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  1. UHF is awesome, one of my favorite comedies On the note of what I saw last, I watched Master of the World last night. It's a 60's film based on two Jules Verne's stories regarding using a flying machine to bring peace to the world. A must watch for people who like whimsical stories. Oh, and did I mention it's got Vincent Price in it?
  2. If I do, they haven't made themselves known, so I'm going to have to say no.
  3. PSX, home of the original Spyro and Crash Bandicoot games, hands down.
  4. Pure intensity from start to finish <3
  5. Fantastic Planet. Definitely an odd film, but I still really enjoyed it. I don't feel I can say much about it aside from that without spoiling it. I'd recommend watching it if you have an hour with nothing to do.
  6. I'm on a jpop kick tonight.
  7. I watched Orca for the first time in years today. Such a good movie, but I feel bad for the whales :(
  8. Listening to Zweihander's album Ear Slayer. Really good chiptune album.
  9. Kind of surprised this thread doesn't already exist here, but basically the point of this thread is to post what movie you saw last and maybe add some thoughts/recommendations about the film. I don't care about spoilers either way, just be aware others might. The last film I watched was the 2017 Power Rangers movie. It's hard to believe such a simple premise could be shoehorned into a lackluster film, but here we are. Hard to recommend it to fans of the original and even harder to recommend to people unfamiliar with the franchise. There are many movies about monsters, evil magic, teenagers fighting the supernatural, or giant robots that do the job much better than this one did. Though that's not setting the bar high.
  10. Of all the things wrong with voting in the US, I find the voting age to be low on that list. I think it's fine where it's at, pretty much because of what @Ashenfall said about brain development and maturity. I'd also like to add personal identity into that mix because very few at that age have a solid foundation on their identity, let alone politics. Some do, and that's great, but they are few and far between.
  11. Found the Power Rangers Redux album the other day, currently listening to the Lord Zedd track as part of my soundtrack playlist.
  12. I loved the idea of this series, but never could get into the books themselves (my attention was elsewhere at that age). With the exception of one of the books, that is. I ended up getting into The Hork-Bajir Chronicles when I randomly found it in our school library, enough to the point I bought a copy to re-read from time to time. Haven't touched that book in aaaagggesss however. Then there was the show. I don't remember much from it except one episode where one of the characters uncontrollably would shift into an alligator/crocodile randomly throughout.
  13. Just got done rewatching Black Bullet for the upteenth time earlier this morning. I love one of the characters in that show, it's a shame it only got one short season. I'm now marathoning through the Night Manager. This show is amazing, on the last episode now.
  14. Got about the same on the political compass as when I took it in high school. 8values is one I hadn't seen before, That one scored me as a centrist
  15. My super techy side says why not both and just virtualize the OSes as needed in a Linux environment, KVM FTW WTF BBQ, but given this thread isn't really about that, I'd say Windows 10, especially given Microsoft is no longer going to support new hardware on older versions of Windows. And if you really dislike certain features, chances are really good that there's software out there to fix whatever you don't like.