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    I experienced occasional shifting since I was a child. It didn't occur often enough for me to be hindered by it in any way, so I always just brushed it off. Didn't know about the otherkin/therian community until 2014, at which point things kinda clicked. I've been casually following the community on and off since then without actually participating. My story's really nothing special.
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    I experience involuntary shifts provoked by external stimuli
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  1. I never liked snow. Cold is fine, I have a history of going out in 15°F weather with just a t-shirt, jeans and no shoes, but snow does nothing for me. If given the option I'd choose summer over winter. I've always loved rain. There's nothing like waking up at 5:30am in the middle of summer to a rainstorm, and then going out for a walk in the rain while everything's still kinda halflit.
  2. I made yogurt a few nights ago, and I've also been getting back into true crime podcasts, so now I keep having dreams about being a serial killer whose M.O. is drowning people in yogurt. I think I need help
  3. Playing the didgeridoo is an effective use of time and energy regardless of the situation at hand. I seriously wish I could actually play it beyond pretending it's a microphone and singing Hallelujah into it repeatedly.
  4. I haven't either. Limos are too conspicuous Never have I ever gotten lost in the wilderness