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  • Gender Identity
  • Gender Expression
    Femininity (weak)
  • Preferred Pronouns
    She/Her, They/Them
  • Sexuality
  • Antisexuality
  • Interests
    Voltron, Undertale, Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, Digimon, Naruto, Pokemon, Generally Anime
  • Hobbies
    Digital Art, Writing
  • Favorite Music
  • Favorite Books & Authors
    Hahah uhh
  • Favorite Movies & TV Shows
  • Favorite Games & Video Games
    Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, Kirby
  • Favorite Sports & Teams
    Lmao no.

Other-than-human Identity

  • I am...
    an otherkin
    a fictionkin
    a plural system
  • Primary Identity

Otherkin Identity

  • Kin Name
    Inquisitor, Dovahkiin, and generally any of my names on the list?
  • Kintype(s)
    Check the About for a list of kins.
  • Kintype(s) Description
  • Time of Awakening
    I was kin with Tails when I was like, nine???
  • Personal Awakening
    I was nine I don't really...REMEMBER what happened? I just know that I was kin w/ tails. I have ptsd my memory from my childhood is p much destroyed
  • Body Dysphoria

Otherkin Shifting Frequency

  • Mental Shifting
    I experience it few times a month
  • Dream Shifting
    I experience it few times a year
  • Phantom Shifting
    I experience it few times a year

Otherkin Shifting Duration

  • Mental Shifting
    It lasts many minutes

Otherkin Shifting Triggers

  • Mental Shifting
  • Dream Shifting
    unprovoked involuntary
  • Phantom Shifting
    external stimuli-provoked
    unprovoked involuntary

Otherkin Shifting Experiences

  • Mental Shifting
    It affects my voluntary responses to stimuli
    It affects my involuntary responses to stimuli
    I make noises that similar to the ones my kintype makes
    I become unable to understand what people say
    It affects how I use my limbs
    It affects my posture
    I become unable to hold objects
    It affects my dietary preferences
  • Dream Shifting
    I experience this during the night
  • Phantom Shifting
    I experience the sense of light touch in my phantom limbs
    I experience the sense of pain in my phantom limbs
  • Sensory Shifting
    It affects my sense of taste
    It affects my sense of smell
    It affects my sense of hearing

Plural System Identity

  • System type
    Host of tulpae
  • My headmates are result of...
    Visiting souls
    Result of trauma
    Other (other)
  • Are members named?
    There's at least one one that they presented their name
  • Member count
    I don't know
  • About each member
    The Abyssmother was the first. She started as a normal wolf branching from trauma and a wolf Otherkin, a simple white wolf. But her memories tell that her pack was destroyed, physically and mentally, by creatures that are a broken memory. An alter who later joined the system restored the pack, and she was named the Abyssmother.

    Fawn is a current unnamed system member, I believe she's called a Little. She's a, well, a fawn that Abyssmother is looking after. She's naive and way too blunt, and she doesn't know when she's offended someone and runs away easily. Because of this, she's rarely given a front.

    Death is the later alter, who has apparently been lurking here for a long time. I don't really know how to explain them, whenever mentioned I swear I can...feel them? And it's even more so when they front, my body feels...Weird?? They're an entirely black humanoid creature wearing robes and a cloak of the same color, a wolves skull covering their face, two red pricks of light forming their eyes. They're actually very gentle, despite being Death.

    Issyn is a Dragon Goddess of a lot of bad things essentially, her sister is Elyrien, who is the opposite. There's also Tiamu, a twin-tailed calico cat goddess of luck, who all span from the same place.

    Yv'Aura and Xeneous are two gods who are alternates of each other. Xeneous is pretty much almost always banned from fronting, along with Vindunoknil, both dragons who show a hatred for others. Yv'Aura and Zilokdrem are more caring, one is a winged fox goddess, the other a dragon.

    There's a LOT of Dragon alters here.

    Fictives include Flowey and Alphys currently, although Kirby and Waddle Dee have popped up a few times. Alphys is much rarer to see then Flowey, and a few times Gaster has shown up despite him not having ANY relation to the system other then interactions with kin canons.

Vampire Identity

  • Vampirism
    Not a vampire

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  1. Favourite Dragon in Flight Rising?

    Ha, oh my god. I'm unable to pick between these two, so I'm slapping them BOTH down. This is Death, who I would die for. THIS IS MY DAUGHTER DREAMSCAPE, WHO I WOULD ALSO DIE FOR MY WALLET'S GONNA BE THE ONE DYING THO BC I WANT BEE AND GLIMMER FOR HER