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    Femininity (strong)
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    Drawing, nature, documentaries, animals
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    Drawing, sculpting, crafting
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    I like all types
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    Wolves of the Beyond, Where the Red Fern Grows
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    Surfs Up, Finding Dory, The Babadook
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    Donkey Kong Country, Fallout, Skyrim
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    Over a year ago, probably hitting the two year mark soon.
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    Mental Shifting
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    Cameo Shifting
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    I experience emotionally-provoked involuntary shifts.
    I experience unprovoked involuntary shifts.
    I experience involuntary shifts provoked by external stimuli.
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    Not a vampire
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    I don't label my beliefs with any religion.
  1. Yeah that's the one. I just got kinda disappointed at the end but at least it ended happy. Also there were so many things unanswered
  2. So I read the whole series not too long ago and I just wanted to see if anyone here had read it. I liked the series but around the 4th book and beyond it felt like the interns took over writing the book and threw a bunch of weird stuff in there. Like the earthquake/glacier came out of no where. The moth thing was weird. I just kinda finished the book like, "Okayyy..". But it was still a good series though I thought.
  3. Something that made me happy today is that my cat, Donovan, put his paw in my hand. Such a sweet boy
  4. Things that irritate me are: -People who touch my face without permission -When I'm in the check out line and someone comes and puts their stuff down right next to mine on the counter and are all in my personal space. -People who make fun or put down other peoples pets because they are supposedly weird/scary/gross. (I used to be a mother of two little ratty boys and peoples always freaked out when I brought them out or when I posted pics on Facebook.)
  5. Copperhead Snake!
  6. I love so many animals. But my favorite has always been the cow. I got to meet some in person and they were so sweet.
  7. I'm a part of the furry fandom but I use it more as an expression of my theriotype. I like to draw and all that.