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    Drawing, Writing, Animal keeping, Costume Making, Playing video games
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    Dragon, House cat, Canine
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    Dusk is a semi large dragon with dark greyish purple scales and had a stubby tail after a flight accident, Maroon/Moon is a simple housecat with long reddish brown fur with darker brown splotches who is incredibly friendly, The currently unnamed cannine is brown and tan with dark brown front paws
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    Honestly it was kinda like being able to put together a nearly impossible looking puzzle that seemed endless. I'm still putting my own life puzzle together but at least now I have a direction to fly.
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    Mental Shifting
    Phantom Shifting
    Astral Shifting
    Sensory Shifting
  • Shifting Triggers
    I experience voluntary shifts
    I experience involuntary shifts provoked by emotional stimuli

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Just another dragon kin here. I joined this site in hopes for new mediation ideas and as a place to share some of my many past life memories (mostly as Dusk, but there are a few in there I don't think are dragon like). I love to draw and write and as any dragon would I professionally hoard shiny stones and oddly enough creatures with shells (turtles, hermit crabs, snails, if it lives in a shell then I think it's cute as hell). I also joined this site to meet other kins since I've met none in real life and a bunch of creepy ones online.

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