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Gay Bandaids

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    Transgender (F→M)
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    Masculinity (moderate)
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    Drawing, watching movies, talking!!
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    Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie
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    angelkin, wolf therian, fictionkin
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    Mental Shifting
    Phantom Shifting
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    I experience voluntary shifts.
    I experience emotionally-provoked involuntary shifts.
    I experience unprovoked involuntary shifts.
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    Not a vampire
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    Wolf: Timberwolf
    Angel: Thrones Choir, (possibly) had owl markings on wings.

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  1. This is just the thing I was thinking about earlier! I'm (fallen, I think?) angelkin, and I think I was part of the Thrones choir. When it comes to the discussion of religion, I always get very nervous, because I have this gut feeling that there was, in fact, multiple gods. It makes me nervous to think about because I feel as an angel, I should only believe in my God, and no others. I've discussed this with my friend, who knows about me being angelkin. It's a major conflict for me, being an angel. This is all over the place but I hope it made enough sense?