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  1. The Let it All Out Thread

    With no kin that i know personally outside of the internet, it gets quite lonely having kin related fears and worries when they flare up... Secondly. 3 members of my family have passed away in the last 3 months, and 2 of them during this month. That's how terrible my luck is right now, this year quite possibly has been the worst of my life...
  2. Any dragon slayers out there?

    I did wonder to myself whether or not the astral realm had different regions, as well as different vibrational levels inhabited by various creatures and spirits. Thanks for confirming that. That, and also that the Astral realm is controlled to a degree, and not just a void that in which anything can happen. There does seem to be some rules there, and that's what i thought. Oh and i figured that exactly how things are connected, and function there will be very complex and difficult to explain. I try not to rack my own brain thinking about it, and will understand more in time. The more i explore of course. I'm interested to hear about this Draconian council as well, i have heard them being mentioned to me only once They sound very familiar in that case. Could well be what i and others encountered a few months ago. I wasn't particularly affected too much by them, but my Dragonkin friends (And Draconic spirits) closest to me however, were confronted and attacked by very aggressive dark spirits. Yes, and those that are here as Dragonkin only faced any kind of trouble, if they Astral travelled, or projected themselves anywhere and any way. Iv'e yet to tell that story, but i will eventually. Is going to take a lot of typing to describe everything that happened in that period of time. You had a history going that far back with these dark things?. Wow, i feel sorry for you being dragged to their HQ and had to deal with whatever they planned. Good thing you got out of there, and did very well to help out Dragonkind during what i suppose were their most active periods. Very glad to hear of these spirits, eventual decline and the balance of power shifted over in favour of Draconic/Light/Guardian spirits. Disgusting... That's very sad..
  3. Any dragon slayers out there?

    I was just watching this all unfold, until this suddenly got my attention here. I'm interested to know more about this group of spirits if you'd care to share. Not that i like them at all though. I just really care about my Dragon friends, and the fact that something can harm them while they are out there is disturbing..
  4. Artists or bands you suspect could be 'kin

    Several obscure power metal bands that i listen to really do remind me of Dragonkin sometimes. Most notably Insania Stockholm. Of which i'm not too sure, but with titles and lyrics to songs like "Life after life" "Carried by wings" especially. But that might just be me. ^^; But however "Dragons rising" by Iron savior, is very surprising. The lyrics seem to be pretty relevant!. Check it out! :D (Awesome solo too by the way.)
  5. Whatcha eatin?

    Mint Oreos Mm hhmm.. :)
  6. Favorite Advert(s)?

    Always loved this one XD
  7. Favorite game console

    The gameboy, Snes and PS1/2 are those i spend most of my childhood and early teens playing. So those are big favourites of mine. My current favourite at the moment though is the Xbox 360/one. Some PC gaming doesn't go amiss either..
  8. Favorite Known Aliens?

    1.) (Movies) (Avatar). Ikrans/Leonopteryx. Pretty much alien Dragons!. Very cool!. 2.) (Ufology) (various sources). Several different types of Reptilian aliens that have been mentioned in encounters. I'm a little curious what the really bad rep is all about, can't be all bad right?. You certainly seem pretty friendly. :) 3.) (Movies) (Flight of the navigator). Trimaxion Drone Ship a.k.a. Max. Jokey, laid back but always striving to do the right thing. Was a bit creepy to me as a kid, but i still love the movie to this day. 4.) (Ufology). (Adamski encounters). Venusians. Very interesting sounding race, and the events that followed here too. Was pretty peaceful too by the sounds of things, and i like that. Also the source of one of the most clearest and most famous photographs out there of a spacecraft. That still to this day, sadly. People are trying to declare a fake. 5.) (Movies) (Various). Kaiju. Whether they be from either Japanese or western movies, that have played around with this genre. These giant beings are always so cool, design and ability wise. I especially love the reptilian ones, because that's just me. giant lizards, Dragons and stuff. Not usually a force for good, but i admire how awesome they appear to me anyways. X) 6.) (Movies) (The Faculty) Aquatic parasitical aliens. Big bulky tentacled aliens, that i couldn't help but feel sorry for. In this sci-fi horror, they are a race that flee a dying planet and desperately search for a planet with a large source of water. This being earth of course. and via meteors by some reason land outside a high school. They seek human hosts, you know, being a high percentage of water and all. The humans don't take too kindly to this of course. (No spoilers XD ) :( 7.) (Movies) (E.T.) Can't neglect one of the most famous alien movies out there!. Was extremely frightening to me a kid haha, couldn't bare to watch ^^;. But when i first watched the whole thing and right the way through, it really wasn't bad. A nice story, with a nice message behind it too. 8.) (Games) (Sword of the stars 1-2. SOTS: The pit) Morrigi. Don't play this RTS game much, because i always find myself getting wrecked, whenever i get so far into the game. I really love these race of magnificent coily coily Avian/Dragon/taur creatures. Great stats and tech, very powerful fleets and epic looking ships too. (They do look a bit threatening for a wise and peaceful race though i admit haha!. Looking awesome though!.). I always try to ally myself with this race on all my profiles. X)
  9. Weird Facts About Yourself

    Wow same here!. Iv'e experienced both things!. 1.) For the former, i normally get quite a strange sense of deja vu when i get to those points in time. 2.) For the latter i assume it's contact from something within this universe, a guide, friendly spirit etc and just acknowledge them when that happens. 3.) I used to have alot of problems with nightmares as a kid, and had a dreamcatcher bought for me. Many years later and without the dreamcatcher now, iv'e curiously been without nightmares ever since.. 4.) I have so many scars from accidents and doing stupid things. Small scar across forehead from running into a door (being opened from the other side at the time). Small scar across right kneecap. (Doing a bit of parkour on vacation, and banging it on a steel railing). Very small burn scar on right wrist. (Reaching over to pick something up during chemistry glass, and right across an active bunsen burner.). Large burn scar across left forearm. (Being rushed while carrying several cups of tea, and struggling to get through a gate. The inevitable happened. -__- ) 5.) I really hate facial hair. Just don't like the way it looks or how it makes me feel when i have it. Makes my face really itch. So as soon as i notice it, it's shaved off. 6.) I have a strange memory. I can remember things that i witnessed or did many years ago, but some things i forget what i just did half an hour ago. XD 7.) I have my own OC's and they are Dragons. Don't rp as them anymore though. (Wonder if i can make some tulpas out of them) 8.) I live the straight edge lifestyle, but i don't push it upon anyone.. 9.) I'm very sympathetic when hearing the saddest moments in my kin friends past lives, especially death stories. Please don't be alarmed if i get feelsy or hug you without warning. ^^; 10.) I'm not so great expressing myself, i'm a little shy and a bit awkward too. It's within my nature unfortunately. Please be patient with me. ^^;
  10. Daily Thought

    Agh.. The things i do for love ^^;
  11. Words that are stuck in your head

    Part of the hindu universal peace mantra, and no wonder.. "Sarveśām Svastir Bhavatu Sarveśām Shāntir Bhavatu Sarveśām Pūrnam Bhavatu"
  12. Last movie you watched?

    I watched Skull island a few days ago. Really loved it, even though the beginning seemed to rush about into introducing the characters and all. Everything else was amazing though!. The visuals, sense of scale and lighting between scenes especially! The 10 minutes of credits to get to the extra scenes at the end was a bit of annoyance to wait through, but was well worth it though!. :D
  13. What's your spirit animal?

    I have several animal spirit guides. But i don't know much about them yet unfortunately. I have a Bear. Lion, Otter, Armadillo and an Ice Dragon with me.
  14. Ban The User Above You

    Banned for hesitating a little XD
  15. Daily Thought

    I like the benefits of drinking Yerba Mate. But having a taste mostly for sweet things, the bitterness isn't all that pleasant. Maybe i should put honey in it or something..