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    Drawing, Writing, Animal keeping, Costume Making, Playing video games
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    Dragon, House cat, Canine
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    Dusk is a semi large dragon with dark greyish purple scales and had a stubby tail after a flight accident, Maroon/Moon is a simple housecat with long reddish brown fur with darker brown splotches who is incredibly friendly, The currently unnamed cannine is brown and tan with dark brown front paws
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    Honestly it was kinda like being able to put together a nearly impossible looking puzzle that seemed endless. I'm still putting my own life puzzle together but at least now I have a direction to fly.
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    Mental Shifting
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    I experience voluntary shifts
    I experience involuntary shifts provoked by emotional stimuli

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  1. Really? You weenies will never be tough until you can climb down a rope upside down while singing your country's national anthem during a volcano eruption carrying two magestic friggin deer to safety.
  2. Guys please don't argue, I'm just telling the story how I saw it. There are some mental hospitals with separate floors for separate people from what I hear in my state. The one I went to was simply closer by and had more open rooms (wonder if Scarlett influenced that?). And I do agree with alot of you guys. Now that I think about it I doubt she identified as therian, she was likely just troubled in some way or another and had no clue what was right and wrong in her mind.
  3. Alright, so kinda trigger warning? (Mental hospitals and past depression woop woop) Alright with that out of the way, I have met few public therians/otherkin face to face. But the first one I met, I swear I will never forget this chick as long as I live and breathe. A few years ago, I kinda freaked out after my life was kinda taking a tumble. I began to not want to live and became suicidal. Thankfully one of my parents caught be before I caused any real bad damage to myself. They did however send me to a mental institution where they hoped I would get better (and I did ^.=.^). Whoever ran the place really didn't organize the people in the hospital however. You'd have your fresh out of jail "I killed a man with this thumb" type of people mixed with your average suicidal patients and of course the good ol' crazy "if you turn your back to me I'm gonna try to rip out your hair" types. This lead to some interesting interactions. Of course on my first day I was nervous and a huge wreck. But the majority of us were all in for some type of suicidal behavior so I met a very helpful and supportive group of friends (hey if you're going through hard times right now, and you feel like ending it, finding some people that you can relate with and talk to are like a friggin gift from above). There was one person who joined our group off and on. I'll be referring to her as Scarlett since that was her wolf name and would flip her life if we called her anything different. Scarlett was in there since she attacked her family and people at school. She walked around on all fours alot, but it wasn't very graceful and often left her looking like a blind demon looking for their contacts on the ground. She held the record for most times put under sedatives to stop them from hurting anyone. Whenever we were let outside she would not let us come near a certain corner of the basketball court, she claimed it at her territory and was even caught multiple times 'marking' her territory (even though there was a very clean toilet not even 9 yards away). She tried and successfully bit me after I wouldn't give her my extra beef taco I had earned on good behavior. If she ever escapes and kills someone or something I still have her dental records permanently marked into my arms. And with all of this running and biting and peeing in inappropriate places you'd think she slept like the dead right? Wrong! She would spend almost the entire night howling or barking or something to keep us all up. She would sleep a little during outside time and during school time. Honestly I get everyone expresses their otherkin or therian identity in many different and unique ways, but love of great dragon Gods don't behave like this! I might end up posting more stories of her since this stuff was just the regular daily routine, and I was in there for a few months with her ( I left before she did, I don't think she will be released anytime soon even though it's been almost 3 years)
  4. I actually got to ski once, it was kinda scary at first but incredibly fun afterwards. Never have I ever been to New York
  5. The basic use of these folders would be to display your kintypes on your profile. And there could also possibly be a fourm to show off recently made profile folders. Of course these folders wouldn't have to be specifically for kintypes but I have a feeling that that's what they'd be used for most of the time
  6. Dragon kintype: Turn off all the lights and take comfort in the protection of darkness then when the moon starts to rise take flight and be free! Cannine kintype: No! Being alone is bad! Group up and form something bigger! Communicate and feel as many but hunt and live as one! Dragon: Being alone means being safe. A group means more chances of getting killed and less food for you. Cannine: a group means friends! Friends mean happy! Feline kintype: hey how 'bout we take a nap instead