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    Being angry, Setting fires, Playful mischief, Drinking coffee, Drawing, Reading
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    Transgender FtM
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    Machines, Coyotes
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    Transformer appearance: I may actually be Phaser (with the Legends appearance & modes) and not noncanon. I'm catching up and I missed a lot of stuff over the years. I'm viscerally shaken by this realization.

    Theriotype appearances don't matter.
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    It wasn't so much of an awakening as it was a realization.
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    I don't shift: I'm a Vacillant therian

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  1. I feel like from the jaguar therian side of things I'm starting to grow more distant from the community. Kinda like I don't really need the therian/otherkin community anymore. I found my answers about that and how to cope with it and I should just leave indefinitely. I'll be staying in the servers but I won't be very active (except for one fictionkin-related server). As for that forum I set up, I'm going to keep it up and just stay to keep an eye on things if it gets any activity.

  2. I'm still very shaken so...yeah. This is a fun time.

  3. Due to a lot of stuff, I need to question my fictotype more. May be more of a canon character than I thought. Is it possible to cameo shift a noncanon character while being a canon character? Or is that noncanon stuff more like wishful thinking and ignoring things? I'm absolutely shaken right now and just....goddamn it! Goddamn it.

  4. Just doing a bit of light reading.

    1. Phase


      Was thinking about this part again. So, yeah...this is what I find applies when I say that as a jaguar, I don't have much fear:

      "In some areas, their fear of humans has decreased due to ecotourism and intentional feeding."

  5. I made a forum.

  6. Phase


    A forum for serious kin who aren't unwilling/afraid to answer questions about themselves and their beliefs/views.
  7. Trying to export my tumblr and it is taking so damned long.

    1. Phase


      Oh, good. I just remembered I still have my Pillowfort account from when they used to send free invites out.

  8. He is going to be pretty and the next king...




    1. Kole


      This is amazing!

    2. Phase


      Thanks! Lioden's random number generator blessed me that day. Getting any mutation from a breeding is kinda rare unless items are used and none were used for this boy. His mutation is a primal variant called "smilus" which I had my eye on for a while.

    3. Kole


      Oh, very interesting. I love the concept and honestly everything about this creation. Its super unique!

  9. The differences...

    Me being anything besides either of my two types = Conscious acting on

    Me being my two types = Unconscious responses, like how a healthy person can breathe on their own without help. In the case of jaguar, I have to consciously act like a person.

  10. And just like that...with acknowledgement that I am still a jag and not a coywolf (either solely or in addition to), self-doubt about therian stuff plummets and I feel better and a lot less wrong.

  11. It keeps occurring to me that I would still be this way even if I didn't have the community or a label.

  12. I tear apart absolutely everything down to the bone when I experience things. Doesn't matter what I experience and in what context, I'm going to tear it apart. Emotions, interests, remembered trauma & mental illness symptoms, thoughts, therian stuff, fictionkin stuff... doesn't matter. Nothing is exempt.

    1. Phase


      I just realized this is why I am opposed to grilling from other people (asking me questions is fine). I do this so much to myself, often to the point of stressing myself out. I don't need anyone else to do it to me.

  13. Selfcare is letting yourself dissociate to some extent while listening to this on repeat.


  14. Something I noticed lately is that I have a thing with (some) music, especially if shared with me by my boyfriend or by my qpp, in which I don't want to share those songs publicly or at all with anyone else. Not because they're bad but because something in my head goes "these are mine, find them from someone else or in some other way".