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    Continental Philosophy, Cognitive Ethology (study of animal minds), Anthrozoology (human-animal studies), Symbolic Logic, Poetry, Art, Natural Horsemanship, Folklore
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    Writing Literature, Reading, Learning, Hiking, Horses, Philosophical Discussions,
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    Modern Classical, Post-Rock, Folk, Experimental, Minimalism, Serialism, Atonal
  • Favorite Books & Authors
    "History of Madness", "Equus Lost", "The Animal That Therefore I Am" a, "Metamophoses" by Ovid, "Eunoia", "Picturing the Beast", "Animal Liberation" "Diogenes of Sinope, The Man in the Tub", "Animal Others: On Ethics, Ontology and Animal Life", "The Mind of the Horse"
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    I believe in a few different philosophical perspectives. 1. I am a Gaianist and principally worship the earth. 2. I believe in biocentricism/deep ecology which is an ethical system that attributes value to nonhumans and the ecosystem. 3. I tend to be a phenomenalist, meaning I believe in analyzing reality through perceptual experiences. 4. I usually use poststructuralist philosophy in my own writings and thinking, which holds that ideas are not independent but are all interconnected.

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    a therianthrope
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    Nøkken (or Nokken without the "ø")
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    I do not have a particular horse form although I am partial to mustangs and quarter horses. I also prefer the dun and buckskin coloration, but obviously if I was a horse, I would not have a say in my fur color.
  • Time of Awakening
  • Personal Otherkin Experiences
    I have been a vegetarian for 15 years. I can't stomach meat and find it unethical. My vegetarianism has always been tied to horses.
  • Personal Awakening
    My awakening happened when I was very young. I remember it vividly but not when it happened exactly. I was taken on a horseback ride and all I could feel was a deep interconnection with the horse and the pain that she was in. I couldn't ride after that, although I am now studying natural horsemanship because it treats the horse as an equal. Ever since, my identity has be that of a horse therian. I think that moment is when I realized I was nonhuman.
  • Body Dysphoria

Otherkin Shifting Frequency

  • Mental Shifting
    I experience it nearly every day
  • Dream Shifting
    I experience it few times a month
  • Phantom Shifting
    It's constant
  • Sensory Shifting
    I experience it some times a week

Otherkin Shifting Duration

  • Mental Shifting
    It lasts some hours
  • Dream Shifting
    It lasts half hour
  • Phantom Shifting
    It lasts for more than some hours
  • Aura Shifting
    I don't experience it
  • Sensory Shifting
    It lasts some minutes
  • Astral Shifting
    I don't experience it
  • Bi-Location Shifting
    I don't experience it
  • Cameo Shifting
    I don't experience it

Otherkin Shifting Triggers

  • Mental Shifting
    external stimuli-provoked
    unprovoked involuntary
  • Dream Shifting
  • Phantom Shifting
    unprovoked involuntary
  • Sensory Shifting
    external stimuli-provoked
    unprovoked involuntary

Otherkin Shifting Experiences

  • Mental Shifting
    It affects my voluntary responses to stimuli
    It affects my involuntary responses to stimuli
    I make noises that similar to the ones my kintype makes
    I become unable to understand what people say
    It affects how I use my limbs
    I become unable to speak
    I become unable to write
    I become unable to type
    It affects my posture
    It affects my dietary preferences
  • Dream Shifting
    I experience this during the night
    I experience this through lucid dreams
  • Phantom Shifting
    I experience the sense of light touch in my phantom limbs
    I experience the sense of heavy touch in my phantom limbs
    I experience another sense from my phantom limbs
    I feel I can move my phantom limbs
  • Sensory Shifting
    It affects my sense of taste
    It affects my sense of touch
    It affects my sense of smell
    It affects my sense of hearing
  • Sensory Shifting
    I know I was sensory shifted only after it ends

Plural System Identity

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  • Vampirism
    Not a vampire

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  1. Woot! I'm back and alive and going to try again to not be all reclusive and wrapped up in books! LOL

  2. Absolutely, I've been arguing that the mirror test is completely unscientific for years. When there are so many people that deny self-awareness to nonhuman animals because of thousands of years of self-justifying their exploitation, you have to take basic steps just to prove things we all know from observation. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/kids-and-animals-who-fail-classic-mirror/
  3. Science again confirming the obvious, but it is necessary to reverse biases and strengthen the argument for the moral status of animals. While it is indeed necessary to demonstrate this for individual species, given analogous taxonomical continuity across families, it can be assumed that other canines are self-aware from this evidence. Original research: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0376635717300104 Article summary: http://www.sciencenewsline.com/news/2017090517530041.html
  4. Yeeeeeeeeeee, I found a crazy horsewoman to teach me dressage, who practices horsemanship informed by cognitive ethology and understanding of horse perception and behavior.

    This makes up for reading really infuriating arguments by old white armchair philosophers of language against mind in animals. I subject myself to this kind of torture to "know thy enemy", so to speak. They're all incredibly wrong. Animals are minded individuals and most mammals at least are self-aware given the evidence that is coming to light on metacognition studied in everything from dogs, horses, cats, apes, and such, but also birds and marine mammals.

    1. AppyHeart


      Oh yes. I agree.

      Those who believe "Beasts of burden" are simply mindless or "Dumb beasts" are ignorant! 
      Sure to the human eye they seems so. Many animals "submit" to our actions.... but why is that? because we THINK and APEAR to be dominant!

      We aren't.

      However, when we work WITH an animal instead of trying to prove ourselves better than them, we see we can gain common ground....

      THIS ability is what humans CAN GRASP!!!!!

      Many...However, only think of it as a game to see who is weaker and who is lesser of a being....

      Once you learn that bigger brains and more "cognitive ability" mean nothing to other species.... THEN you will understand that life and NATURE in general is more important than the information you buy to train your horse (or other animal)

      Legit.... Listen to your "pets" and read their body ligo. (inform yourself on what that lingo IS) And you are set!!! If you CAN'T understand the animal you have in your possession ( no matter how hard you study or 'try').... You may as well give them up to an adoption agency because hun.... at least those looking for abandoned animals can relate to them in respects to their WELL BEING. 

    2. Nøkken
  5. Rant

    Let me offer you more details that you might not have considered. I'm both a teacher and work as an activist for LGBTQ persons, especially supporting my transgender friends. I myself am gay. I agree with Opossumblossum's points, but you might want to consider a few things first: Typically school policy dictates that one not wear "offensive" clothing which is a blanket term that allows the school to willy-nilly choose what to censor on a case by case basis. On one hand, this is a good thing because it allows some flexibility with regard to violations that really are intended to disrupt, but are difficult to classify. (For example, I used to wear a shirt to middle school that read "F.C.U.K French Connection to the United Kingdom" cause I was a little heathen LOL.) On the other hand, it can be abused by biased teachers (possibly like yours) that might offended by the very idea of nonconformist gender performance. (I also used to wear animal rights activism shirts that got me in trouble. Arguably these were not offensive and the teachers were flaunting their own opinions.) The difficult line is gonna be that the teacher will argue that it was a disruption, and teachers are given liberty to deal with disruptions as they need to cause, hell, we really need it sometimes. Or perhaps, she was just having a bad day and wasn't in the mood to deal with what she might have off-hand interpreted as making fun. Do you know if the area you live is more conservative or liberal? I generally prefer my students to be open and honest with me, so what I would recommend is that you ask her off hours about it, ask why it was a problem. If your friend was indeed trans, I'd immediately think it was problematic. It is a greyer area given your friend might be discovering his/her identity. Overall, I'd say it was a poor choice on the teacher's part regardless because fostering an open space where students can discover themselves and grow is one of the principle values of education. But you've got to remember that us teachers are human, and we make mistakes. We have a lot on our plate all the time and don't always have the energy or time to be sensitive to every issue there is. If your teacher gives an indication that she was offended by gender queering through a boy wearing makeup, then I would make a bigger issue out of it because she will have proven to you that she was indeed biased against genders. Possibly she really is, if she threatened detention simply because of makeup and not because of disruption. But I know for a fact that my students tend to skew others' expressions to make people look worse than they actually are when recounting a story. Usually I ask, did she really say it the way you say she did? What were her exact words? If she did, then it's pretty clear that she is very much against transgendered persons. If it is more your interpretation, then you might want to ask her more questions to make sure you aren't making a mistake. But, if she was just having a bad day and didn't want to deal with it, or if she genuinely cares about transgender persons but thought that it might actually disrupt her class, then you wouldn't be accomplishing activism but making an unnecessary enemy of your teacher and hurting her job for no reason. Then, you'd just have to forgive her for the error and maybe talk to her about it more to resolve it. Activism is good when it punishes people who actually did wrong and meant wrong. It is bad when it uses someone who is innocent and didn't mean wrong as a political tool because one could interpret it that way by leaving off important context. Students don't approach us teachers enough with their issues. I can understand why because we come off as authorities and there is often a certain layer of fear of saying the wrong thing. But I can assure you we wish that students would approach us more about personal issues that occur in the classroom. I don't know, maybe your teacher is a tyrant. There are, in fact, very bad teachers out there LOL. But I just wanted to give you some more things to consider.
  6. eHowl Dates & Times

    Ohhh what is an eHowl? I have not heard of this. I'm guessing massive group chat?
  7. Whatcha eatin?

    DAT BURB METABOLISM KICKIN' IN! Admittedly, I'm like a bottomless pit.
  8. *perks ears toward you from afar and nickers hesitantly before whinnying a hearty hello*


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    2. AppyHeart


      woops nvm. They are shutting down. There are some other sites to do the same stuff on though ^^ Or even starting a discord chat for ourselves as well! Let me know what you think ^^

    3. Nøkken


      I like all of the above? Also, if you're on SL AppyHeart, my UN is Whiteflame Khandr. I haven't logged in for awhile.

    4. AppyHeart


      Well, my poor SL is gunna have to be downloaded again xD It makes my comp run soooo slow!!! But I will try to re-load it again if not for a night of good fun and RPing!


  9. btws Your definitely on SL from you cover. I'm Whiteflame Khandr there, although it's been foreeever. Is their an otherkin sim again. I used to hang out on the Polychroma City sim run by my friend YaoChi. 

    1. Opossumblossum


      Yup! I joined back in 2007. I'll hit you up next time I'm online, but that is rarely these days. Otherkin are seeming more common in public this year, but there isn't any widely known otherkin specific sim that I know of. There's still an old vampire kin sim from 2008, but it's a ghost build.

    2. Nøkken


      I'll jump on too at some point! Been such awhile!

  10. What is talking to people? I don't know. I talk to books. And mainly speak through music. I prefer animal sounds to spoken language.

    1. Kerguelen


      What is talking to people?

      A disaster. I don't recommend it.

    2. Nøkken


      yeah, talking was the biggest mistake for homo sapiens to evolve.

  11. I've been kind of silent lately due to being a very reclusive individual. But I'm hoping to start participating more again. I'm usually afraid people will just hate me.

    In other news, I've been working on a paper to revises the therian "theta-delta" and am going to release the third draft for an open community feedback period.

  12. Ohhh! I must not have turned on notifications because it didn't let me know someone responded. Ack! I want to get back to you more in depth because you've made great observations of your cat! I'll probably respond around Wednesday after I'm done teaching lessons. Your mention of Amazonian aboriginals' number system made me very happy. Few people know about that.
  13. Do you consider nonhuman animals persons?

    That is interesting to me. Typically humans don't refer to animals by sex/gender because they don't consider them to have identities. It's a weird quirk of language to use "it", but what is meant by "it" is that the animal is just an object, not a person, like an automaton. It might be that you are conflicted over whether animals are persons? If you believe that they have feelings and thoughts, that is really close to personhood already, so it might be that you don't know where to place them? YEEEEEEEE! Imma share my library at some point. I was thinking of creating a page in the Kinmunity library called Nokken's Library, with book reviews and summaries. I have a huge collection on animal studies, especially books about human and animal identity, even books that almost sound exactly like therianthropy. Some of them are pretty rare or out of print, so I might make scans for others.
  14. Do you consider nonhuman animals persons?

    Danke! I also agree with your earlier comment fully. OHH, and you might like these, although you might have read them: https://www.amazon.com/Emotional-Lives-Animals-Scientist-Explores/dp/1577316290 https://www.amazon.com/Wild-Minds-Animals-Really-Think/dp/0805056696 https://www.amazon.com/Beyond-Words-What-Animals-Think/dp/1250094593/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_14_t_0?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=7QXJZ4ZZ2ST8ZKR9352K https://global.oup.com/academic/product/thinking-without-words-9780195341607?cc=us&lang=en& (The last one is a really hard read.)
  15. Do you consider nonhuman animals persons?

    There actually is no official definition of a person. It is an unsolved question of contemporary philosophy. In fact, the concept of "person" was distinguished from "human" as early as John Locke in the 17th century, and the distinction is an important part of studies today. Animal personhood is a very hot topic of study in ethics, philosophy and animal minds. The definition doesn't work because an individual in a vegetative state would not be considered a person even if they are both human and still an individual. (i.e. "they are John and have a personal history of identity": they are not dead, but they are also no longer a person.) Ahh! I think it is useful to clarify what I mean by "person". Common language uses "person" and "human" interchangeably because for most of history, only humans were considered possible candidates for personhood. That is a social holdover from millennia of Judeochristian theology. The animal rights movement brought to question what a person is. But even before that, Immanuel Kant acknowledged that there could be nonhuman persons in the 18th century. He just didn't say what they were, and just called them "agents". I mean that "person"--- is a psychological individual that persists through time, but there are many definitions, but, as such, to have an identity is also to be a person. In a legal sense: "an identity deserves rights according to the nature of its identity". So if you feel that nonhuman animals have identities, it would imply that they are persons to be consistent. It is not necessarily the case that being a person entails one has all the same rights. If an animal is interested in its survival, then it could have a right to life as a person, but if he/she can't drive, he/she might not have the right to operate a vehicle. You might possibly believe that there are different gradations of personhood. That is one stance that some philosophers take.