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    Femininity (moderate)
  • Preferred Pronouns
    They or wildcard
  • Sexuality
  • Antisexuality
  • Interests
    Witchcraft, magic, biology, horticulture, fashion, aesthetic, psychology, biology
  • Hobbies
    Gaming, reading, writing, traditional art, digital art, crafts, magic
  • Favorite Music
    active child, anilah, purity ring, ronald jenkees
  • Favorite Books & Authors
    Celestine Prophecy, A Path with Heart, Being Peace
  • Favorite Movies & TV Shows
    Steven Universe, Brooklyn 99
  • Favorite Games & Video Games
    Dragon age, elder scrolls, and fallout series, dungeons 2, dungeon defenders
  • Religion
    Eclectic Witch
  • Personal Spirituality
    I have a nondualistic, panentheistic worldview. My daily life is infused with magic and altered states of perception and consciousness. I approach this from both a psychological and spiritual standpoint. I believe in an expansive, infinite multiverse made up of Beyond-Consciousness exploring infinite creative lessons and stories. I also believe that time isn't real, and our biological brains make up time to keep from getting overwhelmed... that being said, my brain isn't exactly the most functional and frequently 'breaks' on several fronts at once.

    I also practice magic in the form of witchcraft, with both folk or 'low' elements, and ceremonial/ritual or 'high' elements. I perceive the world in an animistic way, and see all beings and non beings as entities deserving respect and a kind ear. I meditate daily, read voraciously, practice divination, and save big rituals for bonfire nights.
    The best words for my 'type' of witchcraft are "chaos magic" and "nature/green witch."

Other-than-human Identity

  • I am...
    an otherkin
    a plural system
  • Primary Identity
  • Other names
    Ell Palescale, Vardun, Ellie, opossumblossum, zatasha

Otherkin Identity

  • Kin Name
  • Kintype(s)
    Divinity, dragon, angel/lion, opossum, naga/python
  • Kintype(s) Description
    Generally divine as a system, and each member has a distinct mythic kintype with a few polymorphic possibilities.
  • Time of Awakening
  • Personal Otherkin Experiences
    I've very rarely identified with the 'humanity' experience that a lot of people in my region and daily life take for granted and assume is the default.
    My neurodivergence has always colored my experiences, perceptions, memories, relationships, and motivations. I've identified as some kind of alien and/or god since I was six years old. I recognize I have a human body, and my spiritual path treats that as a very good, honorable thing.

    Every so many years, my current personas, system members, and kintypes 'absorb' back into the divine mixture, then reform in new ways to suit my current needs and situation. I find that part uniquely psychological, and possibly informed by trauma responses.
    The rest is very spiritual.
  • Personal Awakening
    I was six. I was an alien princess disguised as a giant wolf furry. I'm not really sure how that arose, but it arose VERY hard and was my truth until I was ten or eleven, when I tried on being an alien princess disguised as a giant vampire with a wolf fursona. Lol.
  • Body Dysphoria

Otherkin Shifting Frequency

  • Mental Shifting
    I experience it nearly every day
  • Dream Shifting
    I experience it some times a week
  • Phantom Shifting
    I experience it nearly every day
  • Aura Shifting
    It's constant
  • Sensory Shifting
    I experience it nearly every day
  • Astral Shifting
    I already experienced it in the past, but I don't nowadays
  • Bi-Location Shifting
    I don't experience it
  • Cameo Shifting
    I experience it few times a year

Otherkin Shifting Duration

  • Mental Shifting
    It lasts for more than some hours
  • Dream Shifting
    It lasts few hours
  • Phantom Shifting
    It lasts some hours
  • Aura Shifting
    It lasts for more than some hours
  • Sensory Shifting
    It lasts some hours
  • Astral Shifting
    I don't experience it
  • Bi-Location Shifting
    I don't experience it
  • Cameo Shifting
    It lasts few hours

Otherkin Shifting Triggers

  • Mental Shifting
    external stimuli-provoked
    unprovoked involuntary
  • Dream Shifting
    unprovoked involuntary
  • Phantom Shifting
    external stimuli-provoked
    unprovoked involuntary
  • Aura Shifting
    unprovoked involuntary
  • Sensory Shifting
    external stimuli-provoked
    unprovoked involuntary
  • Cameo Shifting
    external stimuli-provoked
    unprovoked involuntary

Otherkin Shifting Experiences

  • Mental Shifting
    It affects my voluntary responses to stimuli
    It affects my involuntary responses to stimuli
    I make noises that similar to the ones my kintype makes
    I become unable to understand what people say
    It affects how I use my limbs
    It affects my posture
    It affects my dietary preferences
  • Dream Shifting
    I experience this during the night
  • Phantom Shifting
    I experience the sense of light touch in my phantom limbs
    I experience the sense of heavy touch in my phantom limbs
    I experience the sense of heat in my phantom limbs
    I experience the sense of cold in my phantom limbs
    I experience the sense of pain in my phantom limbs
    I experience another sense from my phantom limbs
    I feel I can move my phantom limbs
  • Aura Shifting
    Someone already noticed my aura changing the same way I saw while I was shifted
  • Sensory Shifting
    It affects my sense of taste
    It affects my sense of sight
    It affects my sense of touch
    It affects my sense of smell
    It affects my sense of hearing
  • Sensory Shifting
    I know I'm sensory shifted even while shifted
  • Cameo Shifting
    My cameos are connected to my spirit animal

Plural System Identity

  • System type
  • My headmates are result of...
    Younger versions of myself in this incarnation
    Result of trauma
    Other (spiritual)
    Other (psychological)
    Other (other)
  • Are members named?
    There's at least one one that isnt named
    There's at least one one that they presented their name
    There's at least one one that it was given them a name
  • Member count
  • About each member
    Ellie is an opossum, usually anthro with feathery wings. She is the primary front and the most extroverted. Awoke sometime early 2016.

    Tharon is an angelic lion. He has two faces and is concerned with justice and protection. Awoke Spring 2017.

    Apathren is a snake, usually the animal but occasionally a naga. She is primarily concerned with observation and thought. Awoke Spring 2017.

    Valpithkauna is a pink young-adult dragon, with crystalline elements. She seems to have a distinct chunk of quartz in her chest region, rose quartz, rhodochrosite, and rhodonite throughout. Occasionally she chooses to display herself as partly or completely biological, but the stones seem to be some kind of inner vulnerability she keeps quiet. She awoke summer of 2017.

    There is a sense of divinity which permeates the system, and may or may not be a latent or 'sleeping' entity. Divine is the longest-term presence in the system, and has been present since childhood.

Vampire Identity

  • Vampirism
    Not a vampire

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  1. 3 Big Wins

    @Grey Oooh are you posting your inktober drawings anywhere? 3 wins today: Drove safely Ate breakfast Actually did what I said I was going to do :P
  2. anxiety

    I generally approach most social positions with trauma-informed anxiety. I am prepared for the worst, and had to teach myself how to hope for the best. I am still in the process of healing, and can sometimes override the gut instinct to be afraid of other people without any effort. When I have problems with banishing those instinctual fears, I find a common thread between myself and the people I am irrationally afraid of. For example, on this forum, we are all here to explore and find common ground in non-human spiritual and psychological identity. Everybody is here for a similar self-exploratory and community-forming purpose. We all want to feel good, and we all hope that everybody else will help us reach that goal through introspection and validation. I find that common ground and repeat it to myself internally until that "voice" is louder than the "voice" of fear. I also take some time to mindfully examine the sensations, thoughts, and emotions I am experiencing. If I am in a public place, let's use a concert as an example, I find the common ground. All the beings present wish to enjoy the artistic expression of music. All the beings present wish to feel good and enjoy this event. Then I pay quiet attention to my body's fear and anxiety symptoms--If I feel a weight in my gut, I name it. I say internally "I see you, gut tension. I see you, chilly skin. I see you, darting eyes. I see you, trembling hands. Thank you for warning me that this place is very loud and could be overwhelming. I hear your message and take it into consideration. You can relax, now, I have heard you." I move to my mind and emotions. I notice and kindly, without judging, name each sensation. "I see you, thought that the bouncer looks scary. I see you, thought that many people are stronger than me. I see you, emotions of dread fear and avoidance. I see you, emotion of worry. I see you, thought that I might not be able to get out of the crowd without help. Thank you for sending me these messages, I understand why you are telling me this. I have heard you, and now you can relax." The purpose is to acknowledge and validate what your mind and body think are very real concerns! Every experience is trying to tell you something. Sometimes the message is that you aren't confident in your ability to remove yourself from a situation if it gets uncomfortable. Say to your fears, "I am in control of where I am right now. If I am made uncomfortable, I have the power to leave this room/to leave this conversation/get up from this chair/not add any further comments to the thread. I say what I mean to say, and act how I mean to act. Others who are here for similar purposes will understand." Sometimes it helps to point out a tool you can use if things get out of hand. "If I am uncomfortable in this room, I can ask this friend here with me to help me leave the room without anybody following us. If somebody is rude to me in this thread, I can leave this thread and turn off the notifications. If somebody breaks the rules and harasses me, I can tell an admin. If I get very stressed, I can lay down and have a nap, or I can text a friend to send me something nice." Of course, don't judge yourself for feeling anxiety in the first place, either! It's normal to feel stress over social relations and for expressing yourself publicly. It's normal to worry, to a degree, about what others think of you. You don't need to hide because of that.
  3. Words that are stuck in your head

    "Take those old records off the shelf I like to listen to them by myself Other music ain't got the same soul I like that old style rock n roll" But like, with incorrect lyrics sometimes, and correct sometimes, and sometimes as just a dry statement. Also, cupcube.
  4. The Sword

    The suit of Swords in tarot has been changing meaning for me. I used to think of the wands as air, and the sword as fire. I wanted to keep the Swords away from me--I was afraid of their meaning, especially with cards like 5-10 and 2 representing stalemates, insecurity, defeat and difficulty. I wanted to be Wands. I wanted to be creativity without the burn of hard lessons. I have since been taking account of my 'swords.' Where do I hinder myself? Lost in thought and always reconsidering, I often keep myself from trying anything in order to avoid failure. Perfectionism plagues me, and the very threat of being imperfect binds my sword in its sheath. It seems that my greatest strength, my mind, is also my greatest weakness. Because of that, ritual blades have been standing out to me on a very regular basis. Imagery of sword, boline, and athame come up on a daily basis. More and more friends tell of their recent blacksmithing, etching, and acid-drawing on blades. Something tells me that a sword will come to me this coming winter, and be born as my strength in spring.
  5. Autumn Encroaches

    This is the first year I've ever really felt what the drawing down is like. Earlier this year, I finally dedicated myself to slipping off the veils that kept me safely clothed against the progression of time and season. Since The Big Bad Thing, I have been afraid of dwindling, of lessening, and of quieting. The quieter it is, the more I can hear where I had to staple myself back together, and the louder the march of impermanence rings. Without the sheer silk in rainbow colors over my eyes, I feel the leaves falling like my own skin cells and vis a vis. The gold in my hair is mirrored in that of the stressed sycamore, and will drift away to rot in its own time. As the days draw shorter and the night falls cool and wet, my mind's eye doodles out the shifting of the earth about the sun. The mist calls me home into slumber, into winter squash casseroles and orders for garlic to plant. Although a lot of it used to seem strange to me, I am seeing more and more of the Wiccan Wheel of the Year and their mythos raise its head in my life. I never thought I'd see it so clearly presenting in my own mythos--The burning maiden rests as the mother and the moon plant the seeds for spring. I am endeavoring to plant meaningful seeds, and to soothe my restlessness and feelings of lack-of-something-to-do. Not every day can be vigorous and illuminated... some must be quiet, somber, restful.
  6. On the right track, but I was on the wrong train

    There you are! Freedom! See examples, act on them, and keep what works. I also see metaphor for living a human life, when it comes to forced transformation for labor purposes. How many ways have you made yourself small, quiet, or different in order to be of use to others, or of use to some greater idea of "how you should be?"
  7. Dream Diary Roundup for September 2017

    I've been having extremely vivid dreams on a regular basis. Some nightmares, some benign, and some that followed me throughout the day. I had a dream about enjoying my locale and exploration even while enduring great and surreal suffering. I also had a dream that aliens stole my mom, and in the process of trying to rescue her, we all became different people. I've taken to writing them down, and have noticed themes of transformation and endurance. This ties into my recent tarot readings as to my current path. In the dreams, I am usually the decider of fate--what I do or do not do changes the outcome of the dream. In many of them, I am featured as deciding to do something or change something simple for fun, whereas in the real world I have the bad habit of not moving until pushed. Perhaps this is another message--to go forth and grow in skill simply for the sake of doing so, and being okay with the results regardless of what they are. GF is also less and less a force in my dreams, perhaps signifying that I am individuating and finding my own personal power without need for a protector.
  8. New Album Complete!

    Ooo thanks for the order link! GF is into metal, so I'll be sending this info her way. Excited to hear!
  9. Recommended reading?

    For witchcraft, specifically: I'm really glad that so many writers are tackling folk magic and witchcraft in recent decades. Gives us all a ton more perspectives to consider! The older classics by Cunningham, Buckland, Farrar, Gardner, Judy Hall (included for her often-cited crystal bibles), and Silver Ravenwolf are good stepping stones. I take each with plenty of salt and pepper, and with the knowing that they have a lot of roots in older occult societies. Gardner was among the first pioneers to publish on occult matters after England repealed its laws banning occult and secret societies in the middle of the last century. Gardner and Crowley are often cited, and frequently seen as one of the first dominoes tipped toward the spreading of folk magic and witchcraft as it is today. (Although I think both would shudder to see the self-initiated solitary religion Wicca often appears as, today.) Following that, there are many authors paired with various publishers: Llewelyn stands out immediately. There are some with specialties, and some that write prolifically on all related subjects. Ellen Dugan is an example, with a very familiar and informal writing tone. Christopher Penczak is quickly becoming a favorite of mine, as his Inner Temple of Witchcraft comes off as a practical skill guide rather than a re-hashing, yet again, of the wheel of the year as most Wicca/Witchcraft 101 texts tend to seem. For spirituality in general: Though Deepak Chopra does have his hitches and unfounded claims every now and again, he has a very easy tone and unique perspective. I am currently reading The Third Jesus at a friend's recommendation. I find him MUCH easier to understand than Marcus Borg, who approached a similar concept in his text Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time. I also highly recommend reading the writing of Buddhist teachers, and I personally enjoy Pema Chodron, Jack Kornfield, and Thich Nhat Hanh for their numerous texts, concise and personal tone, and philosophical approach. Anything that reads like a close friend wrote it, rather than a dogmatic pundit, is a good book in my opinion. The Dhammaphada, Bhagavad Gita, Poetic and Prose Eddas, Torah, Quran, Laveyan Satanic Bible, Zoroastrian Avesta and Yasna, and other world texts make for a wonderful window into the minds of people all across the globe. I also personally recommend Thich Nhat Hanh's Old Path White Clouds if you'd like a translated story of the Buddha Gautama's life on earth. His translation and condensing brings out clear and lovely meaning. Other ways to learn lots about people is to read ideas on personality types. Jung is famous for his archetypal understandings of humanity, and the Enneagram system, based on Jung's thoughts, has plenty of books written on it. The four humours are also worth looking into, though I haven't personally read any texts on them yet. Hopefully some of these authors sound interesting and are available to you. Much luck to you, and may you never run out of cool stuff to read!
  10. Hi!

    Hey ya'all <3 I'm glad to see a trans-specific group here on KM, and glad to see so many familiar faces in it. I'm genderqueer/agender. I like to think about it like I broke up with gender, and now we don't talk anymore. I only make as much of a distinction of gender as makes the person I am speaking to comfortable and validated. Otherwise, I find it a limiting concept and keep it off my radar. I'm not necessarily hard-core enough to be a "gender abolitionist" as some folks call it. For four years in highschool, I was a binary trans dude SUPER into social justice, politics, etc. It took some time to realize how much of that manifestation of weaponized-masculinity was a front to avoid dealing with then-recent trauma from other sources. At the moment, I am a multiple system with four primary and one latent identity. Of those four, one is distinctly "a dude" and the others are Meh. It's interesting to see whether he experiences dysphoria on a regular basis or not, and to see how different his attitude is as compared to when I actively identified as a trans dude.
  11. Spices

    Alright, so this is a little out of the blue and not my fullest understanding of spices and flavor profiles, but I just needed to gush about this seasoning mix thing a friend gave us. It's this nifty little fair-trade thing by U-kuva i-Africa, or A Taste of Africa. We're in love with the Zanzibar Island Spices, and put 3-6 good long cranks into just about everything. I haven't had the chance to try much else, but it goes great with indian-inspired tumeric and cumin dishes as well as italian themed dishes, though in lighter amount. http://ukuva-iafrica.com/ There's a shop up in the city that sells a bunch of other fair trade stuff, too, but we don't get the chance to travel up there often.
  12. I identify as bread

    I know that feel... But hey, at least your freedom is on the horizon (sorta! From the parental ownership cage to the corporate ownership cage...) Does your school have any kind of association or support group? I hear that's becoming more common!
  13. Oh Great Horned God of ages past

    All of spirituality is a matter of idea synthesis--to take what is external and find what rings the same internally. I find that a lot of people get wrapped up in what that looks like, in a social sense, which is why correspondence tables in common use have gotten so convoluted and full of... well... everything! It's better to just forget that part and get right to the meat of it, the only meat you can see for yourself and examine yourself. I'm glad I could help, and hope that the time you take for yourself and for Pan will be fruitful and invigorating
  14. Daily Thought

    I have been bleeding way longer than usual. I need to work out. But I don't WANNA do yoga with the video...
  15. Follow your nose!

    I'm a very visual and tactile person with some weird synesthesia type stuff, so most smells come across as impressions of visual or touch sensation to me. I also have had a "weaker" sense of smell than most people I have lived with. I find that others usually notice and point out ambient smells before I do. I LOVE wood fire, girlfriend, baking bread, rotting plant material, river and creek, and various herbs and floral scents. I like rotting plant materials for the same reasons I like herbal and floral scents. I do a lot of gardening, and each is like a message from the plant world. It feels very grounding and humbling to catch the scent of composting plants, or the fall leaves melting away to nourish the earth. Gosh, I could go on and on about basil scents. Every variety smells so unique! Each has a different impression of color and texture! I DISLIKE vinegar and sulphur, although most people do. I also sometimes dislike tomato based pasta sauce smells. I'm not sure why it is only sometimes, though.