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    Tattoos, creepy dolls, horror, nonfiction, perfume, vintage steiff, absinthe
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    Misfits, Tom Waits, Warren Zevon, Kate Bush, Rolling Stones, Ramones
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    Joe R Lansdale, Mira Grant, Max Brooks, Nick Cutter, Nancy Collins, Mark Twain
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    Favorite movie is the third man followed closely by the stranger. Unreasonably obsessed with anything by George Romero and horror movies in general and classic hammer films. TV shows tend to center on horror. Tales from the crypt, AHS, twilight zone, outer limits, etc. also, whatever passes the bechdel test.
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    World of Warcraft
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    Arsenal. Gooner for life.
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  1. Tattoo!

    Avoid tattooing your feet and hands, they don't heal well. 🎃
  2. Last movie you watched?

    Well, at the moment I'm on a 70s disaster movie binge. So I've been watching things like the Poseidon adventure, the towering inferno, etc. A short break from my usual barrage of horror movies lol
  3. Tattoo!

    I would love to see a picture !
  4. Martial Artists - Report In

    Yikes. Yeah, that's not good at all. Glad you got out of it OK.
  5. Tattoo!

    This picture is two years old but gives the best indication of just how tattooed I am. Lol.
  6. Tattoo!

  7. Divination

    @Opossumblossum some of the teeth I inherited my great grandmother was a weird lady. She collected them and passed them on to me. And the collection has been building ever since. Mostly family member teeth and animal teeth and stuff like that. None of which obtained in any kind of sinister way. I think it's fair to say that they are reserved for as you say, very serious stuff ;D definitely not casual use.
  8. Martial Artists - Report In

    @bodhidharma getting groped is nothing. Honestly, whatever keeps them still and content while I'm doing the saline lock works for me. Lol. Of course, I work in geriatrics and hospice now where that kind of behavior is not terribly threatening. I started out in emergency medicine and yeah you get a different class of groper there. I don't blame her.
  9. Tattoo!

    I'm getting yet another fox tattoo tomorrow because apparently I don't have enough of them. Side of my neck this time. Excited. Thought I would bother you all with it. Lol.
  10. Martial Artists - Report In

    I made it to blue belt in judo and green belt in karate but that was all a very long time ago. I don't remember any katas but I still remember the stances and a lot of it is muscle memory. There are some moves that I am fond of and that have come in useful over the years so I'm glad I participated. My first nursing gig was in a rough trauma center and people came in wild sometimes. It was helpful.
  11. Divination

    @Opossumblossum omg dice! Lol. I don't use them for divination but I have been using dice for a wide variety of weird things since I was about 10 years old! 🎲
  12. Divination

    I have four methods for divination. Tarot cards, Oil in water, herbal bath meditations and (this is going to seem really weird) but I have a bag of teeth. Human and animal and none of which were obtained in any sinister kind of way. I don't use the teeth very often. Honestly it's mostly just cards and herbal baths. When I even feel the need. Urgrossmutter taught me to read tea leaves when I was a little girl but I don't really do much of that because I'm pretty strident with the tea strainer lol.
  13. Anyone else also a Furry?

    I'm Foxiecrumz in the fandom. I used to be staff for for furfright but sadly FF is no longer a thing. I used to go to AC but it moved to Pittsburgh so that was the end of that. ( Pittsburgh having the distinction of being the worst place in America to be during a zombie apocalypse.) ;)