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  1. The Let it All Out Thread

    Thank you. I know I'll get through this, it just hurts right now. All of his friends have been coming together to support each other, so that's helping a lot.
  2. The Let it All Out Thread

    This might be too heavy a topic for this thread but I found out earlier that an old friend died a few days ago. I've lost 3 friends in the past year and a half and I'm just wondering, when will the universe stop taking people from me? I can't handle this.. edit: Also he had 4 cats and I haven't heard back from his family about them. I'm worried and I really hope someone's taking care of them, especially the really needy one. I'm sure she's freaking out without him.
  3. Do you consider nonhuman animals persons?

    I do think "nonhuman persons" is a valid concept, but I think there's a sliding scale of personhood based on levels of self-awareness. An ant, for instance, probably isn't much of a person, but a dolphin totally is. There's even legal precedent for the latter case in India.
  4. The Let it All Out Thread

    Yesterday was Independence Day here. People in my neighborhood started setting off fireworks on the weekend and they're still at it. It's stressing out every canine in the area, myself included. I thought they would stop after midnight..
  5. Whatcha eatin?

    I'm eating some leftover spinach and artichoke calzone from my friend's birthday dinner. It's good!
  6. Anyone else also a Furry?

    I was introduced to furry by some of the first therians I met as a teenager, and have been involved ever since. I don't feel as close to the community as I used to though. Large crowds and intoxicated partying aren't my idea of a fun time these days so conventions don't do much for me. I just show up to hang out in my room with a few friends I wouldn't see much otherwise. I still love the art and the friends I've made so I stick around for that.