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    Student (Env Geography)
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    Art, figure collecting/customising
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    Mountain banshee
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    A large four-limbed winged predator with a fishlike face, dragonfly like wings, and neck holes because we are neck breathing fricks
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    I have always been aware of being animal, but only really had my proper 'oh heck' in/before 2009. I remember realising that this experience was not particularly normal. Coincidentally, Avatar was released that very year and that only furthered my search for who/what I was.
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    Mental Shifting
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    I experience involuntary shifts provoked by external stimuli
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    I experienced unprovoked involuntary shifts

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  1. Emi Ikrani

    Constant doubt

    I wish I could like a comment more than once, haha! But honestly. I'm so sure of my identity and have been for a LONG time, yet somehow convos always went like this: Me: Ah, phantom wings, what a life! Person: Ok birds have wings are you sure you're not a bird? Me: Yeah, just scroll through my account and see all the times I debunked that. Besides, birds don't have [insert very specific alien anatomy that is only found on banshees] which is something I consider very important. Person, ignoring me and frantically Googling 'winged animals': ok and what about...... pterosaurs?
  2. Emi Ikrani

    Constant doubt

    Yeah, I've always just said 'ok! will check [animal] out' and then tried my best to say 'yeah that's not right for A and B reasons' but people would still be like 'are you SURE though'. Luckily I've taken a huge break from spaces where people say these things, so it hasn't come up in conversation for a good few months now. I just needed to vent it out because I never addressed it before ^^
  3. Emi Ikrani

    Constant doubt

    One thing I've noticed since being open about my fictionkin identity is the immediate 'are you sure you're not a ___?' response. I understand this completely, and whenever a creature was mentioned I would do my best to look into it. Thing is... it kept going. I would be writing essays upon essays about how I felt and why I am a banshee, but still someone would ask if I was a dragon or a bird instead. I've gone through pterosaurs, dragons, dinosaurs, sea creatures, birds, reptiles and so much more, yet apparently it's not enough. Even close friends - who have followed me through my otherkin journey - have asked if I'm sure I'm a banshee just because something similar exists on earth. It feels like everyone doesn't believe me, even when I pour my soul out in writings to show them what I feel and why I believe what I do. I've had many labels throughout the years but not a single one has fit like the ikran. I am undoubtedly an ikran on all inner levels, at least as far as I can see myself. I know people are just trying to make sure I've put thought into my identity before I claimed something, but I would have thought that my constant blogging would have been satisfactory for them. What do people want? A full novel about how I'm not a Pteranodon, a comic book about my past incorrect feelings of being a dragon, or a six part movie series about my struggles to define whether I was a bird or not? I share whatever I can when I can yet it's still "okay but what if you're NOT fictionkin..." and it becomes a cycle. People say 'are you this instead?' and I have to link them to four month old essays in which I address that. Someone else asks a similar question and I have to show them a blog post from a year ago addressing THAT question. I just can't say I am these things they tell me I could be - I've been ashamed of being fictionkin before because of online harassment so I deliberately sought out Earthly creatures I could 'pose' as. None fit. I have never felt so sure of myself. Instead of forcing myself to identify as a pterosaur or some type of bird, I am embracing what feels natural, right, and logical. I'm not a microraptor, I'm not a Quetzalcoatlus I'm not a dragon, I'm not a manta ray, and I'm not a macaw. I am Pterodactylus giganteus - a mountain banshee.