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  1. Sul Narr

  2. Hey Everyone, I'm going to admit I'm a complete newbie when it comes to knowing about computers, but I really want to push to learn more about them as I don't even know how to build one or about basic hardware which I'm slowly teaching myself now with the help of online sources. I know how to use HTML and CSS enough to edit things that pre-exist and make basic web pages, but I realized recently that I want to do Information Technology and Computer Repair after I graduate and get A+ Certified in a variety of things. (I'm graduating in the wrong major mind you. I'm in Illustration and hating it more and more as all my peers struggle to find jobs out of school so I'm looking into more practical things now.) Where would one start to learn the basics of computer hardware to really get the systems down and such? I'm considering applying to be a support IT member in my college because no prior experience is needed and if I put a year or so under my belt from the middle of my junior year it'll look good on my resume which currently only has art awards. Any suggestions of where to start, resources, documents, learning jobs, or information about personal experience would help. I know there's a few IT specialists in the kin community and I'd like to get to know you guys. Regards, Sul Narr