Good Vine Meme with some grandma saying.
  7. Ban The User Above You

    Banned for expecting people to take responsibility for things because clearly you're racist. thisbetterbeseenassarcasmoriswear
  8. Ban The User Above You

    Banned for disrespecting mai waifuu!
  9. I did just want to let you know of all the Luciferkin I've seen you are... pretty much the only one believed, so I mean, not directed at you. Read a lot of your stuff because I was skeptical, and I do believe ya now, so, :thumbsup:. 

    1. Cipher


      Haha, thanks! And oh, yeah, it definitely makes for a lot of writing. Every time I make a post that details more of my beliefs or explores something that I haven't already talked about yet, or even just explains it better than I think I did before, I collect it and copy it into a big word-dump document for safekeeping. So far I have around 17k words written about it, all scattered around in different places and conversations I've had with people before.

    2. Nix


      That's cool. Perhaps I should start up with that, sounds like a good thing to get together... Well, thanks for the idea, and have a great day! ^^ 

  10. Sandbox Games?

    I like Terraria more than I ever liked Minecraft. Terraria seemed to have a story, a reason to keep on keeping on, whereas Minecraft was... Just vaguely eh, do the thing, punch a tree. I liked the enemy variety and crafting in Terraria better as well, and am EVEN MORE HYPED for Starbound (which is like Terraria in SPACE!). I'll... get it eventually... Anyway, Spacebound seems like it's gonna be No Man's Sky but Not Awful, once I get around to trying it.
  11. Possible track of a wolf

    There's actually a number of fairy-tales like that, but my favorite one has to be "The Sister Alionushka", which is Russian. As for the shifting itself, I agree with Mirath... To a point. The legend is it'll turn you into the animal, not a werewolf. So there'd just be a lot of people turning into ridiculously clever wolves. Still cool, and equally as unlikely.
  12. Kin Starter Packs

    Divinekin Starter Pack:
  13. For all my dinosaur friends out there, look what I found! (You probably already knew about its existance but still!) I know it's probably not your exact kintype, but still, dinosaurs! A dinosaur RPG! A dinosaur RPG you can playtest! Hope you guys end up liking it~
  14. Things that irritate you.

    People who find nipples/breasts to be NSFW. They're not. They're not even a primary sexual characteristic. They're exactly as sexual as armpit hair, beards, and adams' apples. And to a greater degree, people who find breastfeeding to be some weird form of pedophilia. It's not... It's literally a mammary... That's what they're for... Fuck's sake people. I also am bugged my aphobes. Like... What's it to you if someone does or doesn't wanna screw someone? Bug off and let them be. People who chew with their mouth open. Like. Just. Just shut... ur mouth... lips together.. pls True Crime Cringemunity. Please stop excusing the actions of serial killers. Those weird and kinda creepy and objectifying rap and country songs.