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  1. The Let it All Out Thread

    Despite my best efforts to modern medicine him into oblivion this asshole headmate of mine still has the gall to hang around, and poke his nose in where he isn't wanted. Fortunately I talk to my doctor next week, so I can get my dose adjusted.
  2. Daily Thought

    I can usually tell how far into the work week I am by how severe my psychotic symptoms get.
  3. Daily Thought

    When doing pad work with Dan level brothers and sisters, be mindful that you should be careful of how you hold the pad. Otherwise the 3rd Dan you are working with will deliver a powerful punch to the pad by your head, causing you to bsckfist yourself in the face. *rubs cheek*
  4. Last movie you watched?

    Steven Seagal IS Marked for Death A retired Vice officer returns home to find a Jamaican cartel lead by a voodoun mystic has set up shop in his hometown. Not exactly a smash hit, but enjoyable if you watch it strictly for the charm of Steven Seagal. I don't know how accurate it is martial arts wise, Seagal is an Aikido master - an art I know little about. Though I'm dubious about the final battle, a voodoun mystic using a katana? If it were up to me, I would have cast a Capoeria fighter as the main villain. Still enjoyable. Grab the popcorn, and enjoy it for what it is. Eye Gouge / 10
  5. Daily Thought

    Just finished learning the fifth form in Tang Soo Do. Once you get past the basic forms that teach you the fundamentals, the forms you learn after that start to show you how they might be applied in a real-world scenario. It's making me examine everything I do at work and out on the town. "The surest way to win a war is to take your hands out of your pockets." - Sun Tzu
  6. Martial Artists - Report In

    *I have no experience in nursing, I meant. I can only imagine what goes on in hospitals. I work graveyard security and I've had a few exciting moments, like a guy twisted out of his mind on PCP.
  7. Martial Artists - Report In

    Judo is a great art, it's hard to argue with a style where you hit someone with the planet they were standing on. While I have experiencing in nursing, I have heard my fair share of stories. One nurse I spoke to said she began studying Krav Maga when her unit received a patient with a history of groping the attending nurses.
  8. Martial Artists - Report In

    For some weapons, like the kamas for example, you can just use them to mimic the hand techniques. This is true for TSD, karatedo, and other arts like Eskrima (which is built around using one handed weapons). As for Wing Chun, I never got that far. I only studied for six months, and the swords form is more advanced. But don't let that stop you from experimenting! I play with my wooden kamas (gonna get a sickle soon) and I find that the sign of a good weapon is that you can apply what you know and it can still be effective. A punch with the kamas can either be jamming the blunt head into your opponent's chest, or a quick forward stabbing motion with that delicious blade. I imagine there's plenty of literature on the subject. The kamas aren't a traditional TSD weapon, they're Okinawan Kobudo actually, but there's a few articles and books that helped me figure things out.
  9. Martial Artists - Report In

    Wing Chun is chock full of that. One of its core concepts is simultaneous attack and defense. The Family I practiced was Yip Man style, and three techniques I first learned were Pak Da, Tan Da, and Lop Da. All of them require the use of both hands. Even the punching does, it's a little tricky to master at first - moving both hands in different directions - but once you learn it it feels natural. Even in my private study of TSD, I sometimes practice Wing Chun because while the concepts are distinctly Wing Chun, they are still important. Economy of movement, simultaneous technique, trapping limbs, etc. I could could gush forever. It's definitely worth finding a good Sifu.
  10. Martial Artists - Report In

    The Hyung are my favorite part of TSD, they're an excellent moving meditation. The mindset you begin to develop is one of constant flow and presence and it's a feeling I want to bring into my everyday life. I would love to get into historical fencing, HEMA and the like. I've always been drawn to sickle weapons like kamas and scythes.
  11. Martial Artists - Report In

    I did Wing Chun for a few months before focusing solely on Tang Soo Do; it's an amazingly elegant and simple style. But while they do have weapons, the weapons more serve as a tool to improve your empty handed techniques. The 6.5 Pole builds up your punching power, and the Butterfly Swords teach you speed. If you want a good read, pick up "The Dao of Wing Chun". It's mind blowing.
  12. Favorite music genre/songs

    Because it's in my car's CD player, and it won't eject: A Loss for Words album: The Kids Can't Lose tracks: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, and 11
  13. God/s you worship

    I'm going to change my answer again, because I haven't considered a question like this in a while. As a martial artist, my cosmic view is that of the Dao. The universal way. The cosmos operates according to forces internal and external to it: the outward expansion of the physical universe, the three universal forces, the laws of physics, etc. These things do not have a face or a name, they're just the workings of the Great Machine and all I can do is just witness and experience their doings. Also as a martial artist, I do have great reverence for the Masters of the past: philosophers, teachers, warriors, kings. A single human being isn't much on a cosmic scale, but I admire what something as small as one person can accomplish in their ultimately brief life. To name a few: GM Hwang Kee - the founder of Tang Soo Do, the art which I study. GM Jae Chul Shin - the founder and first Grandmaster of the World Tang Soo Do Association, the organization I am affiliated with. M Akono Itosu - a Master of Tang-Te (the predecessor to Karate) who helped set down the philosophical foundations of modern martial arts and set the stage for... M Gichin Funakoshi - a student of M Itosu who brought Karate-do into the modern era. Bodhidharma - a legendary figure who is attributed as the one who brought martial arts to Shaolin Temple. There are others, but too many to really list.
  14. What's your spirit animal?

    I'm actually going to change my answer. I would have to say my spirit animal is the tortoise, and the reason is due to Martial Arts: I study Tang Soo Do, a type of Korean karate-do that incorporates elements of northern Wushu, Shotokan, and indigenous Korean styles such as Subahk and Taekkyeon. In my system we have kata (called Hyung in Korean) that we share with karate-do, and the ones I have been studying recently are the Pyung Ahn forms (Pinan in Japanese) and these forms are represented by the symbol of the tortoise. The reason for this is that when you begin learning these forms, you are intermediate level. At this point in your training you understand the fundamentals and the forms will begin demonstrating possible combat application. This way, you are never without a means of protection - much like how a tortoise is never without its own means of protection. I work a security job in a rough neighborhood, and being protected like a tortoise means a lot to me. Having had to face down my share of dangers, villains, and ruffians; I just think of what a tortoise would do and I feel a LITTLE better.
  15. What's your spirit animal?

    I'd probably say Monkey. Whenever I consumed hallucinogens I always saw myself as a kind of ape/monkey.