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  1. MechanicJasper

    I Should Be Doing Better at This

    It was more so a joke about shifts affecting work, which isn't nearly an issue. But, I can promise you if I was fully a Marowak, in the physical form, I would not be managing to do my show work. I can promise you however I'm not in the wrong industry, I love what I do even if it's stressful. As I mentioned, the work being non-stop is how I like it, and I wouldn't have spent three years in college for this industry had it not been what I wanted.
  2. MechanicJasper

    Let's Take a Crack at This

    So, I'm a terrible Guardian, to say the least. Work has been non-stop, finally becoming properly employed after graduating college has basically devoured my personal life right up, and with that my time to focus on my nonhumanity. But, I'm trying to take more time for that and for self-reflection, between work at least. I've got a second interview for being stage crew and lighting/audio technician on a cruise ship's theatre in a couple of days, so if that shows nicely I'll be able to put down the freelance turmoil for a little while and spend a few months both saving up, working theatre, and seeing the world. That should also give me time for both self-reflection, chit chatting here, and being a proper moderator ideally. But until then, I freelance, heh. I'm going to see an apartment on Monday downtown in the city I work in so I can be closer to work and spend less time on the train between calls. But that's not important, I'm trying to sort myself and my thoughts out after just getting home from work again a little bit ago. So, hopes of change from me.
  3. MechanicJasper

    I Should Be Doing Better at This

    I've been busy, I'll say that. Finally finished some post-work call paperwork and got a bit of sleep after working through yesterday and the night before, and I'll be in the city again for about 24 hours tomorrow for work again. All in all, I really need to move there to cut down on how much I need to travel for work, it's getting brutal. But, the blues of rent being costly. We'll see where it goes. With being busy, I've set a lot of things that are important to me off to the side, shut down a lot of feeling in terms of them. My nonhumanity is included in that, a theatre technician is expected to be human after all. Well, an android can hang some lights and program some show files, but I doubt a Marowak can. So, human is the goal as of right now. And it seems to be working, aside from the ever-present dysphoria, but I'm used to having to ignore that anyways. Either way, I seem to be failing my obligations otherwise, my life is almost completely focused on work right now. Non-stop, heh, the way I like it. We'll see where this goes.
  4. Trainwreck 1979 by Death From Above