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    It doesn't matter, though please don't use it. It upsets Chelsea. She says it dehumanizes us
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    Drawing, Writing, Singing, and Cooking. We love to cook and bake!
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    No real favorites lately but I listen to a lot of alternative
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    Terry Goodkind, John Ringo, and Patricia Briggs
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    Teen Wolf
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    RPGs most and I play some MMOs
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    I sometimes watch football but I'm not a huge sports person

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    Midnight Queen and MeMyselfAndUs

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    Spiritual Hunters
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    Ancient Spirit, Astral Wolf, Polymorph, Demoness, and Two humans
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    Polymorph: Jessie usually sees herself most the time in a human form and this is the form she takes while at work. Flowing energy hair, a blue form, and usually tendrils of energy. When at home, it's fair game and she can take any form she may wish or happens to take. The only singularity between these forms is that she glows. She is always glowing a pale blue light.

    Ancient Spirit: The Huntress is a spirit of the hunt. The word spirit, in this sense, is referring to that which has power or energy. Huntress is the living embodiment of the hunt. She is very similar to a polymorph in that she can take any form that she wants but unlike Jessie, her forms are only predators or hunters. If that makes any sense at all. We're sure the ancient part is obvious.

    Astral Wolf: At'Ka is our silver astral wolf. She is a headmate directly from the astral plane. If she stands bipedal, she stands at seven feet. She has dark markings on her forhead and crystal blue eyes. She does not often stand bipedal except when Chelsea wants to ride on her shoulders.

    Demon Shapeshifter: Mar is our residential demon. Much like most members of our system, she is a shapeshifter. Her typical form, however, is that of a succubus but she can make herself mist or dark energy.

    Human (adult male): Kay is our residential cowboy and keeper of the funds. He's usually seen in a plain color tshirt with blue jeans and a cowboy hat.

    Human (young female): Chelsea is the baby of the system. She's small in height and stature with blonde hair and blue eyes. She usually keeps her long hair in pigtails and tends to be the shyest of us all.

    Human (young, mouth less): Klara is our mute. In the headspace she has a dark complexion with brown eyes. She doesn't have a mouth so you usually see her with something covering her face from the nose down.
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    Probably about six years ago

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  1. My baby girl in her cute little PJs!

  2. A Guide to Multiplicity

    The guide to Multiplicity Multiplicity is a very complex situation for anyone involved and it can get very confusing to those who don’t know what they’re looking at. This is a very basic guide to understanding Plurals. So what is Multiplicity? Multiplicity is the state in which a person shares their body with another being/soul/headmate etc. There are many names for what people call those beings that they share their body with. Usually, in the kin communities you will see the term headmate. You may also see alter/spirit/soul and other names that are unique to that particular system. An umbrella term for those with Multiplicity is Plurals. However, you may see that Plurals and Multiples are used in the same context. How long has it been around? Multiplicity has been around for longer than the otherkin community. There are cases of demon possessions in history those scientists now believe are earlier cases of Multiplicity. In the 18th century more detailed accounts began appearing. There was a case of a woman who suffered amnesia with a split personality all the way back in 1646 written by Paracelsus but it wasn’t until 1791 that an account was written in great detail by Gmelin. Ever since then, the only known account of multiplicity has been a disorder called Multiple Personality Disorder but now referred to as Dissociative Identity Disorder. It wasn’t until rather recently did the term Natural Multiplicity or Natural Plural occur in Western Society and is not exactly accepted by a large number of psychologists. There are many people trying to push for non-trauma based Plurals to be recognized but at the moment, it is simply a thing such as otherkin. What does it mean to be a Plural? Anyone with more than one person sharing the body is considered a Plural and there are terms under it that describe the type of plural they can be. What are the different types? There is a multiple system, which you see many people call themselves. The headmates are distinct, separate beings with their own personalities and thoughts. Usually it incorporates the headmates sharing time in the front and cooperating with each other. There is a median system. These plurals are in between singlet and plurals. They share their body with fragments of themselves i.e. past lives or emotions personified. There is usually one sole fronter and the headmates are not always as distinct as with a multiple. There is a gateway system. It is believed these plurals have a headspace in another dimension/plane/reality and the headmates use the body as a gateway to interact with the world. These tend to have a very large number of headmates that come and go as they please. What are some troubles a plural may deal with? There are moments a Plural may have difficulties, especially if communication is not established. They can suffer time loss. They can deal with dissociation at times. If a headmate is in distress or upset about something it may influence the rest of the system and cause the person in front to act a little differently than they wanted to. For example, if a headmate is very angry about something it can cause the one in front to grow angry too even though nothing has happened to make the fronter angry. This occurs more with those who do not have good communications with their headmates. Communication is the key to a healthy system. How should one treat a Plural? Well, the worst way to address a Plural would be to act as if they have some kind of disease or disorder. Even if the Plural is trauma based, there is no reason to treat them any differently than you would someone else. If you are unsure of who is fronting, do not feel as if you cannot ask them. Plurals understand that it can be confusing for people talking to them and so they do try and make it easy for everyone to know but sometimes, they can forget and at this point it is perfectly okay for you to ask who is fronting. If you find that the Plural gets upset when you ask, well then that person has a few more issues than they would like to admit. It should not be a problem for them to say who is out. To Plurals, it would be the equivalent of someone asking us if we happen to have the time. If they do happen to get upset, for whatever reason, it may be best to just take a step back and give them a moment to breath, just as you would with anyone who was upset. You said something about natural Plurals; what are those? A Plural can be one of three things. There are trauma based Plurals. These are those who are more likely associated with Dissociative Identity Disorder. These Plurals were not born this way. They suffered from some kind of trauma at a young age that caused their mind to form these ‘masks’ that the person could hide behind until the trauma passed. These are typically called alters and they don’t always find their way to the kin communities. You have natural Plurals which are Plurals who didn’t have to suffer any trauma to become the way they are. Usually they are born that way or later develop it through the use of a tulpa or walk-ins. Then there are your mixed Plurals. These Plurals may start with trauma based headmates and develop headmates later on that are not born from trauma such as walk-ins or tulpas. It can also work in reverse where a natural Plural gets headmates based off trauma or stress. When do headmates develop or are discovered? This can also happen at any time. Once one develops multiplicity, there is a possibility of the system growing larger for no real reason or from stress of everyday life. A headmate could develop simply because of a new job that none of the other headmates are good at. The role becomes open and the headmate appears to fill it. However, it is usually unrealistic for a system to develop a large number of headmates in a very short period of time. It can happen with trauma based Plurals but it is usually only one or two discovered at a time. However these headmates did not develop then. They have been there for a while and they are only now discovering them. This is acceptable. However, if one discovers a large number of headmates, usually starting at four or five and increasing in numbers within a short period i.e. a week, it is usually not a good sign. If they are indeed discovering these headmates at the same time than it could show an underline problem that they have yet to discover. Headmates may also take a very long time to develop (in the case of tulpas) or can happen suddenly. If you wish to look up more terms on Multplicity a good source is Plurality Resource. There you can find a glossary with basic terms and links to other glossaries as well.
  3. Hell yeah! There's a media section on the site! Excuse while I dump my life's work there!
  4. Mentor system

    I'm not sure a group is a good idea because you're limited on how many groups you can join. Unless your gold vip you can't join many groups at all. And some may find other groups more important. Plus, groups aren't exactly active. ~Jessie
  5. Mentor system

    I think this would be a good way of handling it. It could be an option in your profile that you can select and if you can't change the color of the badge, you can get a little mention in the miniprofile maybe under Inventory. ~Jessie
  6. More "System Account" options

    We love this idea! It would be useful in determining the type of system you're talking to and would possibly keep those who simply mark it to put it on their profile from simply selecting it. It requires more thought. ~Jessie
  7. Fears

    That would explain it. I had a lot of dreams like that and stress is a major part of my life. ~Jessie
  8. Fears

    Only a few in our system have significant fears. Chelsea is afraid of strangers. She's incredibly nervous when in crowds but not when surrounded by people she knows. It's just the strangers part that gets her. Me, I've got two completely irrational fears. I'm deathly afraid of falling, like I'll cling like a cat to keep from falling and get hysterical at times. Even if it's a small drop, like not even more than two feet. I'm also terrified of my teeth falling out. I've had a lot of nightmares of my teeth falling out and I guess it's bothered me enough to become a fear. ~Jessica
  9. Your opinion on "wolfaboos"

    Afraid we're not versed in those laws so we can't tell you honestly. ~Jessie
  10. Your opinion on "wolfaboos"

    Picking up where Terro left off, apparently the dog was dead before she/he got it. She/he was into taxadermy and removed the head. They posted photos of the process and the owner recognized the dog from the photos. He had been missing for a few days. So that was a total mess with nothing coming of it really except a cult following of Wolfe and more teen wolves showing up. On the line of the thread, we question them like we would any kin that steps into our line of view. We would see if they were for real and if they just turned out to be a teen wolf, we would usually ignore them. But there are chances that they're actually kin so we try to keep an open mind. If we find they are kin we tend to take them under our wings and help as best we can. ~Jessie
  11. Gonna schedule my first appointment soon. I'm going to see how my baby is developing
  12. This heartburn is killing me. Thankfully no morning sickness.
  13. We're gonna be nerdy, happy parents! Yay! I'm gonna be a momma! My child shall play video games and rule at it.
  14. Make a haiku.

    You didn't give a subject so my tired mind will make one up! Carrots! No more, no! I shall eat all people now! Said Bunny of doom. Subject: Thoughts of stars as they watch us people from above ~Jessie
  15. The Let it All Out Thread

    So the other day we learn we're pregnant! Yay we're going to be parents but then the worry sets in. Not the "are we going to be good parents" worry by the "why does it have to be right now" worry. We're in the process of buying a house that looks like we may not be able to completely afford. My mother inlaw is still in ICU and has a long road ahead even though she's been in there for two weeks plus already. I'm just stressed and I think of how stress is bad for the baby, especially wth how little he/she is and it stresses me out more. Not to meantion the fatigue is kicking ou buts! These stairs are kills us ~Jessie