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  • Gender Identity
  • Gender Expression
    Masculinity (moderate)
  • Preferred Pronouns
    Her, He. Whatever you want honestly, it doesn't bother me.
  • Sexuality
  • Antisexuality
  • Interests
    I am facinated by vikings and Medieval culture. Paganism is both my religion, and a huge subject of research. I find that I'm always looking up the paranormal as well.
  • Hobbies
    I like to sing, draw, play video games, swim, and hike.
  • Favorite Music
    I like a lot of different types of music. While I've always loved metal, I find myself attracted to Electro Swing these days.
  • Favorite Books & Authors
    Eragon, The Stand. Authors; Steven King, JK Rowling, Tolkien, and the lost goes on and on.
  • Favorite Movies & TV Shows
    I love horror movies, (i love both the good, and suuuuper bad ones.) and I love comedy. Animated films are my overall weakness. I love anime, SU, Gravity Falls, Rick and Morty, OITNB, and many more.
  • Favorite Games & Video Games
    I love playong Red Dragon Inn, D&D, and Twilight Emperium. As for what video games are my favorite, there are too many to count.
  • Favorite Sports & Teams
  • Religion

Other-than-human identity

  • Aliases
    SquishyDea, Dea

Otherkin identity

  • Kin Name
    Deyonna or Deyo
  • Time of Awakening
    I've... felt it a long time, but could only put a name to it recently.
  • Primary Identity
  • Shifting Experience
    Mental Shifting
    Dream Shifting
  • Shifting Triggers
    I experience voluntary shifts.
    I experience emotionally-provoked involuntary shifts.

Vampire identity

  • Vampirism
    Not a vampire

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