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    Masculinity (weak)
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    fantasy, scifi, anime, science
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    writing, drawing
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    an otherkin
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    Not sure yet
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    One kintype is a medium sized, burrower animal. The other does not seem to be a normal animal, it is hard to say what it is other than it has fangs and is probably some kind of scavenging feeder.
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    I experience it some times a week

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    It lasts some minutes

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    external stimuli-provoked
    unprovoked involuntary

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    I experience the sense of pain in my phantom limbs
    I feel I can move my phantom limbs

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    Singlet (not a system)

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    Not a vampire
  1. Animals that start with A

    I think I might be making progresses with my theriotype, so I decided to make a blog post talking about it. Considering all that I know so far, there are two options I have for what my therian type might be: aardvark and the armadillo. The aardvark would be what I'm most drawn to. I feel far more connected to this animal than I do to the others in the list, I've been interested in it ever since I found out it existed. Its appearance is consistent with my shifts - strong claws, a long muzzle, big ears with a range of mobility. I think I might have had phantom shifts of a tail too, but as I have some minor back issues I'm skeptical about any phantom feels involving my back or spine since I've felt all sort of stuff there. Its defining behavior is basically digging holes all over the place, which explains why the clearest idea I have about my kintype is that it's a digger animal. Then, the armadillo. There are various species of armadillos, the one I'm most interested in is the pichi. The muzzle is different but could still fit, it's a burrower animal too, and out of the various armadillo species I found is the one that is closer to what my shifts are like. On the downside, the ears definitely don't match, and it's far too small. I think my type is the size of a medium-big dog, and armadillos are as a general rule definitely too small. I'm also not that drawn to this type of animal, but it's still a valid option. I'm still looking into other animals I might not know of, but at this moment these are my best shots.
  2. Confusion

    @Vishuddha thank you very much. I know my gender is ultimately always going to be more relevant to my day to day life than my kintype but I guess I really can't help wanting to find the right answers soon. It's hard to go slow with things and think carefully about everything, but I'm trying to
  3. Dumbest thought of the day!

    "I have two solitary socks where did their matches go" before realizing I was holding two identical socks that were, in fact, a single set
  4. Confusion

    As I have already stated, I am new to the otherkin community and I'm questioning what my kintypes might be. My head is kind of a jumbled mess of thoughts on this. I think maybe writing things down could help sort things out. Truth is, I don't like questioning. I went though a lot of it when it comes to my gender, and it was so annoying. I'm a person who likes to find answers fast, based on clear cut facts and reasonings. Gender was already a disaster, and kintypes are even more complicated. But I guess I'll have to get used to it. I'm pretty sure I am otherkin, even if my kintypes are still confused. I know one is an animal, I know it is medium sized and has strong claws, made not for fighting but more for digging. I also know the other one is some kind of monster or demon, that it has many sharp fangs. But those are still very little to base myself on, there are too many possibilities that could fit both of those. I'm trying to meditate, as well as looking into various animals and beings that could fit the ideas I have so far. Admittedly mediation isn't going that great so far thanks to my issues concentrating properly but I think I'm getting the hang of it. And it's a constant struggle to tell myself to go slow and not jump to conclusions early, but so far I'm managing. Hopefully I'll manage to find something more about myself soon. I'll make more posts here when that happens