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    Currently:spirituality, geology, anything kin related, taking long thought provoking walks occasionally with a good friend
  • Hobbies
    Drawing, writing, horseback riding
  • Favorite Music
    Rock, electronica, house and soundtracks from games and movies
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    I believe in past lives and reincarnation

Other-than-human Identity

  • I am...
    an otherkin
    a therianthrope
    a plural system
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  • Other names
    Allen, Vintage, Shann, Krow

Otherkin Identity

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  • Kintype(s)
    Changeling, horse, timber wolf
  • Time of Awakening
  • Personal Otherkin Experiences
    many- too many to write. That's what kin journals are for.
  • Personal Awakening
    It wasn't anything too grand.
  • Body Dysphoria

Otherkin Shifting Frequency

  • Mental Shifting
    I experience it few times a month
  • Dream Shifting
    I experience it few times a month
  • Phantom Shifting
    I experience it few times a week
  • Aura Shifting
    I don't experience it
  • Sensory Shifting
    I experience it few times a year
  • Astral Shifting
    I don't experience it
  • Bi-Location Shifting
    I don't experience it
  • Cameo Shifting
    I already experienced it in the past, but I don't nowadays

Otherkin Shifting Duration

  • Mental Shifting
    It lasts half hour
  • Dream Shifting
    It lasts many minutes
  • Phantom Shifting
    It lasts a hour
  • Aura Shifting
    I don't experience it
  • Sensory Shifting
    It lasts half minute
  • Astral Shifting
    I don't experience it
  • Bi-Location Shifting
    I don't experience it
  • Cameo Shifting
    I don't experience it

Otherkin Shifting Triggers

  • Mental Shifting
    external stimuli-provoked
    unprovoked involuntary
  • Dream Shifting
    unprovoked involuntary
  • Phantom Shifting
    external stimuli-provoked
  • Sensory Shifting
    unprovoked involuntary

Otherkin Shifting Experiences

  • Mental Shifting
    It affects my voluntary responses to stimuli
    It affects my involuntary responses to stimuli
    I make noises that similar to the ones my kintype makes
    It affects my dietary preferences
  • Dream Shifting
    I experience this during the night
    I experience this through lucid dreams
  • Phantom Shifting
    I feel I can move my phantom limbs
  • Sensory Shifting
    It affects my sense of hearing
  • Sensory Shifting
    I know I'm sensory shifted even while shifted

Plural System Identity

  • System type
  • My headmates are result of...
    Past lives brought back in the current one
  • Are members named?
    There's at least one one that they presented their name
  • Member count
    It varies with the time (gateway systems)

Vampire Identity

  • Vampirism
    Not a vampire

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  1. The Let it All Out Thread

    I feel it's time to tell the family about my otherkin-ness (some of it), and to out myself because certain shifts are causing conflicts. Nothing major- I can handle the majority of them, but it's about time they at least know about my dysphoria and why it is there. They deserve to know. As does my therapist. I don't want to say 'I'm out of the kin closet' but in this case...I already made my peace and spoke to them about it. Gave them links to look at in their spare time because I know they're confused af right now.
  2. Last movie you watched?

    War for the Planet of the Apes- just yesterday. I thought it was quite good. I'm familiar with the old ones too.
  3. The Let it All Out Thread

    Just trying to get through the summer before classes start up. Seriously, it can't come any faster. I want to graduate college and be done with it- to be able to face my anxiety about it.
  4. Daily Thought

    Wow. coffee actually makes me crash haha. I've never had the upity feeling once.
  5. Religion Struggles.. Advice Please?

    If other religions feel off, and you feel uncomfortable with your upbringing, then it's time for a change of pace. Don't just focus on broad religions. What are your individual beliefs? Find those first, and then think about religion later. Some take many years to figure out what they believe in. You don't need to fit into any one category. Try not to force yourself to fit either.
  6. The Let it All Out Thread

    I'm very sorry for your loss. Sometimes it feels as if the weight of the world is dumped on our shoulders, and many moments of life seem very taxing. You will get through this though. You are resilient- don't forget that. Life has many steep hills to climb. Loss happens to be one of them.
  7. The Let it All Out Thread

    @Opossumblossum Again, thank you. And you're welcome! Drawing daily is just one of the things on my 'stomp out summer boredom' list. I'm sure I'll be adding to it later today as I figure some things out.
  8. I'm in the same position and I'm not too stressed about it. Some days I look up what might be interesting and other days I feel no need. I have a mix of beliefs, like I believe in past lives and reincarnation, and from one belief you can find things that fit your style. What interest you- what adhere's to you? Currently, I am not too focused on finding a path to fit my beliefs. Maybe some day soon, just not now.
  9. The Let it All Out Thread

    @Opossumblossum Yeah I too have no job for the summer- too late to get one considering it's only two months out from classes. My best friend sprained her ankle and she's the only one who I'd hang out with. No car- the list can go on but I'd rather it not. Thank you so much for the encouragement. I've been writing a list to keep myself preoccupied as you suggested. So far, it is to draw something everyday, write in my kin journal, sometimes going to the park, etc. It helps to keep preoccupied- it really does. I hope to have the luck you are currently in the future!
  10. The Let it All Out Thread

    All this sitting around,generally speaking, is making my anxiety rise. There's so much to do once summer ends- so much to correct (if I can) that I now am viewing summer as a large expanse of hopeless waiting. It's difficult to take things day by day- I'm really trying to make the most of it. Summer is half over and then it's back to classes that I need to pass. I wish the anxiety about it would go away. I'm working on it, I'm trying to keep it level.
  11. What's your spirit animal?

    The spotted hyena left my side some time ago, so all that remains is the the american crow. I see them frequently, and have been close to several. My friends used to take note that they often saw me just after a crow had flew in the air or called out. One of my friends said they were my spectators. Friends aside, the american crow has been with me from when I was little. I remember pointing to one of them as a child and staring at first in fear. That said, I've warmed up to them a lot. I've seen them in dreams, passing by and in my thoughts occasionally. I make sure to look up whenever I hear them. It might be likely that the common raven might give me the same effect, yet I've seen only two in my life so far, and have heard them calling only sometimes. Ravens are rare here.
  12. Daily Thought

    I have to stop thinking in terms of black or white, end all be all. I forget I have options. I have goals to reach- I can't be dragged down to the bottom.
  13. What does being kin do for you?

    Honestly, being kin motivates me to be more in-tune with my self. Inner awareness. It's my sense of identity and it helps me bring together pieces of myself I thought I lost. It keeps me sane in a strange way, even through the occasional frustrations caused by the experience itself.
  14. Where is everyone from?

    Long island, New York. Wish I lived upstate or elsewhere/
  15. Connected

    I often wish I had a friend (or someone) who is a therian just to relate to each other on that level. You're pretty lucky.