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  1. Guilty Pleasures

    my guilty pleasure is 'Miraculous tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir'...first it was lowkey obsessed...then after all the episodes and webisodes and fan art im very very high key obsessed!!
  2. Intros and Interests

    Hi! New to the site as a whole but I started browsing and found this group! I am a pastry chef, looking for the right job. I started from home when I was young, when I got to high school I started additional culinary classes at a vocational school, got accepted into the #3 ranked culinary college at the time, and majored in Baking and Pastry. Cake decorating is my forte'. I worked for 6 years as a pastry cook at a very large resort/hotel and really learned a lot. (even though there was a ton of BS from that job and the employer was a douche canoe). I've since left and am a cake decorator at a chain store, but hey, better pay. I also run a little business out of my home baking and decorating. I'm a foodie, swoon over nice kitchens and equipment, and would LOVE to talk pastries with you all. :)