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    Transgender (F→M)
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  • Antisexuality

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    Midnightfang1 and crossfox20 are older users I have used on other forums

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    Shape shifter and fictionkin (not comfortable getting specific)
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    Sometime in 2012
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    My awaking happened about a year or so before I even found the kin community. its really hard for me to pin down any one moment it happened as it was more of a gradual thing. I have grown up in a pagan house hold and my mother is in the vampire communities so I never struggled with understanding the feelings I guess because I grew up where having past lives human or not were kinda just a thing and I never really thought of it as strange and I even assumed that people like me were the norm. (For the record I was like 12 and younger at those times.) It just really became clear to me that my soul was not human when I started talking about things with a friend who is also otherkin, who at the time also had no idea there was a word for such things. I consider that time period of really thinking about things and doing a lot of introspection to be my time of awaking. Finding the term otherkin in 2013 just helped me understand more with the access to more information.

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    Not a vampire

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