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  1. The "Canadian" wolf

    No I don't. I am a dragon, I like debate...
  2. The "Canadian" wolf

    I'm trying to learn but it seems to have a huge human twist to it. The answers are from a human point of view, I wanted to get them from non humanists that's why I joined
  3. Any dragon slayers out there?

    I wish to ask why? Why must we dragons be targeted? Why must we be called evil? Why must we be called monsters?
  4. The "Canadian" wolf

    I know some "invasive" species do cause harm but literally the same creature with a different color is just mad...green and brown anoles are both anoles, a small lizard. I have seen with my own eyes them coexist. People hunt invasive species for something to kill. If humans didn't kill the predators of an area like coyotes, bob cats, and wolves then maybe just maybe I don't know for sure but I think the prey would fall back in line and not only that but be stronger. Brown anoles should be one of those species because feral cats like to decimate lizard populations so at least an anole of some sort to take care of the insects would do good. Iguanas shouldn't be hunted because they don't do anything wrong, they found a new home like humans long ago did when they came to the "new lands" and decimated the natives...It should be no issue saying humans are an invasive species, it should be a fact right now. Humans are taking over the world, they push all others out and they say others are overpopulated yet they have 7.6 in population...if any creature needs a cull it's the humans
  5. The "Canadian" wolf

    Black humans are invasive to white humans, at one point in time black humans were seen as lesser...look at the social justice movement...they're trying to get the black humans to be above...how is that bad? Using your logic...Brown anoles aren't invasive and can coexist with green anoles, i've actually seen it. There are brown and green anoles outside in my yard which I observe every day. I've seen more green anoles than I have brown anoles, again and again I see green anoles outnumbering the brown anoles so your point is invalid...Humans shouldn't be allowed to do such a thing..."stoping" is another word which in humans means mass killing. Just because they went to another area doesn't mean they're bad or invasive. What did humans do to bring brown anoles here besides ships? Sure they went on ships but they weren't deliberately put into nature..."humans are the only species" spare me that crap...Don't use such words as "control" and "invasive species" in the same statement...Humans don't do anything to help the "invasive" species, they only kill. Anoles eat insects...killing insects without chemicals is something humans should be striving for so why care if they're the wrong color of anole? They both eat insects.
  6. The "Canadian" wolf

    But narrowing them down to kill them is just wrong. The native wolf of the US was killed off, them bringing in more wolves even if they aren't the exact type for obvious reasons is needed, Humans like killing sure but it removes nature. If not species than humans are sub species which are allowed to intermingle yet green and brown anoles are hated for trying to
  7. The "Canadian" wolf

    Sure but by that logic black humans and white humans are different species, they live in different areas (or used to) eat different things, statistically highly likely to commit crime within themselves...but no that's "racist" right? Why is it? Dragons do exist on earth, just hidden from humans view. I know it's not a dragon, it's a huge lizard though. Dragons are essentially lizards we have cold blood, scales, eyelids, and limbs...sure we have wings but still. We aren't avian that's for sure. I am speaking through a half shift, through my dragons spirit. I'm dragonkin by definition. There is science involved in many things you know. Sure i'm in a rubbish body but still I myself in spirit am a dragon, and I hold the memories of many past lives as such. I know I don't "have" to eat insects and fish but I like doing so. Insects are quite sustainable and it provides a meal to me as well as my reptilian children that are kin to dragons. Who are you to tell me i'm pretending?
  8. Evolution of the dragon

    I know, I never said anything about shape, color, size, or body type, I only pointed out that it isn't a reptilian eye that's on the picture, even within reptile eyes there are different ones
  9. Thoughts on Windows 10?

    I have a stupid mac...mac OS although clean is rubbish. I haven't had any issues as of yet with windows but with wine, the windows emulator for linux/mac it kept crashing, the games were lagging, it was slow, servers crashed constantly and with 4 gb of ram having 10 app windows to run one game doesn't work that well
  10. Mars

    Foolish foolish mortals. Even if there's water on mars...nevermind I won't spill the beans quite yet. Just know this, earth should be protected even if there is another "suitable" planet. Use what you've got. No creature outdoes themselves without help from humans, Humans killing predators makes prey out do themselves
  11. Evolution of the dragon

    wrong eye type for us dragons, we're reptiles...that's a human like eye for one. We dragons didn't evolve we made the world yet we're immortal. Sure each body is different than the last but inside, who we are remained the same
  12. The "Canadian" wolf

    Green and brown anoles can breed easily as well. Humans class anoles based on their scale color, wolves based on there area of living like the "Canadian" "timber" and "grey" wolf. They're both a group of the largest canines but the whole "diet" argument is too strict. Because the animals that live in the different areas are different they have a different diet and by the logic there humans of different areas should be treated as such. It's an annoying double standard, the only other double standard to rival that is humans killing every species for fun but if a non human animal dares kill and eat a human the world comes to an end. Woe is me a creature ate a human. Such a big deal. Humans say they're oppressed yet they kill everything, maybe not directly but the toxic waters kill the fish which sure I don't care that much about yet my diet is mostly fish and insects so I kind of need them, dragon kin species that are classes as lizards that eat insects suffer from the toxic pesticides used. Snakes which eat creatures like rats suffer from the same effect especially if said rats are being baited by poison. The only acceptable thing humans do is an accidental meltdown like in Chernobyl. I don't know if you've been but the human stuff is overrun and nature is acting as it should. The wolves over there are massive too. Predators are oppressed because they're killed for killing prey, prey are oppressed for being overpopulated because humans killed off the predators. Humans are one of the most annoying animals ever. I want to eat all of them but then i'd be sick
  13. I am honestly so scared for America's wellfare

    Oh boo hoo humans...So scared. Oh the world is coming to an end...oh woe is me. I think the focus should be on animal rights than the political crap going on right now. Wolves or "Canadian" wolves as hunters like to call them are being hunted regularly. Coyotes are treated worse. There's predator killing contests and humans don't eat them...Then somehow there's an overpopulation of deer. I wonder why...Then humans have a cull for them. Nature progresses with predators eating the weak, and their strongest breeding to keep up with the ever stronger and smarter prey. Humans have 7.6 billion in population yet call every other creature they hate to be "overpopulated" humans split up animals so much. To me wolves are just wolves, anoles either brown scaled or green scaled are just anoles. Some I agree should be classed such as cougars and bobcats because they look quite different but wolves look like other wolves and anoles asides from their scale color are exactly the same yet when someone tries to split humans up like that it's instant racism
  14. The "Canadian" wolf

    So i've been on facebook...for a little bit anyways before I was kicked off by hunters who don't want to debate, they're dead set on killing everything. Humans of the US of A have wiped out native wolves so they had to get wolves from a different location...they're the ones who cause it to happen and now they're complaining on how the "wrong" wolf is there. Why? It's the same with brown anoles, which them and green anoles are common back yard lizards but one has green scales (and can turn brown). Iguanas are also commonly hated for some reason. Humans call creatures like the two I mentioned invasive yet humans themselves have taken over the world. Yes humans used to be in this area before but they were natives and they respected nature. My point in the rant is why? Why do humans split other animals into different groups and say ____ wolf has this diet, personality, environment but _____ wolf has this, or even better Brown anoles are from cuba how dare they intermix with the green anoles...statements such as those yet when you dare call humans different they throw a fit. I mean no offense in this statement I'm about to say but it's the truth. Black humans, white humans, slightly off white humans, asians, whatever the shade is really they all come from different backgrounds yet they're all called "humans" why not take after what they do to non human animals?
  15. Becoming a God

    I'm a dragon, my rage of bloodlust if I don't have meat at least once a month would burn me up. I don't personally like angels because they're of the cocky god that killed pagans, and those who did witchcraft. I prefer demons which to humans look evil yet they're not. Good and evil are a scale. One can't be purely good nor evil not even the dragons who made the universe. I don't know any ways of coping with it. Try eating meat