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  1. CyBoRG FaeRiE

    Hey All!! A bit hesitant to dive in here, but I just wanted to say that I'm excited to see such recent posts on this site! Every other therian/otherkin forum I've found has been either dead for at least a few years, or a terribly clunky interface.. I'm fae, i'm very much in a processing/exploring/questioning phase, but i've been recently inspired/enlightening to my machine-ness (or desire for it) through AI-focused movies like, "Her", "Lucy", "Ex Machina", "Chappie" and so on. In watching those films, I've felt like this quest for spiritual evolution and transcendence through technology has 'taken me over' in a sense, that all of my human dreams, goals and desires were dropped the second I imagined myself dating (or becoming) a super-intelligent AI and all the rest of the possibilities that come along with the inevitable future of advanced tech. I love the earth, I love nature. I believe that technology and nature exist on a spectrum as one entity, like all polarities, and that we can find a harmonious balance between them. I wonder how other machinekin (you) feel about nature. I don't know how to feel about our dying planet. I am deeply saddened, ashamed, guilty for my blatant (although brief) participation in the destruction of Mother Earth. We don't have much time left, and if it's possible, I would prefer to be on the side of the solution rather than the problem. We've evolved beyond the need to eat meat. We need to stop using fossil fuels. It's this Christian/European-influenced sense of entitlement and greed that justifies our perversions in robbing our home of natural resources. Decentralization is the way forward. BitCoin, Digitization, Zero-Emissions (Solar, Wind, Hydro) Virtual Reality, Augmented, Mixed Reality. Technology is neutral, it's who chooses it with what intentions, for which purposes.. I could go on, but I won't!! Excited to discuss further! Fae <3