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  1. I am a deity, but I will not scream curses or hate you if you do not worship me- or anyone/thing at all.
  2. One Daft Punk lookin helmet thing, a small alduin statuette, the entire collection and dlc of all the borderlands stuff, free wi-fi, and.... idk... a hundred dollar bill with the bad memery WordArt "100" on it
  3. I much preferred the Ga'Hoole series to the Wolves Of The Beyond. It seemed more developed as a whole, even when they went into the history of things with the (I wanna say hagravens but I know that's Skyrim...? bad magic birds) it felt more like a high-fantasy adventure instead of the weirdly muddled magic of the awoos. On a completely different note to what you asked, can I ask, what all are you into as far as books go? There's a few great series I know that are exceedingly nerdy please forgive me on that count that I could recommend, which yes I know isn't at all what you were asking about but that I really like to share and spread because they're good imo.
  4. That's the one that was linked to the Guardians of Ga'Hoole series right? I remember some of it, but it didn't leave too much of an impression on me. Just... Magic awoo eyes.
  5. Coconut chips, beef jerky, and ginger ale. Clearly a shining beacon of good dietary practices.
  6. I believe that's the mod, yeah. It is! So, so, so many spells. roll20 is the platform, yes. You can also run it over Skype. I have played D&D 3.5e, and currently mostly play 5e. I'm trying to re-learn 3.5, so I can play Pathfinder with a group I just joined. ^^
  7. I mean, sure it was actually a lot of fun at first, but now it's so contradictory to itself I just... Meh'd out of it. Seemed like ten billion red herrings more than a real storyline. I also like the Skyrim is actually Earth, but after Fallout, like way in the future, with dragons as the descendants of deathclaws and the magic being weird tech and stuff. All the different races due to the fallout... And hey, who's to say the second moon isn't a break-off from a large asteroid that reshaped the continents?
  8. As far as music goes, I love the emo trinity, though I'd have to rank 'em Fall Out Boy first, then MCR, then Panic. Never really got into Green Day, and TOP seems like... well... A couple guys yelling with rhythm. Not super my thing, but I like their cover of Cancer a lot! I also like a mashup with On Holiday and Warriors, and that's Green Day and Imagine Dragons. Really, I'm more eclectic than band-y though, as there's only a few bands I've ever bought Full Albums for. Even Halsey isn't one of them. I play a lot of video games! Currently doing a mage runthrough in Skyrim with the Apocalypse Spells mod, lots of fun there. I play some Heroes of the Storm, and used to play League of Legends, and then LoL became about as toxic as Chernobyl so I left. I also like D&D, though that's not really a videogame, it can be played electronically. Totally forgot to finish my season of Diablo 3, now I think of it OTL ... And my most favoritest game ever has to be Okami. I can kind of art too, though I'm better at non-humans than... Well... Humans. Human anatomy is confusing and difficult to pose. So! Hmm... Favorite MCR and Panic! albums? Mine's The Black Parade and Death of a Bachelor, seconded by Danger Days and Too Weird.
  9. Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, and Bridezillas. But don't tell anyone, especially about the last one.
  10. I'm the same on both, and I think I'm the farthest out from all of you I've seen. Interesting. They're both libertarian capitalism, according to the earlier chart as well, so at least I'm consistent haha!
  11. I'm obligated to not be a pure Christian-type monotheist, at the very least. It'd have some connotations that I... Really can't abide by because well, yeah. I like how it was said early on- all the gods are facets on a crystal. I'm currently looking into animism, and that feels right for me, as far as I have understood it. And I'm fine with everything being one little gleaming facet on a gem so vast we couldn't begin to really comprehend it. And I'm fine with some of the facets being flawed, or scuffed or faded. But if each god we recognize is simply a larger facet, and each tree or animal a littler one, and we're all connected to some distant beginning, or energy or something? I'm not sure what that's called, but if that's a weird kind of mono/pan-theism, well it makes more sense and seems more correct than one perfect and infallible being. You can't define something by what it isn't, but I've found more things I'm not than I am, so sorry if this seems convoluted or rambly.
  12. The only one I can really think of right now was Gaijin Goomba's idea that Sans is a revenant, not a skeleton, and that the goatfamily are actually pucas. I'll probably pop back later, but imo, at this point FNAF is just stupidly convoluted, and doesn't need to be as crazy and para-canon and warpy as it is. The whole thing is like some bad Shamylan-out-Shamylan-ing himself over and over.
  13. music

    Correct! Sorry, haha. And Gryneos, that's great someone else knows them! It was basically my childhood music. I didn't get a lot of it until I was older, but my little brother and I knew all the words to Donkey Riding and would screech it whenever it came on the family playlist. Good memories with that band.