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    I experienced occasional shifting since I was a child. It didn't occur often enough for me to be hindered by it in any way, so I always just brushed it off. Didn't know about the otherkin/therian community until 2014, at which point things kinda clicked. I've been casually following the community on and off since then without actually participating. My story's really nothing special.
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    I experience involuntary shifts provoked by external stimuli
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  1. 7 Once we get to ten do we just keep going?
  2. You ever play the party game Mafia? Basically, everyone has roles, nobody is aware of each others roles, a minority of the players are mafia members trying to kill everyone else by picking them off one per night, and everyone else works together to discover and kill the mafia members during the day. There's an online mobile version of this but with werewolves. It's just called Werewolf Online. I could explain the atrocity of its existence, but I feel like it would be better summed up with a dialogue: (Day 4, players 1-10 are still alive) 1 (seer): okay dudes 2 is a werewolf 2 (junior ww): (speaks thai in an english server) 3 (gunner): (shoots 2) (2 kills 1 at the last minute out of spite and dies. 1's lover 4 (sect leader) dies. All the sect members (5-8) lost their leader so they all die. 8 (avenger) kills 3 on the way out. 9 dies because he was afk for too long. 10 is the only one left alive) 10 (fool): lol gg guys ...but yeah, it's actually pretty fun for when you've got a few minutes to kill.