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Jagar Alagoria

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About Jagar Alagoria

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  • Gender Identity
  • Gender Expression
    Masculinity (strong)
  • Preferred Pronouns
    Male Pronouns
  • Sexuality
  • Antisexuality
  • Interests
    People, gaming, smithing/armoring, music, food
  • Hobbies
    Gaming, listening to music, armoring, cooking
  • Favorite Music
    EDM, rock and metal
  • Favorite Books & Authors
    Techniques of Medieval Armor Reproduction in the 14'th Century
  • Favorite Movies & TV Shows
    Too hard to choose just one, but I'd have to say Bolt
  • Favorite Games & Video Games
    Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Dark Souls, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Fallout: New Vegas, Borderlands 2, Vampire: The Masquerade- Bloodlines, Resident Evil 1-3 and REMake, Parasite Eve


  • Kin Name
  • Aliases
    Jagar's Wrath, Jagar Alagoria Demonsbane, Jhergar Teufelsjager (new fursona)
  • Primary Identity
  • Kintype(s)
  • Time of Awakening
    At least 5 years ago as of 5/16/2017
  • Shifting Experience
    Mental Shifting
    Aura Shifting
  • Shifting Triggers
    I experience emotionally-provoked involuntary shifts.
  • Plural System
  • Kintype Description
    Demon, specific type as-of-yet unknown. NOT a devil, which is an evil creature, but a demon, a creature of pure chaos and a neutral being.
  • Personal Awakening
    After speaking to a new friend on a furry website, she brought to my attention that I wasn't crazy, and am instead what I thought I was. When my human soul tried to awaken and started to rip me apart from the inside out (physically AND emotionally) I made a pact with her to save my life... by giving her my human soul to sate her maddening hunger, and render me pure. Now I just have to wake up..
  • Personal Otherkin Experiences
    I have been friends with a few otherkin, including two demonics who are like family, a kitsune who I broke up with but still love, and a few dragons. I thought I was a wolf or a dragon- which everyone and their mother seems to be, or think they are- but I'm finally aware of who and what I am.

    And I couldn't be happier. I just hope my disappearance didn't hurt anyone.
  • Religion
    None: I don't like religions or the gods they worship, so I refuse to have one. Seriously. F*** religion.
  • Personal Spirituality
  1. So.. I don't know if anyone remembers me, I doubt they do, but the last two, three years have been a living hell, and I didn't want to say anything. but, I'm here, I'm whole and... a lot of things have happened. I'm sorry for any friendships I let fade, but I needed this time.

  2. The taste of madness is bland without a taste of blood on the side
  3. Just so you know, I'm about to be gone [read: no internet access] for two weeks for a vacation, so I'll see y'all in two weeks :3
  4. WHOO PEOPLE TO TALK TO I sometimes wonder if I'm a housedog...